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If you wear it don't wear it with your MA-1, a redhead in a MA-1, army boots and a nazi hat would be stretching it.
+50 = 15650
I only look at threads I've already posted in.
At the end it's still an image thing and one could make the assumption that the owner / designer of the brand wants to look like a nazi or is one, other wise it seems daft to use a nazi eagle etc. in your logo/design.
You don't drive your own car, at the BMW courses, they have a bunch of M cars for you to drive, Lambo, Audi, MB etc. etc. have similar ones they also offer snow driving, so you can take an aventador out on a frozen lake.The Danish Porsche course is in your own car though.
If you don't like it don't buy it. Stone island has/had a strong neo nazi / hooligan following, which resulted in them completely pulling out of the uk.
I live in one of those before mentioned countries where tipping isn't customary, as the tip/service is part of the price of the meal, I believe waiters make $20 an hour, plus what ever you give them, if you are really satisfied.I don't see it as getting back at him, but you reap what you sow and bad tips are a result of such, if I worked somewhere where I was depended on tips and someone fucked up my money, I would let him or the boss, know as it could be costing the boss...
"Greenfrog driver, good luck everyone else".
I believe the danish Porsche importer, has it as a compulsory thing, just to make sure people don't fuck up their brand new 500k$ car.
Why the fuck would I tip someone who's shit at their job or plain rude, if you are a dick head I will treat you as such.It's a bit like buying the mechanic who fucked up your car a case of beer etc., if people do a bad job let them know, so they 1. can improve or 2. find something else to do.
New Posts  All Forums: