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No penis jokes for you.
But in muff
Kunk I thought you lived in Brooklyn or something like that.
I grew up playing with Legos, but then again my mother didn't own a car.
Did you get skid marks in your donegal long Johns. I'm picturing muff donegal inverallan long johns right now.
No she doesn't have a dog and mine was like "wtf, I was sleeping"
An elderly lady from my building dropped by earlier to ask, if I could help her take the hose and tube apart on her vacuum cleaner, as she had tried and couldn't do it, I removed it like it was nothing and she looked at me like how the fuck did you do that, pretty damn funny.
It could be worse, we could have two hirsh. I'm getting a strong Arthur vibe.
These are in the cottage chic style and not the minimalistic monochrome style they probably have.Also they don't live in a cottage, but in a 2 br apartment from the 70's, its a bit like walking into a dollhouse.
I know a bunch of people in F10's, who live in Stockholm and they all agree that awd isn't needed with the modern tech and tires.
New Posts  All Forums: