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End of school year summer party. You would be surprised copenhagen has one of the largest street parties in Europe and I don't know how many festivals.
Elementary school party in the school yard with bouncy castles and shit. So everyone on the neighborhood can enjoy the music.
The school down the street is having a summer party and within the last ten minutes, their DJ has played Gangnam style, Bob Marley and Wham. That has to be the most eclectic mix I've heard in a while.
Looks like a beat up Inverallan
They haven't been so lucky here. They were pretty much tackled to the ground and all the major venues dropped them after it hit the media hard.
The local tax agency has decided to clamp down on flippers, who buy with intend to flip wares. So now they are deemed as business / hobby businesses and have to pay tax.
The american election and two party system is a joke, so I couldn't be bothered reading the rest.
The "Hillary sucks, but not like Monica" Tee is crude, but funny.
Size has Tennis FK at 30-40%.
It's a $300 and 1 point (you get 3) moving violation here to pass on the right.
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