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I heard 5 kids arguing the other day on how to pronounce Huarache.
Now we just need @nicelynice back.
Yeah, no.http://www.elle.com/fashion/news/a18858/paris-hilton-interview/You can't knock the hustle.I don't think her family is as rich, as one would assume, I remember the hoopla about all the hotel money going to charity when her grandfather died.
+ 85 = 31,160
Maybe its just the diesels then, I heard about a 30k repair bill for a new gearbox etc., I believe there was talk about scrapping the car because of it.
So you are saying ANY rich trustfund kid, can build a business with over 2 billion dollar in sales, from nothing.I find that somewhat doubtful.
Sounds good, they have a bad rep and some of the horror stories I heard about the old RRS were insane.
I know I'm one of the later ones myself.
Running a 5.0 SC here, would cost an arm and both legs.Is the reliability better than the old model?
No one said she was part of Mensa, but she's certainly not an airhead, which was stated.
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