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The guy who owned A.P. Møller and Mærsk (Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller), had an estimated net worth above 20 billion dollars, he lived in a 7000 sq.ft. bungalow, valued at around 4 million dollars, so you can if you want.
No, it makes you Palestinian.
I watch them as I find the subject interesting and I work with that target group everyday, but DR is very clearly socialist in all their views and way of asking, Their programs are made without any commercial interest, so they are generally a lot more factual than all other danish channels.I have always posted a lot in the less popular subforums and my postings in CE have only gone up due to they actually started discussing something that interests me, unlike the Primary...
The forum killed my first reply, so here we go again.He and his peers are probably 50+ academics, who sit around discussing things, they don't experience or have no direct experience with, a bit like ministers, who get some great idea, which ends up being terrible.As an entrepreneur myself, my peers and our experiences, who all are below 40, I think he is wrong, so my views come from what I would say is an experienced standpoint.Is it more difficult to get a bank loan now...
Maybe you should change your name to "Ninja edit". I personally think it's directly relevant to the discussion a few pages back about tech and big data, but they may just be me.
DR2 (ep. 4).https://www.dr.dk/tv/se/den-rigeste-procent/den-rigeste-procent-1-6
^your link actually agrees with me.http://www.economist.com/news/united-states/21595437-america-no-less-socially-mobile-it-was-generation-ago-mobility-measuredI love when people on here go lol, instead of saying why they don't agree.
It's not decreased that's for sure. Internationalisation has made it easier for people to create a very succesful business in a very short period of time, tech is a good example of this. There has never been more young selfmade billionaire as now, so claiming it to getting more difficult is just not true. The same guy also claimed that you need to be well educated for it to be possible, which I find questionable.
Watched a tv show today about the 1% and a professor claimed that it's more difficult now than 30 years ago, to move from the lower/middle class to the 1%. That guy should be fired, for being ignorant.
The old Nokia work phones were fantastic, I washed mine everyday I got home from building sites.
New Posts  All Forums: