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Step 1: remove top half of facial hair.
Well deserved, their stuff truly is amazing.
Any word on when Frenchtrotters web shop will be up and running again?I honestly do not understand, why Norwegian Rain doesn't get more love on here and in general.
Gutmann, Gaggenau etc. have in counter hoods, which suck like they are getting paid for it.
I've mentioned this before. I know a lawyer who works at an a asylum center as a case worker granting asylum etc. the case workers are in a gated closure guarded by the police inside the center and they have been forced to change the setup. The case worker is closest to the door and have the female workers escorted out by the police/MP's, after multiple people have been assaulted / tried raped.
Above $800/ft you can pretty much scratch that assumption, as people expect something their $.
No, it's mainly due to the kitchen and bathroom being the most exspensive rooms to spec, so it's a cost cutting measure. A normal room is maybe 2-3k a sqm, where the kitchen is easily 2-3x.
It's not uncommon for a family of 4 to live in a 1000 sq.ft. apartment 1300 is considered spacious and anything above 1500 is large. It's not uncommon for single people to live in 600 sq.ft. apartments, I even know people with children who live/have lived in something like that. I knew a guy years ago who bought an 800 sq.ft. house for him and his wife, kid and dog.The biggest apartment for sale in the city at the moment is 4100 and there's maybe 40 apartments in the...
Lol, you've clearly never been to Europe.
1600-1900 sq ft, is that tiny?
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