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I know they don't which is kind of idiotic. If they had a statistic baseline like a lot of other countries do, a lot of swedes would probably change their perspective. There is a very visible difference in how Denmark and Sweden has handlede the whole migrant crisis and I assume its due to the fact Denmark knows the stats Sweden doesn't. Also regarding rape there is a huge dark number, which some assume is x3.
The Pisa test is a pos.The daily fail case has been thoroughly covered in national media, as it's not the first of its kind. It's a bit like the swimming pool cases, which either doesn't get anymore media or has died down.We have very extensive stats on how ethnic groups perform in all manors of life.
I have never seen Star Wars, Star Trek or Harry Potter. Saw the first lord of the rings and thought about leaving 30 minutes in.
They have multiple young daughters and a lot of swedish and norwegian families do it.
A couple great ones. Norrona coats come with a 6x6cm metal vikings head on the right sleeve.
All outdoor brands have shitty logos.
Like any other sane person I love it. Also it's Danish like pastry and my passport.
I enjoy starting new businesses and seeing them grow, so for me it's not work and he said rich, but not PJ rich. Which for anyone who is self-employed means you are not there yet. Doing VC in growth markets essentially means that you could become part owner of the African Wallmart, Lego and facebook and go from being fuck you rich to being fuck you Warren Buffet you pleb rich.At that point I would able to sit back collect art, cars and watch, daily a 250GTO and have...
I would set up a VC firm focusing on small loans in developing markets.
Google says socialist liberals. The immigrants are never at fault for their own actions.Their weapon of choice is rocks and fire, but especially in the old segment guns and knives are very common. The drugdealers are 100% armed. The same things have been happening here for the last 15 years.Shooting minors won't go down well and most likely make a bad thing worse. They shot a guy with a machete a couple years ago and this happened.http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-22622909
New Posts  All Forums: