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Maverick is the old one, they released a new one two days after you updated to maverick.
I know it's only been going for sub 48 hours, but 179 seems low, would have guessed atleast x5. I would be set for life if I legged it with a 179 unfulfilled orders.
Kazakhstan is maybe the only one. I got asked one day "where do you come from", he looked a little funny when I said "from my house", tourists always assume I speak whatever language they speak and if I go on holiday tourists ask me for directions, which is quite funny.
Name a european country and people have assumed I'm from there.
Oz wheels? Can't tell the color 100% on my phone, but looks cool.
It just the tip of the tip of the doucheberg. I remember them tucking their jeans into their white gym socks, so damn funny.
Sir F was a good troll, until he sugessted going to the beach in Paris.
Lol thats from a danish site and 10ish year old.Google pretty boys.
New Posts  All Forums: