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Running is terribly inefficient and long distance running actually decreases muscle mass, which is why marathon runners look like Madonna.I used to know a girl, who had a GREAT ass, but then she got into hyper running and now she looks like Madonna.
Just got this.
I find most clothing even european stuff, which is supposedly made for taller people, is not made for people with any kind of muscle mass.
Go to La Rinascente
Not really no, it weeds out a lot of the people, who have fraudulent behavior in mind. The laws just do what people in the US have to do a civil suit for.
+ 80 = 68,030
Sounds like a job for @StanleyVanBuren
You know what else is good for looking at girls in gym clothes? A bench.
Running sucks
The retailers are largely at fault here. Most online shops give out useless info like " the model is a 180cm and wears a medium". How about giving people a chest measurement or a weight etc., the height alone is pointless.
New Posts  All Forums: