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Looks more '13 than '15, those rolled up boyfriend jeans were very popular a couple years ago.
I had to google that word, no I don't think it is. It feels more like quadriceps tendinopathy, I think I have to book an appointment at the doctor.
No, if it was just at the gym while squatting it might help.
I stopped due to pain and they hurt the same or actually more now and constantly.
I think i'm done squatting for good, my left knee has started to act up again, I haven't squatted for 3 months and it still hurts like shit. The last time I had to go all the way through the system with scannings, x rays etc. all to no avail, so I think its time to quit, as I'm 30.
I have figured out whos sock he is, it's Luis Ortiz from Million Dollar Listing NY.Puppies no matter the race, will get you attention upon attention, but some more than other it took 45min to go 500m one day, when my dog was a puppy. He still gets stopped when I walk him down town and people want to take pictures of him.
Schnapps is disgusting /full stop.
He forgot to ad "".
Isn't it just korean schnapps? Schnapps comes in all sorts of disgusting flavors.
Sounds like I need to try some soju, the anger I already have.
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