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For design to be Bauhaus, the designer needs to have attended Bauhaus school of design. Bauhaus furniture is usually metal framed and slightly Art Deco.Most of the well known italian firms like Cappelini, Flexform, Poliform, other company with form in its name etc. are all contemporary/post modern. There is a sub set in contemporary which is almost art like Campana Bothers.Brutalism was part of modernism and existed in the same time period, just to confuse you even more.
Who is 74 then?
12yo was crowned the best whiskey in the world last year, so they are pretty much sold out everywhere and Hibiki 17 costs the same (aprox 300).I bought one for less at the local grocery store, they had them lined up like they were Smirnoff ice.
$300 for a yamazaki 10 someone has been spiking the cool aid.
160 Leroy, fyi. I really like that building the interior is really nice as well. David Chipperfield's building is actually for ones not mind numbing boring. You forgot Isay Winfield Jardim & The Beekman by Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel Architects, Dezeen had an article on this today or yesterday.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_architectureTo me at least it seems like most areas vastly skipped what in the western world is viewed as modernism, outside of a few well known examples (Kuwait National Assembly Building) and kept with the more traditional esthetics, only recently started using the design esthetics. Contemporary seems very popular though.
Is modernism even a thing in ME design?
I think we had this discussion previously. Modern is a period of time between aprox 1920-1969. It peaked as skinny says post ww2.
I don't speak arabic, so wouldn't know.
The thing that annoys me the most, is when people call contemporary modern.
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