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It seems very unlikely for two equally spec'd chairs to be that far from each other in pricing.
They are most likely not allowed to ship outside their region and could loose their rights if the manufacture finds out. With that said try someone like Conran or Skandium.
Get a pair of shell pants.
You mean chili to your spine
The luxury rentals were discussed awhile ago. Hertz etc. has sub sites with only high end car ie Mclaren, amg, Porsche. http://www.hertzsupercars.com AVIS UK has some nice cars. http://www.avisprestige.com
12c and windy. I'm regretting not wearing something made of down.
I think it's the same in every fields. Just see the big investment funds who sometimes have insanely low ROI's on what seemed like obvious investments.
Don't get me wrong they are not ugly, but its not like I give them a second glance if I see one.
They are not that good looking either
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