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Just the tip, thought a happy ending was the whole thing.
You clearly never had 18 y.o. whiskey. (or 18y.o. anything).
He's a member here and goes by the name @luk-cha, I have one of his baby croc SCCW wallets and love it.
PM Luk-Cha about ordering one of his.
What did I miss.
Looks like it. Have a look in the watch thread in MC, if was discused recently.
Then you could do a R Kelly - trapped in the wall 1-85.
They did a couple videos just like that one for Once biennale last year I think it was. (the one with the cat is awesome). They also just one an award for best house at Leaf.
You could have bought a plot, had an architect draw a house and had it build in that time frame.
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