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Greek debt crisis and Germany is their biggest creditor.
Anyone familiar with swiss brand V-Zug?
VW tries to dick everyone around.
Even though Stockholm is further north, they often have better weather and hotter summers. Stockholm (eastern Sweden) is sheltered from the weather coming from the North Sea and has a more inland climate, unlike Denmark and Copenhagen.
This is going to be interesting.
Eight gold rings like I'm Shab-Shabba Ranks Four gold rims like I'm Shab-Shabba Ranks One gold tooth like I'm Shab-Shabba Rank
Season 2 of Tyrant.
The problem is just that you can't do shit outside, when its pouring down.I'm a dog owner, so all my outerwear is waterproof at this point.
How much!
It could be my head, but I'm certain it has rained everyday for 3 weeks.
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