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They will get disappointed.
I was spot on I can see and I guessed correctly about the waterfall, as well, looks like a great trip. Brazil is fucking expensive, it's not even funny, their taxation is on a Scandinavian level, red an article the other day stating that all foreign made electronics have a 63% tax on them, so the new PS4 costs $1800 and the big iPhone 5S is $1500.
If you are over 18 and I'm not having sex with you, you don't get a Christmas present.
People lie and say it was good, when it wasn't, if you return it must mean you like it and they won't have to show you the toilet is.
nvm he got banned
People who answer their phone "hello", I also end up asking "Hi this is, I would like to talk to x x", why not save us both some time and learn some basic manners.
LOL, if he can't live of what he has, the rest of us are fucked, but then again I'm not married to gold digger No.1.
Fly knits too sporty for street wear and lunar 1, not working with regular clothing, lol wtf.
Boiling point for water.
For water, not all fluids boil at the same temperature, also it depends on elevation.
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