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All the Europeans offer it as a factory option.
Are they selling for that or they being listed.
@Liam O Show him the icelandic way of doing things.
Wholesale car deals are nowhere near what you pay for it as an end user, so tell him cool and knock 20% of the price. If he complains tell him "you wanted a wholesale offer".
We are about the same age.
I think everyone I know who is into cars have owned a car with rolled fenders at one point. Pending on the traffic laws it allows you to fit .5" wider wheels on the car without the being illegal due to poking.
I know they have US dealers, so throw them an email.
Those are just the top of the iceberg.Remember MB aubergine purple interiors or Porsche UPS brown over UPS Brown.
Don't we all.
I'm pretty sure you don't need to toughen your scalp for mma
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