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I work with branding so I'm not the green frog type of consultant, but I have experienced more than once I've have been hired to design market expansions for people and they have done shit, fast forward 3 years and they do a half assed version and fall flat (happened as late as a month ago).
When you find out let me know, I have been wondering the same thing for years.
Info on the varsity looking thing, I have never seen that model before.
It's a Bambi chair, the gallery is called fuglen.
The shop that has it for sale, had a similar one listed at a little under $5k, which isn't THAT bad. http://www.fuglen.com/lifestyle/vintage-design/category/norwegian-icons/bambi-armchair-rastad-relling/
Stumbled across these on Paddle8 and Artsy https://www.bukowskis.com/sv/auctions/579/14-arne-norell-fatoljer-ett-par-ari-norell-mobel-ab https://artsy.net/artwork/rastad-and-relling-tegnekontor-56-slash-1-bambi
+ 120 = 34.885
Clearly not.
+100 = 33.665
The Hako GT-R is one of my dream cars.
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