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Something entirely different, I work in furniture branding and with property development.
@fuji i would go down the private equity, venture capital, asset management route, if I was you, if I had known about that when I was at business school I would have stuck at it and gone that way.
Tbs almost always mark the value as $100 no matter the actual value.
I haven't been clean shaven for a decade.
Having a long discussion with someone about the faulty marketing concept behind a mobile manufactures set up and the other person doesn't want to accept facts.
Didn't we conclude this on page 1.
Top gear tested the last gen S class with radar guided cruise control and it worked.
The bureau has some and the trickers are on sale.
Never slam the door, you don't know if you might need something in the future and goodwill is always nice to have. The only time I pissed of an employer, was because my boss had left early and came in late on a Friday, where I wanted to hand in my notice, but as he wasn't there went I left or when I came back, so I had to do it on Monday instead, which resulted in my last day being a Monday, which wasn't going to happen. Needless to says they were pissed, as Monday was...
New Posts  All Forums: