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Who is it....
I am and I'm not going to punch him, but it's a migraine inducing sound and it has been going on for a month now, I got woken up by it the other morning, always nice to start the day with a roaring headache.
I have a 3gs for the exact same reason.I've noticed more and more people carrying their phones around in their hand all the time, I just gathered that it was a "I can't be to far away from Facebook thing", but recently I've come to the conclusion, that it's because they don't fit in their pockets.
Yes I do.We don't have law against lorries overtaking, but there periods on certain stretches of road and certain stretches of road, where it's not allowed though.As mentioned we and all european countries have a law stating, that you have to use the lane furthest to the right and you can't be of nuisance to other road users.Essentially as a normal you have to use lane 1 (the one furthest to the right), if you are going to turn left or overtake a car in lane 1, you can use...
I wash all my knits in the washing machine on the wool program.
Old people tend to think that, the "only" thing worse is on a two lane road, where both cars are traveling at the same speed below the speed limit, right next to each other, so no one can get passed. I and about a hundred others were stuck behind two such idiots for a good 5 minutes a while ago, the other car right behind them and I both placed us so our high beams was right in their mirrors 2 cm from their rear bumpers, that oddly enough worked.
if you pass the stop line, while at a red-light you have run red-light, I've seen people get stopped and ticketed for it and I laugh my ass of every time.Our road traffic law says KEEP right and people still can't figure it out, but the police has finally started giving out fines for it, so fingers crossed.
Post some of all the houses you send.
This is an exceptionally annoying sound, it's a bit like the noise TV test screen things used to make.Also its at 11pm, which just makes extra annoying, as there's quiet and you're not allowed to use it after 9pm, due to the buildings lack of sound insulation.
I want it to stop, so beating him and stopping it seems like a good solution.
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