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Most hotel companies like Starwood, Hilton, Reidor, Choice, BestWestern etc. are franchise businesses, where they own the prop.co and then do a leaseback to the op.co. The op.co is owned by the franchisees, who then pays franchise fees to the hotel company as well. So even though the franchisees are competing amongst each other the mother company makes $$$$$ no matter what.
So much better looking than the GT3. You know people have a lot of money, when the Porsche dealership has an escalator.
Do you want an actual answer?
He is hired to age determine them, so the government know their age.
Swedish pediatrician has told swedish media, that some unaccompanied minors he has examined are around 40 yo. http://www.expressen.se/nyheter/barnlakare-vissa-har-varit-40-ar-gamla/
All the BS cars ltd Ed. Sub 400 units, so people expect the C to go the way of the SLS etc. I believe the C as least this side of the pond is manual. The guy I know has one of each.
She's a tiny stripper, who's real name is Aspen.
Oddly enough I know a girl named spinner as well. Good times.
A friend of mine just got a C63 BS.
The grand tourismo or what's it's face is ugly, but the regular one in dark blue is gorgeous.
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