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I'm fairly certain I'm not, as there are guys at my gym, who has biceps the size of my thighs.
Why is it the armholes on most shirts are made for 12 year old girls, I'm not a giant meat head, but even in a large I feel like I'm giving birth to an arm.
I dress in all blue with a different color shoes and some times shirts 99% of the time.Also I once stepped through the seat of my jeans.
+40 = 115.190 Hurt my shoulder a couple weeks ago, so just starting to get back to the pull ups.
Albam, SEH Kelly.
You contacted he we mustn't mention.
I would contact them and say give me money back, the fucker clearly got the sweater or if I was in a bad mood file fraud charges.
Stutterheim Arvid, Norwegian Rain Noir Homme.
Snugie would be a good name. You could also sew your duvet together so it's closed on the end and sides and call it something along the line of bag of sleeping.
Where I think I've seen 2 maybe 3 ever.
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