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This is pretty clever.
It was in relation to a post made about people not needing to change measurements on their jackets, which the first person did to death.So the joke was that his measurements must have been like Foo's head to the rest of the body.
It's terrible song, but there's way worse, most euro pop from the 80-90's, is on the same level if not worse.
Uhh... hated those as well.
I think the joke was lost on them.
I think it depends on the area, jardins etc seem very safe. Completely unrelated I made a great Foo joke in the Toj thread and it got no thumbs, philistines.
Luckily I live somewhere not ruined by people suing each other constantly. If LE actually bothered showing up I would max get a $200 fine and maybe have replace it. More likely would be everyone clapping.The only thing more annoying is people listening to music on speaker.
People drive round in drop top lambos going to malls with mono brand patek etc shops.
Blame the whole Instagram fitness model supplements for everything culture, that has emerged.
The speakerphone part would have been enough for me to throw the phone out the door a yell "here boy, catch!!"
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