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Mean while in Norway.http://www.styleforum.net/t/246014/design-work-i-wish-id-done/300_10#post_7428004
Don't drop the weights the gym manager will get pissed.
Starting prices at £795.000. I think I will just live somewhere else instead.
I have dining chairs in natural leather and if I shaved myself from top to toe. I would blend in not to be found again.
Isn't the the Cruze build in the old daewoo factories in Korea
Of course the world is different. They started with a bunch of emerging brands like Peter Jensen, Our Legacy, Henrik Vibskov, HAN and then build it from there.I know a couple B&M shops around here, who have followed the same playbook.I went there a bunch of times, it was a nice little hole in the wall. They also had a shop in Lund for a little while.
The first TBS shop was located on a side street outside the mainshopping area in Malmö and it was maybe 300 sq.ft.A little history of how they got started.https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/intelligence/tres-bien-expands-winning-blend-streetwear-fashion
Instafilters. Canalboats are actually really popular in London, as they are affordable and allows people to live centrally in London on a normal income.
The red leather jacket in the MrP newsletter was pretty sexyYou are missing the point in what I'm saying. The location in internet world is a mutepoint, as 90% of all the buyers only have a periferical idea of where the shop is located. Lets us use TBS as an example how many buyers do you think knows they are located in Malmö vs. Stockholm or Göteborg? or for that matter in Sweden if they are sitting in f.x. China.The only things buyers actually care about is as I said...
New Posts  All Forums: