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I saw a bus add for them last year and my first thought was "do they still exist?"
A friend of mine is a member of the local Alfa owners club and they had an event at a dealership earlier in the week, where they were announced. Apparently they are only allocating 5 for the entire country, which is less than the GT3 RS.
The Alfa Giulia pricing has been released, the Q will all most to the dollar the same as an m3
I think a lot of guys just like florals, paisley and bold printsLiberty is well known for doing menswear stuff in florals and paisley and have been doing it for year and years.I would gladly wear some of the stuff from Bless AW13. (No 48)
Guess how many fingers I'm holding up.
It's snowing.
Hulk frog is projecting his desire for piob on to me, now he has figured out piob doesn't want him
Clearly he just posted a review from one of your chipotle "dates".
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