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Norwegian Rain Moscow http://lookbook.norwegianrain.com/home0/
I keep forgetting that, damn it.
UshowU still has AW13 on sale including a navy Mallory in 52-56.
Nothing wrong with red sneakers.
Helped a guy push his broken down car earlier, he was a bit surprised by of fast I got it to go. :ember: A home care worker stopped me while I was taking the dog for his late night piss and asked if I knew how to drive and if I could help her, when I got to her car, she needed help backing out of the booth, as she was too close to the next car, she got I bit surprised when I asked her to hold my dog, while I backed it out.
They look like OC Desert boots.
I'm guessing 1035.
A shame about the timing, as I would still love a proper winter boot.
We have requirements for developments, where upwards of 90% of all housing need to be primary residence or rented to someone who uses it as a primary residence.
It was made for a TV presenter "Alex Lerner" and based on the floor plan, I would say I'm right. http://www.dezeen.com/2014/08/12/casa-al-by-studio-arthur-casas-mountain-ocean-nrazilian-house-rio-de-janeiro/ Saw a program on BBC Cinderellas of the Slums, where they visited a "richer" family, who had an open plan kitchen and a cook. Almost all houses/apartments I've seen from brazil, have horrible kitchens even $20.000.000 apartments have some 3rd world style kitchens,...
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