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integrated ftw.
Yeah I saw your pm and cc'ed you the email.
I was out walking the dog, so imagine me walking 0,5 mph stopping every 20 ft freezing my ass of.
How else would you keep your beers and champagne cold? The shop manager at Schiffini London famously said on Grand Designs, that people who can afford their products, can afford to eat at Michelin restaurants everyday, so they don't use them, it's just a design feature like a chair.
The trends in appliances, tv's etc. seem to be very long like 20 ish years, I still remember when everyone had a white fridge and a grey tv, how many people do you have either today. If think you can do brass in a timeless manor, where it doesn't overpowers everything and become a "trend item", but I would never do something like a fridge or a stove in it.I always though it was a size thing, their units are so much larger, than most other suppliers.
I had to get home and to a computer, as I couldn't be bothered writing this on my phone. Everything after vs. is incorrect, the CLA is based on the A class and it's competitors is BMW 2 (GC if and when it arrives) and the A3 sedan, just like the A class has the 1 serie and A3. Pricing is really relevant in this, as it has always been Audi is the cheapest of the "executive germans" and MB as the most expensive, it's the same though the entire range. The 122hp 1.4 A3...
Just received an answer, no dice on one of wool, @LA Guy & @Teger can you pm me your email info and i will try to get them to contact you.
I somehow imagine you singing all by myself alone at a karaoke place in Tokyo.
You can't get those here, we have insanely strict laws regarding that.
Brass is the second to last stage in chroming, so it's not that expensive and it's not solid brass. A Tapwell (they have prices on their website) brass kitchen faucet is about $900 and copper is about $1000, their shower fixtures are 1600-2200 pending the design. So it's not that bad.
New Posts  All Forums: