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The more I look at it, the more I like GT Silver and it seems like it's fairly rare, that or PTS if for investment.Acid green is pretty cool.
May be due to the amount of chipotle you eat
I have a box, which looks a lot like that one. Mine just came with a bunch of material samples in.
It's in Europe (looks like Holland), it was an option on the RS, but only very few people chose it, sadly.5 of the 10 GT3 RS's here are orange, even guys who buy it for investment chose orange well knowing, that it would be the most popular color.I hope the 991R looks like this.
Some many options, I don't know where to start.
Plane in Egypt hijacked by a man wearing a suicide belt. Maybe its time Egyptian airports start trying security checks.
You mean a Fokboi
I've seen the first of those 2 # on FB and its been covered extensively on the news. One can only hope that it will get the Pakistani government to wake up and stop being a safe haven for terrorists, but we all know they won't.
From what I gather from here, it seems on level with SF, but I'm compared to Oslo its cheap.Hija is actually Noma's former pastry chef.
Noma was closed for a remodel and they moved the entire restaurant to Melbourne or something. They are expanding with a new restaurant, where they are going to have their own herb garden and the original restaurant is moving to a different location (sometime in the not to distant future) and the current location is going to become a more affordable restaurant. I made a bunch of recommendation in the travel thread a while ago. Food wise there is a lot of good places, in...
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