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+ 70 = 15.929
Thats the case at TBS, talked to Sune on multiple occasions.
He likes to play every evening at 11pm and walks faster when not walking near our house.
My dog tries to hide under cars sometimes, so maybe he is a cat.
The trainer from the kennel club called him untrainable and told me it whipped be a waste of time going to more classes.
He will put all 4 paws into the ground an dig in, if I walk faster than he does. The only way to get him to speed up, is if he's off leash and he has to, but even there he will sit down if he doesn't want to go that way. He is basically a cat that barks.
It was renovated in 14 by the architect and the building is from 1884. They are still building Gaudis stuff and he has been dead for years.
NY LOFTAndrew Franz ArchitectNY, USA1884 / 2014 [[SPOILER]]
It took my dog 22min to walk 500m on our afternoon walk, so essentially 1 kph /0,6mph, how the fuck can he walk that slow.
They are not thieves if you are home.
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