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Urca ApartmentArthur CasasRio De Janeiro, Brazil2013 [[SPOILER]]
Just watched that tonight.
I have close to zero idea of how it works, but it should keep water out and keep you from sweating.
The Norwegians are at it again. http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/neue-studio
At -10C and wind, my head wants a zipper.I spoke to their Creative Director earlier about it and apparently there's a wind tunnel in the front, which should keep out the wind and water.Impressive customer service answering emails at 4:30 on a Saturday.
Keep wind out
I had the chance to check out the before mentioned Norwegian Rain Moscow coat, it's really well made, BUT and it's a big but Kim K big, it doesn't have a zipper, which was a complete deal breaker for me, why or who would buy a -25 C winter coat without a zipper. [[SPOILER]]
Yes, I remember you posting about going to one of their hunts in NY and it pop right up when she mentioned it.
Lefty I thought of you the other day, a neighbor of mine suggested getting a hunting dog club in to catch the rats in the outdoor areas.
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