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He creeps me the fuck out on sherlock and I like him as a villain on that.
16 cyl boxer for dat noise.
Animals are excellent judge of character.
If you are going racing, you are going to get an RSR with a sequential box.
Wouldn't you be crazy, if Trump wanted to nuke you.
You get $800 fine for doing 30% over in a motorway roadworks zone here.
Leblanc is a car guy and his lap was one of the fastest on the board. I believe he has done some real racing as well. Evans being a dickhead is public knowledge in the UK. @somethingwitty blackoptics = black trim, not black car.
That is how progress works. And you will never get near one, as all of them are pre-sold to 918 owners. Porsches and Nikes businessmodels are getting more and more alike.I know a guy who is on the wait list for one, he was one of 7 to get a GT3 RS in the country, so he has a good chance to get the R as well.
"Insert just the tip soak" Always nice that cabdrivers returns lost stuff, I know a couple people who have been lucky sending a message to their phones via findmyphone.
Ad a Brabus to that and we have a winner.
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