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Luxury shop, they have mens, kids and home stuff as well. That add reminds me of ********* ads from back in the day.
A guy I know had his clothing shop completely burgled for Folk clothing 3 times, someone must be selling it as a retailer or online otherwise it makes zero sense.
Kindergarten Cobe Architects Copenhagen, Denmark 2014
Thao Dien HouseMM++ architectsThao Dien, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam2014 [[SPOILER]]
Black Desert HouseMarc Atlan, Oller & PejicJoshua Tree National Park2013 [[SPOILER]]
I just call movember November, but I have a beard all year long, so what do I know. If guys have to stop shaving, women should show some pink.
It's not really an able thing, but more me being "overly" sensible and knowing I can get multiple pairs of Trickers or something else for the same money and we all know multiple pairs are better than one, but oddly enough I'm not bothered by paying $10k for a sofa and $40k watches make perfect sense and I would mind paying that kind of money for one.
I know, but its still an insane amount, for me at least there's a mental limit at the $1000, which just makes me go, nope.I'm european so I have shipping cost and 33% vat/tax on top, which makes them $1400 before they land.Some of the pictures posted in the White's thread recently are horrible, crooked heels etc.
I've asked this more than once in the Viberg thread and I truly don't get why they are that much more expensive, I think they have reached a point, where if they go any higher they will loose buyers. They had some boots earlier this year at $1000-1100.
The epaulet thread is in sw&d and they have been mentioned there more than a few times.
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