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In relation to the branding discussion from a few weeks ago. http://www.dezeen.com/2015/04/17/furniture-companies-need-improve-branding-richard-hutten-milan-2015/
You can find a knoll Pollock on Ebay or Lauritz for a couple thousand kr. I would seriously have a look at the different auctions sites (DBA, Lauritz etc.) the local bankruptcy sales and see if you can find something on the cheap.
i sit while working and then pace around the office like a trapped lion, while in the phone.That chair is known as the bankruptcy chair around here.
That would go south real quick.
I know I don't even want to pay for them for my business.I had a meeting the other day and every chair in their office was aluminium group, I would say they had for maybe $200k in chairs alone.
Get an aluminium group chair
The current winter isn't even over, it was below zero C the other day here.
I feel thumb comments should a catchier name, like "thumments" or something.
It's available in some place, but not in other.
At least one of them is currently watching it like this.
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