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I've heard that Chinese people were flying to Australia just to buy iPhones.Brazil is much like Russia and with the cost airfares the trip is very quickly paid for.
Goddamn liberals doing something they like and getting paid for it.
Not everyone is meant to be parents and some people are just not setup for it, most people tend to get kids anyway, so if she knows she's not setup to be a parent, accept it or move on.
He didn't mind the old engines, the new ones scares him and I was looking forward to watching the Singapore GP.
Was referring to the leaked hollywood nudes.
You can't be clothed and look and ashamed at the same time.
All you need now is a Burberry scarf and you would fit in perfect with the chavs.
Socialists, if they could get everyone on bikes an public transporter and work a government job they would be happy. In a country of 5.5 million, the private sector is 8-900.000 people, the rest are children, government workers or on some other type government income (unemployed, pensioner etc.), so no wonder everything is taxed to hell and back.
Sweats are for wearing inside your house to, from and inside the gym and nowhere else. I love breaking denim in, I will gladly beat them to he'll and back just for fun.
I wear denim in 30C and -15.
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