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My personal belief is that the magazines are at fault for that, as most of them are horrible on a good day at showcasing new design and its easier to show a Wegner chair. A fine mixture of bandwagon/snob is also at play, as at least around here people like their friends to know what they have and more importantly what they paid and most can't tell the difference between a real and a fake DSR. You already know this, but I love contemporary design and really wish it would...
Every time people bring up buying replicas especially if it's because they can't/won't afford the genuine piece. I always make the same point, get something from a living designer instead, you will support someone trying to make a living, have something not everyone has and the ergonomics are better and hey it might end up becoming a future classic and worth $$$$$$$$$$.
I want them for walking the dog, which means walking around in wet grass, mud and wet leaves. My Pegasus in suede doesn't like that.
As little as I like Rolexes, people like that are generally idiots, the same goes for people who buy replica anything actually.999 times out of a 1000 they can't argument for they are different, than all the other people who buy fakes.
Not for me then.
They were released a month ago and the red ones were release for halloween. I don't wear black, so the black ones are not for me.
I looked at the british tan ones, when they came out and forgot about them.
I've looked at the AM90. The AF1 duck boots from last year, were pretty cool. The timberland x Publish could be an option to.
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