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If they haven't launched yet, why has Platinum customized one? https://www.instagram.com/p/BBvMoSAgQvU/?taken-by=platinum_group
Welcome to west Philadelphia, where I was born and raised, on the playground I spent most of my days...
My uncle has been doing that for the last 20 years, no lie.He also sometimes get up walk over to the tv, turns on teletext and starts checking last minutes flights and telling everyone how cheap they are.
Fast forward to 2024.Presenter: In this episode we are going to rebuild GF's M3. So GF how long has it been sitting and what happened?GF: It has been sitting since February '16, where it had a minor fault, which I decided to fix myself.P: Hmm... So why is blocked up with the engine sitting on the floor?
Based on what he had to eat, he has a mcd allergy.
So you treat your inbox just like your outbox.
@Synthese writing makes me happy, as he hates everyone as much as I do.
Or... Or.... Or.... They could do a slide of the most thumb'd waywt posts of the year.
The service is only available to posters, who get less than 5 likes a year.
They are politicians
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