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Those are 2 different cars from 2 different dealers both brand new. One has black carpet, the other one has red. To some degree yes, but footballers and Nuevo Riche Russians will ruin anything with gaudy wraps. I was looking at e63s a while ago and there were a lot of oddly spec'ed cars there as well. It may just be a German thing though.
While on the subject. Why are so many luxury cars so poorly spec'd, it seems like most people who buy them from new are colorblind.Bentayga's currently for sale in Germany.
Or he assumes I can fight for shit.
I like Mondays. It means I can get shit done.
It was a she and her crazy ass had food left all over her face. Disgusting as hell.
Really pleased with myself for not beating the living shit out of someone earlier. A cunt whom I really fucking hate, who is part of the board in my building came up to me and started insulting me out of nowhere. If it hadn't been outside a shop with surveillance the outcome may have been very very different.
Isn't it just the front of the seat that are red on the Macan.
Red interiors generally look better black carpets and roofs.
As the saying goes don't judge a book by its cover. A friend of mines mother got a girl fired from a luxury shop, after she was snubbed for wearing wellingtons in the rain. Sadly for her she didn't know my friends mom knew the owner.
From my experience most people who work in high end retailer are fuckwards covered dickheads with a side please may I punch you. The younger personnel generally act like they are better than the people who can afford their wares, which they can't themselves.Around here even most sales personnel at vw are people I want to deck.
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