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Watched this 2 min before reading your post.
Real estate is insanely easy to innovate in, as there hasn't been any innovation since modernism.Some of the big developers in NY, Miami, London, Stockholm etc have begun to show how easy it is and they are doing some really interesting stuff.
I can't stand the design of the that car, the weird backdoor things, wtf?I would get a Countryman over it any day.
The S and SD are not slouchy by any means.
Unless you've had someone threaten you to your face and between the lines saying they had a gun on them, I'm not impressed.
I use the same setup on all work documents, in the right font it's very pleasing to look at.It's available as a setting in word.
PB be glad you don't work in a multinational company, as that shit is everyday occurrences. It's always a bank holiday somewhere.
You can't get the A6 Avant in the US? If I remember correctly the interior space is bigger in the E-Class than the A6.
The Saab is a great car though. How about an Audi Allroad?
Audi makes cars for the masses, so their design line is good as it is, it doesn't offend anyone and most people think it's a good looking car.If you want something with a look more personality and you actually care about cars, you can get an S or RS.
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