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A cashmere tie would have looked better
I'm surprised that the sls is faster than the lfa
The social part is one of the things I like about cf gyms, everyone chats with each other, no headphones and if you ask for a spot 5 people will gladly drop what they doing to spot you, also cute girls in little clothing.
It could also just be stress and have nothing to do with your eating habits.
It's not an issue for people who are use to this kind of training and/or know how to listen to their body.I sometimes do CF for cardio as I tend to skip it, if I don't have someone screaming in my head and I have never had any issue, as I just stop if my body tells me to.
So you have to be able to show up on time everyday, sounds hard.
I think you are on to something with the noob thing, as CF has "opened up" free weight/oly/power lifting training to more people, who either never worked out before or have been machine people before. I workout at a CF gym and I often see new people in the intro classes do stuff that is bound to go wrong, but 99% of the time the trainer or other people will correct them, I actually saw two guys DL 240lbs with a back more arched than Drake the other day, it was painful.
Oh like that, both are disgusting on their own.
It's actually illegal to ride drunk on your bike in most places. I presume its the same way most drivers everywhere else feel about them, especially when they are doing a mini tour and are riding around in a peloton and taking up an entire lane of traffic.
I think it was around that time it became more mainstream and like I said wasn't negative, it's just "funny" to see a very car sentric culture talk about roadcycling etc. and commuting by bike, it's a bit like when my friends talk nfl.I know a couple guys who work with cycle infrastructure, who have been in the us multiple times to help build and design the infrastructure, so it's still "early days".
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