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90% of the people in LA ain't from LA
Most rtw brands does that I know Tiger, Acne, PS etc. lets you buy different size jacket and pants, Mr Porter also has a shit load.
Had a chat with Geismar earlier and their size S = EU48 M = EU50.
Yeah I saw that, will them a call in a couple hours when they open.
Well, they can just reuse then one they made for the M5. 3 cyl. 170hp sounds like a bike engine, which could explain the soundtrack.
The what now?
It would be more Belgian if it was some artisan beer made by blind monks with no arms and based on the yeast from a goats foreskin.
The final of SOA was good though.
You only need a 3 inch blade for it to be lethal, so if enough force and a little skill you can essentially kill someone with the handle of a spoon.
If anyone wants to trade, I'm at home drinking hot cocoa and writing a business plan for a special investment vehicle, oh and it's 4 pm, so the day is almost over.
New Posts  All Forums: