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I haven't had pizza in 3 years.
Haven't seen this color way before.
The bureau and END usually have a good amount. Edit: I can see End doesn't have any stock and they have been removed from the brands list. There's a list of retailers on EG website.
Marc Newson has joined the Apple design team, I'm looking froward to see what he is going create. http://www.dezeen.com/2014/09/06/design-marc-newson-to-join-apple/
Aka. potheads
Bit of an inside joke.
Okay, I thought it was a Calzone type thing.
Stuffed pizza?
It's usually fairly windy out in the middle out nowhere, as there's nothing to break it, so the courtyards work very well as an outdoor area when its windy.
Or flight mode.
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