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It's always interesting going grocery shopping at the end of the day. Oh a $1.5 for a liter of milk sounds like a deal.
8 Wongs on a Tyrone.
God damn it. I always forget its ,. In English it's the other way round here.
It's implied. You know real estate.
When I'm at work any number automatically means .000.000 unless anything else is said.
I've seen a couple episodes, where people have multiple dogs and a kid on 500 sq.ft.The new thing in real estate is coliving, where grown ups basically have a dorm room with a kitchenette and then a bunch of in house amenities. Like gym, shared living area, co office and a private dinning room, which they can rent if they have guests.I have seen apartments in projects like that go for $1500 sq.ft.
59 isn't early, it's partly retirement age in a lot of countries.I'm working towards being able to retire early, but I know myself well enough to know that won't happen. I'm self-employed so I guess most of us are that way and have a different number in mind for being able to retire early, than most people who do this.
Most people who work towards FIRE can't retire they don't it in them to sit still and relax. Being fully financial independent and being able to decide if, when, where and what you want to work with is something I really like the idea of.
It wouldn't surprise me.
28c in September, wtf. I'm sweating my ass of right now and it's usually sweater weather.
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