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+ 60 = 105,450 + GReenfrogs 50 = 105,500.
I like him, he doesn't give a fuck and does whatever he wants with his money.
Bosco Verticale already exists in Milan.
Be careful you don't get hoarse.
You would be surprised, people still fall for Nigeria letters and mails saying that their CC has been tampered with, so they need to send the info.
Youtuber/instagramer solomondrin has one with those seats, he also has a gt3 rs, CGT, 918, pagani etc etc etc.
You could also get McLaren Musgravite Black, McLaren amethyst black or Audi Merlin purple.
They have a list of approved colors, where it probably is on, you can ask your dealer for the list.I found it for the GT3RS a while ago, but I can't find it for the cayman.Found it:http://rennlist.com/forums/987-981-forum/823631-latest-paint-to-sample-approved-colors-list-from-pag-as-of-july-2014-a.html
Man, man, woman GreenFrog's mom, @GreenFrog, man
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