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Public transit is the reason private car use will never disappear, but really between now and the next big celebration (carnival) probably...
Sleep like you would, where you are going, it will kill most of the jetlag of.
From what I understand the police in Cologne is saying, that they suspect its frequent flyers, who are primarily illegals and denied asylum seekers. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-35259224 http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-35251167 It seems like it to some degree is common practice to do stuff like that, in some north african countries during celebrations and it's not just "scantly dressed females" who are targeted, but also women wearing weils.
It turns out the same happened in Helsinki, Hamburg and Zurich. Also some armed idiot tried to enter a Parisian police station yesterday, on the anniversary of Charli Hebdo.
And where will they go then.
Maybe you should find a hooker, so you can get outlet for your fetish. [[SPOILER]]
I can see Sidney and Melbourne has overtaken, but its beside my point. If you live somewhere, where the weather allows you to use it for me than 3 months a year, you will need a hell of a lot more than 3k miles a year.
Just like in Scandinavia.
In July, also never heard of that news outlet before.
Lock the doors. Rio has the highest price per sq.ft. in the southern hemisphere, so there are plenty of rich people there. But anyway somewhere with decent weather all year round.
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