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Sollos Brasil - ISA LinBrasil - Mole (Designed by Sergio Rodrigues in '63) Swedese - Continental
It's a Lambo.
I'm just going to repost some of my previous suggestions. Who is going to suggest the chair, which can be said or the thread will get spammed.
The $500 conversion kit on an 04 is probably cheaper than buying a Balboni. Especially if its just for the track. Or he could buy this.
Get a manual R8 or Gallardo and do a RWD conversion.
If you want him to just talk aimlessly for an hour he should talk about his pet. I'm yet to meet a pet owner including myself, who isn't able to do that.
With a name like that you need a middlename like Waitforit
Talk slowly, have short breaks and try to engage the listeners. It's basically a test of your sales pitch skills.
That is an odd surname.
Its far deeper than that everything is designed with a certain esthetic in mind. Weds are designed for primarily asian cars and sooth the their design language, when you put them on a bonestock Audi they look out of place. There is a reason why when you google only Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi etc. comes up. If all wheels were created equally there would be no reason for time attack, JDM, OEM Plus, Euro Mod etc. etc. or multiple manufactures. There is a reason why sites...
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