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Good for her. Clubmans are so ugly it hurts and oddly they have only gotten worse.
It was in this thread last year and the year before. He was looking at a G63.
Tom Fords Texas ranch is up for sale at $75 million. http://www.kevinbobolskygroup.com/
You clearly didn't follow the whole buying a car debacle.
It's also a great way to end your surgical residency early.
It was bound to happen.
Make it chocolate flavoured and it will be alright
Just going to quote myself.
Send @Liam O a PM he lives up there.
Maybe I'm an even bigger dick, but if he had done it to me. I would have "leaked" at photoshopped conversation with him dick pics and all. I would have ruined him for that move. There is no way for him to disprove it.
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