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Decent/good tea is about $5/100g, which is less or the same as shit pickwick stuff. The correct temperature water is essential, I'm thinking about getting tea water boiler with adjustable temperatures from 65-100c and it holds it at the temperature. Porcelain can be crazy exspensive, my dinnerplates are $90 a pop.
Puts hand upI don't drink coffee, but a good cup of tea can't go wrong.
Invisible socks or nothing that's your two options, unless you are a middle aged German.
Well they are not that common around here, I think there's one maybe two retailers, so you have to be in to fashion to even know about them, so I presumed that people who buy them have some level of taste.
I have to drop by a retailer to check it out tomorrow.
If I remember correctly it retails for around 3-400, so you need to take that into a account as well, which in the grand scheme of lighting isn't much.
You would expect someone in back cp's to have good enough taste to not wear black socks with shorts, but apparently not. (Regular dress socks, not invisible socks)
+ 100 = 44.000
I just avoid them, as it would be A LOT.
So many 1 post people show up in this thread to tell us all how good/bad their watch is, amazing.
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