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The really interesting Russian alcohol is their homemade moonshine, that shit is strong like a retarded gorilla.
I know, but one can dream.
The feeling of a hard erection.
They do especially, if you are driving high reps, the best way is to clutch out or putting it in neutral and coast, which even in place where manuals are the norm is baffling to people.Another thing that would help traffic a lot, is if people look at the brake light on cars 5-10 cars further ahead and react to it, instead of only the car directly in front of them, that would solve most of the heavy braking on congested roads.
Wow a joke, really.Good thing you told me or I wouldn't have been able to figure it out, what would I do without you.
I can't remember the last time I entered a Foot Locker.
Paul Smith, yes.
I was looking for them a while ago and I couldn't find any. Edit: I can see Size? has them at £130.
I still think he got put in the back of the line every time he changed his order or moaned, just for Drew's amusement.
His stuff is in almost all menswear stores here and they have a flagship, so their scarfs are everywhere, which makes them the mens equivalent of LV monogram, besides that some if the stuff is nice, but you need to be build like a bamboo for it to fit properly.I have an old cable knit from him I really like.
New Posts  All Forums: