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They sold a white in 12 or 13 for a million plus, that was in white though. (and a yellow one last year for 9xx) The white one at gooding is pretty damn sexy. http://www.goodingco.com/vehicle/1967-toyota-2000-gt/ The gtr went for more than I expected, but they are pretty damn rare outside of Japan, from what I've been able to figure out there's only 1 in Europe.
250 over estimate, not bad.
I have a box full of cables etc. I don't know what is for, if things go unused for x amount of time, it goes in the bin.
Why do I keep finding chargers around the house, that doesn't have a thing to charge or I don't know what it is.
Some dutch guys did gumball in one.They do it at night okay, so at some point later today (sunday), they will be up, I'm curious about the 2000gt and the GT-R.
Kobé 9 elite low multicolor flyknit, they were a HTM release but Nike has since started offering them as an id shoe. It has been stated about ten times in the last couple pages.
I understand it the other way round, I know a MB engine tech, I can ask if he knows, but in the end it doesn't really matter if you don't want one.Lol, yeah that's not a standard G63 The 6x6 has 18" headlocks on 37" tires, the normal one has 20" profile 50 and most have something retarded like 22/30.
I think it's to not bore/confuse the general buyer. Boring tech stuff http://www.atzonline.com/Article/16203/The-New-Mercedes-Benz-3-0-l-V6-DI-Gasoline-Engine-with-Twin-Turbo.html I haven't checked the numbers, so I can't comment on the performance figures stated on MB's site, but logic tells me that the lighter car should have evened out the lower hp figure.
They will be twin turbo, not bi-turbo, so it will be a small and a large turbo and not two identical ones, the smaller one handles the low end and the big one handles the top end, so the hp and torque curves, should be very close. VW has a 1.4 with turbo and supercharge, to get the extra low end, the larger engines used to have.
New Posts  All Forums: