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If anyone wants to trade, I'm at home drinking hot cocoa and writing a business plan for a special investment vehicle, oh and it's 4 pm, so the day is almost over.
Its useful in day to day life, opening boxes, removing branches and other shit from my dogs fur, stabbing people I don't like, you know daily life.
This made me laugh.
I always carry round a knife, but I use it almost daily and if I ever meet Crocodile Dundee, I can say "You call that a knife".
Besides the ones @dieworkwear mentioned and Geismar, I would take a look at.www.normann-copenhagen.com/products?category=Textilewww.irishantverk.se/enwww.avoca.comwww.ratzer.dk/www.blaeberryoak.com/the-throws.htmlwww.foxfordwoollenmills.comwww.tweedmill.comwww.zuzunaga.com
Of course it will, he will have warm hands while his face gets slapped and we get a funny story.
Get a pair of beaver fur gloves and use the pick up line "I'm used to fingering beavers" win win.
She is part of the SF Pitti crew and she's going to write some stuff, so my guess is thats why.
I use something based on peanut oil, that has the same result.
It's not really unheard of that people who work in fashion dress "differently", Anna Dello Russo is a good example of that as well. For those of you who are interested in how she makes a living, not that it's really relevant. http://stores.ebay.com/The-Rosenrots-Emporium I'm sure she makes a good amount of money of sponsorship stuff as well.
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