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I don't follow his doings, but the DMC Aventador story is worth a Google, the same is DMC it self.http://www.luxury4play.com/lamborghini/120329-rdb-la-matte-black-dmc-aventador-warning-may-cause-vision-imparement.htmlhttp://autoholic.kinja.com/dmc-tuning-germany-defrauds-numerous-exotic-car-owner-509232599
Cucinelli prices
We already have some good ryan gosling threads
I really like the smell of pipe and nice cigar smoke.
Just walked past a drunk who looked exactly like Frank Gallagher.
White foundation, safety pins and a gloomy attitude, even though your parents make 400k a year and pay for everything or what.
Hoodies, who wears hoodies, I think you are thinking of HB here.
There was an updated version, they are both in the gallery.
New Posts  All Forums: