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Really though its because you scroll too far to the left on the screen and hit the button while the site it loading.
Option 1: get a bigger phone Option 2: go on a diet
I assume crep is slang for right in the face.
Tell me something I don't know, I fucking ate this place, but I can't find a house I like and if I have to fully remodel I can just as well do ground up.I'm looking at a development site at work, where I'm contemplating "keeping" one of the houses for myself.
It's a concrete apartment building from the 50's, so no.
For the last week or so I have been woken up at the break of dawn by the same kid yelling mommy for 45 minutes, until the mother gets her ass out of bed and shut it up. The kid is at least two floors away from me.
I always laugh at a friend of mine for having a $100k Mini.
I don't think people with small children realize how god damn noisy they are. I got woken up by the kids 2 floors up running and screaming from 6:30 in the morning. ON A FUCKING SUNDAY!!!
I like the Countryman. There's like 8 of them and neither of them are owned by Lego. The real one is located just down the street from their HQ in Denmark and everyone in the town i basically employed by something relating to lego.
Fok you forgot massive amounts of botox.
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