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It was taken while I was in pain, so I assume/hope it's a bit lower normally.Everything they suggest to do to bring stress / blod pressure down is stuff I do everyday.
Last I was taken it was 140/90 I believe.
Took a stress test a couple months ago and got 140 out of 200, which is high. I took the test again yesterday and got a 175, no wonder I feel stressed as fuck.
Moves money, why not just do a bank transfer. Business wise it makes sense to avoid cash and there's a couple shops around here, who doesn't accept cash at all, as an anti fraud and robbery measure. Selling something c2c I don't want anything, but cash and instant transfer, no cheques etc.
As long as its genuine, I don't care and its less worries.
Cash rules (everything around me....)
The marble stuff is cool, the rest is meh...
I had it when I was 10 a couple years forward.
Should have explained it better, but QLO sounds like CULO, which means ass.
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