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There's a similar case here, a guy who went from being a famed youth worker getting young immigrants out of gangs, to now running the biggest gang in the area.
When did the gf experience move to Scotland?
That is nothing new, the Danish government has a goal of being free of fossil fuels by 2060. That they are actively working against their goal, is a different discussion.
Do you know how VC works? Most of those funds are investing in anything from bio tech, to space tech.
I've seen worse at soccers matches and as long as they only fight with each other.
Shouldn't this thread be in CE. You can't put Apple into the app/tech bubble equation, as they sell physical products, unlike companies like fb, instagram etc., so they are far less likely to be hit, if a tech bubble bursts, people will still need phones, computers etc.Tech companies get sold and valued far above, what they ever will be able to earn and most have 0- little earnings even though they are valued at 10+ billion. As an investment those companies are bad...
Selling their assets will hurt them more than it will hurt the US and there are plenty of funds ready to snap up the assets. Now they know what they are planing, so you can bet the thumb screw will be used.
Audi is working on an A9.It depends on what you think is a real BMW.
To create "real bmw's", they need something to pay the bills and apparently there is a market for big luxury SUVs. I read somewhere that it will only be marketed in the US and Australia, as the european cities like London aren't build for a car that big, it was clearly written by someone who has never been to London.
New Posts  All Forums: