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How about a collie, either a bearded or a border, the bearded doesn't shed much, but needs grooming.
I actually like Neo Bankside, the only real gribe I have with it, is that it looks a little too much like One Hyde Park he did 10ish years ago.
How can a cap come in an empty case? Is it magic? If it is, it seems like a fair price. Or even better Schrodingers hat box, until you open it you have bought a cap in a box.
As a basis nothing, but they are a part of the matching AD set together with the CH34, Egg, Eames lounge and Noguchi table. If you have a matching set you can get a feature. If you have the new it chair the flagline you get an extra page.
Everyone I know who have owned a golf R right back from the mk IV R32, has loved it. You can get passat in Germany with the same engine.
Vuitton lets you phone order things, so I would be surprised if Goyard didn't.
That is one of my pet peeves, especially combined with white kitchens.I know its a kind of absurd idea, but it amuses me so... but I'm working on creating a home with only future design classics, which is sort of impossible to tell. I will either have an eclectic equivalent of the people who bought entire interior by Finn Juhl back in the day or end up failing completely, but either way I will have a home full of piece I really like.
Cafe's with round tables and square plates, who's shitty idea was that? The plates are always giant and NEVER fit on the table and everything is always 2 sec from falling of.
Used to, yeah there are a lot of really skilled Brazilians besides the somewhat obvious Sergio Rodrigues.I'm such a nerd when it comes to this stuff, I don't know anyone else who gets excited over a kitchen.I don't know about that, a lot of the private label shops, actually have designs most people would find nice at that price point, the quality is not as a $400 chair, but there's a reason for that. There's also firms like HAY that do dining chairs, which retails from...
New Posts  All Forums: