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Pink bike with a wicker basket on the handlebars and a vanity plate on back saying "my other ride is a zhp"
Ladies no one cares about your 330 ZHPCID's.
Steve Jobs was right.
They are talking about outlawing it as well.
No, if you have residence in Denmark, you are not allowed to drive a foreign car within the country. If you get caught owning and driving a foreign car you will get fined the tax due AND you have to pay the tax as well.I could do like a lot of people do and move to 30km east to Sweden, which would "solve" the problem.
No, that died in the 1920's, the only car produce in Denmark today is the Zenvo.The Danish government hates cars and they are heavily socialist, so they hate when the rich saves money. I can't imagine the outcry if someone saved 1,5 million on Veyron, due to tax breaks. (We all know that 180% of nothing is better than 25% of something).The government earns 1,5 billion pounds a year in car taxes, but its decreasing due to people buying cheaper cars and flexleasing, where...
Ask the Mexican to remove his penor from your pants.
180% car tax, yay for living in Denmark.You got to love the idiot socialist who thought up the idea in the 60's.The fully loaded 5.0 RR is around £300k and you don't want to know what a Wraith goes for. (we don't even have an RR dealersship).
The entry level RRS is £150,000 here, plus options. Just looked up leasing of a 2014 RRS 3.0 SDV6 HSE with 17kkm on it £30,600 down and 2,096 a month.The matt grey is play out, but it's a good looking car, if I had the money I would probably get a S AMG coupe over it though.
Congrats. I REALLY want both the RR and RRS, but I REALLY don't want to pay what they cost here.The more I see the Wraith the more I like it, I hate it at first.
New Posts  All Forums: