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The Danish ministry of employment has figured out, for every migrant who gets a job, the society has net gain of $40k a year. My maths were pretty much spot on.
Having borrowed people and not gotten a cent back, I'm out of the letting you borrow/co-signing game for good.
What's his name.
According to Alexander from Norwegian Rain the Moscow is good until -25C. (The bottom coat). The rest are for summer/fall in Scandinavia, so you be good up until 15ish c, maybe a little warmer without sweating your ass of.
I can't count the numbers of times some I've seen a group of helicopter children stand on an overcrowded metro station swinging those things around "doing tricks" or do an Ollie 2cm from your feet almost landing on it.
@Piobaire like this.http://www.thelocal.se/20160130/masked-marchers-beat-migrants-in-stockholm-centreSwedish media says its was around 100 people.
I'm 10lbs heavier and my only problem is my back and arms.
Stress can cause your weight to move in either direction.
I'm already the guy who dresses almost entirely in dark blue with the fluffy dog with the overly expensive coats, so adding the guy with red coats isn't going to bother me too much.My Albam ventile is up for replacement anyway, as my biceps don't fit anymore
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