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The Tesla review was to make a point, about the issues with electric powered car, having to charge it and the fact the UK use coal power, sometimes you have to overstate things to make your point. I don't know anyone who has bought or not bought a Tesla based on that review. The 9:59 lap was 40sec slower than hers, so I don't know where that comes from. The show has been canceled, which means the biggest car show has gone and I don't think it will comeback, nor will...
So your baseline for whether or not you can enjoy something, is whether or not the person, is nice or not, you must have the hardest time listening to music, watching movies or tv.
Dad jeans and new balances.
He quit his job at the bbc, which he was suspended from and the bbc owns the Top Gear franchise. He mentioned it in his newspaper column and James May confirmed it.
Jeremy Clarkson has quit Top Gear, so that was the end.
It's not a parking spots, they are loading docks, from the buildings former use.
In most countries, no.
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