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So your toothbrush is whatsapp'ing your phone, hmmm......... I'm kind of disappointed it doesn't sound like Rosie.
I have sticker saying "want to become a donor come right in. We need organs"
Two questions 1: what does its voice sound like? 2: does the iPhone reply?
Ethan is just mad, he isn't allowed to have any before sundown.
Don't you perv.
My old car was stolen from a locked multi car garage.
If the hole is tight enough the lock works, as you can't force the top over.
The trick is to have locks, that you can't force a top over. If you can force a top over them you can turn them of.
Not even going to bother watch it, but I have always found Chris Evans incredibly annoying.It has to stop at somepoint, most makers haven't left room in their line up for something smaller than A-Class, 1 Serie, A1 etc.
Don't forget Italian (real Italians not the ones from Jersey) and Venezuelan, who are man made though.
New Posts  All Forums: