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I'm talking about everyone else. I don't see how their sexuality is relevant nor how it should make them better/worse at their sport. Like 90% of our women's handball team is openly gay and no one cares. One af the female swimmers got stopped by her male tinder match in front the national press and all her team mates, that got more coverage than anything else.
Do people actually give even the slightest fuck.
My driving test was 90 minutes of that and please don't stall and don't drive out into to the intersection if you can't make it over it.
I didn't know this was the how to buy alcohol in bulk thread.
Lack of chlorine
Just the tip
Nah, I'm not mad today has been a good day thus far, I haven't even needed my AK.
I got a black BM, she got a white TT She wanna see what's hiding in my CK briefs I tell her, wear suspenders and some PVC And then I'll film it all up on my JVC
Not having to stand and wait for the buss in minus 15° is up there.
Clearly its asian ghetto slang for his E46.
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