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Its far deeper than that everything is designed with a certain esthetic in mind. Weds are designed for primarily asian cars and sooth the their design language, when you put them on a bonestock Audi they look out of place. There is a reason why when you google only Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi etc. comes up. If all wheels were created equally there would be no reason for time attack, JDM, OEM Plus, Euro Mod etc. etc. or multiple manufactures. There is a reason why sites...
That's the point they are not shitty anymore. The old Sonata was horrible, but the quality jumps they are doing are amazing.
Just spotted a guy wearing the shiba tee synth posted a while ago
Of course they can. They have to be homogenous with the cars design, so some wheels fit the design of the car others don't.
No real shit
They are too JDM for an Audi.
Really? On a Subaru maybe, but not on an A4 cab."Shitty" cars have gotten so much better over the last decade. I really like the new Renault Clio/Twingo's, which was cars I hated years ago.
Not everyone can be called Sue
Sue Who?
I used to run stretched 35s and never felt discomfort from the wheels. A good suspension will pick up most of the slack on that. Even my 8x yo grandmother thought the ride was comfortable, eventhough it was basically a plank with wheels.
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