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Any idiot can get a hold of a gun in Europe within in 24h. I would almost be willing to put money on if you have some decent criminal contacts, you can get an AR15 within 24h as well.It happened in northern England, which is VERY poor, as all the jobs left with the coal industry. All the jobs that are in agriculture and those are being taken by EE workers, who are willing to work for very little money. So the whole region is against migrants of any kind.I haven't read the...
Lol, my phone somehow managed to change horndog to corndog.
Gout Congrats and you need a new screen name now.
We have them here as well, they should change the name to rent a death trap.
A complete novice can do it in 2 hours, so I would say less. It's really not that difficult, becoming really good is though.
I'm sure you know of all the VS and SI models.
They used to all be part of Denmark.Those are swedes.
End of school year summer party. You would be surprised copenhagen has one of the largest street parties in Europe and I don't know how many festivals.
Elementary school party in the school yard with bouncy castles and shit. So everyone on the neighborhood can enjoy the music.
The school down the street is having a summer party and within the last ten minutes, their DJ has played Gangnam style, Bob Marley and Wham. That has to be the most eclectic mix I've heard in a while.
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