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Why feel bad for people who are doing something of their free will.
Global warming for the win, eternal summer.
During the biker war in '02. One group shot a rocket launcher at the other groups club houses. Last year in Malmø there was a balkan gang war, where the weapon of choice was grenades. Currently here a turf war between immigrant gangs have killed two people last week alone.So there is definitely heavy weapons floating around.
Thats Le Mans for you. Last year the leading GTE-AM car crashed with 46 minutes to go.
Those are some belgian sounding names.
Two of my friends growing up had big brothers who were members of Hells Angels, so call me a liar as much as you want. One of them wanted to sell me hand grenades for new years.
Thinking about picking up a pair of these during the sales (they are $80), but I can't figure out if 3 pairs of Tennis Classics are too many.
Clearly they didn't have the rights contacts When I was younger I was offered handguns, hand grenades etc. etc. regularly.
Any idiot can get a hold of a gun in Europe within in 24h. I would almost be willing to put money on if you have some decent criminal contacts, you can get an AR15 within 24h as well.It happened in northern England, which is VERY poor, as all the jobs left with the coal industry. All the jobs that are in agriculture and those are being taken by EE workers, who are willing to work for very little money. So the whole region is against migrants of any kind.I haven't read the...
Lol, my phone somehow managed to change horndog to corndog.
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