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The US has only signed the protocol from '67 and not the convention from '51.The issue with the UN refugee convention is exactly the fact, that its from '51 and was designed to deal with refugee issues like the ones from WW2 and not what we have today.A lot of european countries have started to talk about by passing the convention for a period of time until they can have it updated, so its applicable to present-day. Which essentially will put an end to the asylum shopping...
The statistic evidence says something else though.The danish stats for '14.1:220 people convicted for violent crimes1:30,898 died in road accidents
I grew up in social housing which was teetering on being a ghetto and I grew up with mostly immigrant friends. So the completely opposite actually.
I'm sorry, but that is the dumbest thing I've read today.The issues aren't just death and rape.
2 of the main news stories in Denmark today. 2 Iranian asylums seekers have been arrested on demand by the Iranian government, who want them returned as they are charged with murder. They are not going to be returned as the conventions do not allow to return people to countries with the death penalty. 3 Iranian asylum seekers arrested for group rape. The pattern I see it.
Multiple European countries are going to start deporting Somalians as some areas are deemed safe.
It's always interesting going grocery shopping at the end of the day. Oh a $1.5 for a liter of milk sounds like a deal.
8 Wongs on a Tyrone.
God damn it. I always forget its ,. In English it's the other way round here.
It's implied. You know real estate.
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