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Try rain, rain, rain oh and more rain. The rest is dead on.
What is this summer you speak of, we have green winters.
I believe Salone adds something like 300,000 visitors on top of the normal tourists.I don't even want to think about how much the hotels in Cannes adds for the Golden Palms or Mipim.
He didn't get Shyne to hold it for him afterwards?
Lol, I was 99% certain it was Stockholm based on the price alone. I was close to moving to sthlm 3-4 years ago, I remember looking up gyms and laughing at the prices.I don't know why they are so expensive there, the ones in Copenhagen cost $30 for open and $80 for classes (50% of for students) and most are open from 6:30am till 11pm 5 days a week and 8am till 6pm on the weekend, which is pretty much the same as a normal gym.I don't get why people in Stockholm love bootcamp...
It's the same shit every year in Milan for Salone, but people still prebook their rooms a year in advance, just so they get their favorite one.
Where are you located ?
It's an awful car /full stop.They are slow, nose heavy, exspensive to run and exspensive to repair.
Get an open membership to a cf box, they have full eleiko. My current gym is a 2 min walk from my apartment and we are currently looking at a new office with a gym a couple floors down.
They had C6's and from what I've heard they had a full engine replacement and a couple new turbos.I believe I have heard about one of them ended up at a breaker with less than 60.000 miles on it.
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