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Kanye x Ikea coming soon to an Ebay site near you. I can't wait to see people standing in line outside of IKEA trying to flip flatpack furniture. Hey girl, wanna go back to my place and check out my mentalsjukhus dresser?
Same factory after hours, so they are "fake".I don't get why people buy beats, when they can get Beyerdynamics for less.
I fell for this They do videos as well.
Compared to other dealer websites, its pretty cool. Most their cars are overpriced, but I'm a sucker for alfa Giulia's and Porsche 993/964's, so I'm an easy target.
Quickest filled porta-potty ever
Deez nuts
Find product, hire art director, profit.
http://www.coolnvintage.com/ Pretty cool dealer
Ganjabaire ain't playing no bingo. /GF
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