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He will put all 4 paws into the ground an dig in, if I walk faster than he does. The only way to get him to speed up, is if he's off leash and he has to, but even there he will sit down if he doesn't want to go that way. He is basically a cat that barks.
It was renovated in 14 by the architect and the building is from 1884. They are still building Gaudis stuff and he has been dead for years.
NY LOFTAndrew Franz ArchitectNY, USA1884 / 2014 [[SPOILER]]
It took my dog 22min to walk 500m on our afternoon walk, so essentially 1 kph /0,6mph, how the fuck can he walk that slow.
They are not thieves if you are home.
People who work in real estate or design and don't know the difference between modern and contemporary.
Can't remember mentioning that sofa, I have looked at the dining chair version though personally, I would go for something like this instead.Upright sofas aren't good for naps and to be honest isn't that why we have them.The bathroom design is cheaper, than most other designs.
+60 = 15.213 It's a bit like a good morning, I would say 400.000 a day.
GF is a Rhet bro now and that is how they communicate. Blink twice if held captive.
In my experience the people who want you to help them move are the same people, who won't help you move or give a pizza and a coke for 5 hours of back breaking work dragging their shit up 4 floors.
New Posts  All Forums: