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It's an email, not a phone call, ffs.
Sns etc has women's flyknits
I think its closer to 1000, if I remember correctly, I should do double that, but I've been tired for some reason for the last 6 months and my GP doesn't know why, so 2.5 it is, also I find cardio insanely boring especially stationary cardio.
I use it as a warm up and for 2 months'ish (I did 20 sets of supersets with jumprope before that), I walk a lot every day, so I don't really do cardio.
I can't seem to lean out, even though I've started rowing 2-2,5km x 4 week, I don't think my diet is bad most likely just too much food.
That or he got a new job a serial killer.Google "the fappening" and they will show up.
+ 50 = 73.620
Use the little flag in the bottom left corner of the post and mark it as spam. (already did, so no need to do it). I get the strangest add's on the mobile site and neither of them have anything to do with fashion.
They look middle eastern.
I don't get why there are children playing on the playground outside my building at 9AM on a tuesday, why are they not in school.
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