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Or riding around on scooters.
Ttel aviv should be nice this time of year.
I don't follow any of the russian/ME car instagram pages, as the whole trustfund car owner thing annoys me. Like you say yeah it's a nice car, but where is the achievement? A guy like Manny Khoshbin has my full respect though.The whole pot of money thing is pretty funny. I have been asked so many times what I would do if I won a million dollars and people always look at me funny, when I say I would rather earn it. It feels so much better to me to know I made this and now I...
@UnFacconable if looking in that size bracket, have a look at a xc60.
I've said it before I like and think he is funny and has a nice car collection. I'm just a born pessimist and if I don't understand how people have made their money, I assume there is something up. I'm usually correct as well.
I assume its your joined love of penis jokes and Porsche Gayman GTS.
Mexican who comes from money and owns a bunch of expensive cars and has a famous instagram/youtube channel. While making it seem like he makes money on producing shitty movies.https://www.instagram.com/salomondrin/?hl=dahttps://www.youtube.com/user/asalomondrin
There are cars and coffee in Italy.The only difference is that the coffee comes in tiny cups.
The g wagon was designed in the 70's.
Fuck you and fuck mexicans and their delicious food.
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