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What ever you like, if you can remember the year number, then post that. Also 500 more before the 1st and we are on target.
Hopefully you didn't send anything.
It seems like they are fairly constant price wise, they have been around the 250k mark for a decade now. I would go outlaw 356 coupe over the speedster, as there's a shitload of beetle platform speedster replicas around and it just seems foolish to buy a real one (at least to me).
Already have, titolo has them http://www.titolo.ch/nikelunarforce114-p-8802.html
AF1's are comfy as fuck though.
Pretty much, I don't read it any longer because its shit, just read it on a news site.
not bad
Crossfit girls is the main reason why I work out at a crossfit gym, the other is the intro class, hysterical.
Surrounded by Asian tourists & con artists, also she's like 3ft tall.
To where? The dirty idiot side?
New Posts  All Forums: