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Cash? Who carries cash nowadays?
Free booze.
Google says, not bad.
Small claims court or piss in his bed and hide some food somewhere he won't fis to until it smell like a dead goat.
aka kipping muscle up aka. crossfit muscle up.
Theme parks are hell on earth. Yes yes I know, they can be fun with children etc etc.
Don't RR still have wait lists on their cars and charges sizeable markups, I haven't seen or tried current caddy or Lincoln, but I suspect they are not as nice and they don't have the same badge prestige, as the other two so alot people go that route due to that.
Yup, I'm surprised Lasbar didn't get it.
If anything it's to counter act the AMG sales, but with the amount of a,b,c etc. class, they sell with the 180 engines, I dont see it how it would matter, I'm sure the polar bears are happy though. They need some better diesels, their diesel line up sucks, compared to Audi and BMW.
New Posts  All Forums: