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Should have explained it better, but QLO sounds like CULO, which means ass.
I assume you know what qlo means
It was 90% motorway driving, he said his old MKIV R32 was much better, he ended up selling it a getting a ML55 instead.
It's a car it should be able to handle daily use.
A friend of mine had an 8 or 9 for a couple months, he commuted 50km each way everyday in it and he said his back and ass started to hurt half way though.
The post preview on the mobile site doesn't work and haven't worked for over a month.
99% of people in the government have never had a job outside of politics, the last government had a minister of tax, who was 27 and came directly from uni. The only cars exempt from tax are electric cars, but we still pay VAT on them, so a fully loaded P85D is about 200k, but they are currently talking about adding tax to them as well.Sadly they don't have the common sense to workout that, if they removed the 180% tax, they would have an increased income from VAT as people...
180% car tax25% VAT on cars (added before tax)60% income tax for everyone earning over 54k a year, no one pays less than 39%.20% tax on business profits25% VAT on new developed homes.
Must be nice to live somewhere with low income and car tax.I would have to pay in the area of $750k for a factory 458, which equates into $1.6 million in taxes including income taxes, car tax, VAT, not including the taxes I pay via a my business, before even getting the money into my personal account.The business taxes would double taxes paid.
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