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+1, unless I park on a hill then its 3rd gear and parking brake. (or reverse if the nose is down the hill).
I like it.
It's about getting a foothold in the market place. Peroni did a lot of events over a period here just so they could get a marketshare.
I have a throat / ear infection and I have basically lost my voice. Which is great as I have an important meeting tomorrow.
I bet he wants to refer you internally. I would wish you luck, but I know you have a lot of experience with internal reviews.
I primarily browse SF on my phone, so I get all sort of adds for random shit I don't look at. I have noticed though a lot of media outlets have adblocker blockers now.
Buying drinks for an event is a sucker move. You find some brand who wants to get hold of your target market and have them sponsor it. Just make sure it doesn't taste like wallpaper glue.
That is one way to make sure get sand somewhere you don't want.
Because guaranteed deal and immediate closing. And they watch too much tv.
I'm pretty sure the difference is 4 days and 4 weeks.
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