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It's very common these days, its good business for them to have fit and healthy employees and at least around here most of them offer help with rehab, smoke stop, fat loss etc.
I had a g350cdi as a work truck years ago, it did the job quite well, but again I worked on an old military compound.
Sitting on 26's and air ride, so it fits with the rest of the Escalades in town. Chris Harris tested it a while ago, he wasn't impressed with the handling and the wind noise, I would love one though, not that they make any sense.
The one where chunky hand knitted sweaters are the bees knees.
I have 10 units in my kitchen 4 wall, 4 base units and 2 tower units, a free standing oven and fridge thats it, so I need them or I would have a serious space problem, but that is what you get when you live in a 1950 rental apartment and don't want to change it from the original 1950's kitchen.
Postalumph I work alone, so no problem here.
+100 = 71.116
Mountain Equipment
Never had that problem, they can be annoying if mounted too low, though.Unless you have a 500 sq.ft. kitchen you need the wall units for storage.
You wait for End etc. to get them in stock, as the usual idiots ruined MTM by being pedantic.
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