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Was posted a couple pages back, I still don't like the interior. [[SPOILER]]
IF you want to go that route, use the one where you send poop and then have a Korean speaking friend call the food authorities and have them come the day, the parcel arrives./evil genius
+ 100 = 24,036 We need to hit 30k by the end of the month, to be on target
I have a pair from Foxriver
That's incorrect, it's a common misconception that grey, white and black are nuances and not colors, but they are intact all colors.The form will always be the same, when it comes to new developments, as you can't change the shape only the design, so people can put a rustic maple kitchen and brown bathroom tiles etc., in a contemporary space, which deceases the value of the architecture, as its not coherent any longer and to some degree make it a less pleasurable place to be.
Try googling "glazed shower", most of them a fishbowls, so there's no real difference, one comes with the other.
It has nothing to do with function, but form and color.
The fishbowl toilet was VERY popular up through the 90's and 00's in master suites and designhotels, so it's not a new idea and i've known people, who had a fully glazed shower wall, so the other part could lay in bed and watch them shower.I think it's an exhibitionist thing, so unless you are one, you don't like it.
Architecture is like art, changing small things often ruins the entire thing, which is why people shouldn't be allowed to choose their own kitchen etc., when buying new development, as 99% of people have shit taste and don't see how the design is a whole.Most of these houses have been commissioned by the owners, so they are exactly like they want them to be, so if they want a prison toilet, they get a prison toilet, they have also chosen the architect, because their style...
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