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Stop calling it the Middle East. It's called Sweden and they get mad if you don't use the correct name.
TWAT clearly
Did you get younger using that hot tub, so you could find out how good Michael Jackson was at fucking.
I can't run with headphones on. I get out of breath in 50ft. When I'm not wearing them I don't have a problem at all.
Fact: 90% of people who introduce themselves as CEO have precisely 0 employees.
I would just put the jacket in and on low heat. Remember to to zip the zippers
Tumble dry it with a tennisball in a duvet cover.
Hole drilling in public bathrooms
Everyone Leaves early on Friday. Normally it's between noon and 3pm.
I can see it updated it self, when I looked at it again. How about using the dubiously honored system and having some of the posters, whom you know likes food do that part. Cheesesteak would seem like an obvious choice for New York. It seems like food is an important part, when people ask about cities in this thread. So it seems somewhat relevant.
New Posts  All Forums: