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You forgot rent no more than $800, 800sqft is more than what anyone could ever needSteak no more than $30, no one can taste the difference anyway.Watches no more than $200, a g-shock is more precise anyway.
Why is it people think it's okay to litter on new years, when it's not the other 364 days a year. It's not like they come back the day after and pick their shit up, no someone else has to do it.
Two new posters on my block list, feels great.
It goes for almost everyone who feels that they own, the sidewalk, road, trail etc. I find baby strollers especially annoying in the side walk, as a lot of new parents like to walk side by side and won't budge, if they meet someone going in the opposite direction, so you basically end up either having to force your way through two baby strollers, stop until they move, see how thin you can become when pressing yourself up against the wall or hope for the best and step out...
For me it's more a matter of humidity than heat, as 25c with high humidity feels worse than 35 with low.
9 posts and I'm already fairly sure you are an idiot.I pay $82 every second month and I can basically go 4 months without my hair starting to look shit, so its money well spend, I used to get a $20 haircut and that would look shit the week after.The place I go only do mens hair and offers booze, FT etc., so the best of both worlds.
I can't add new ignored posters via the mobile site.
Quoting posts from 07.
Still available here.
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