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So you are saying that 99% of "design experts" aka. people who get all their input from magazines and pintrest are doing it wrong.
Just googled them and picked the one, that looked the most alike, from what I can tell from the pictures on their website, it seems like they are a good amount apart designwise.I never understood the appeal of Ace Hotels, but thats a different discussion.My bathroom has about the same amount of storage and I have more than enough.How is the sink different from every other sink?
MB is brining the Maybach back, but as a S600 LWB Maybach and not a standalone model, I think the reason why the Maybach failed was the styling, the car itself wasn't bad and could easily have become a succes if it had looked better.http://www.mbusa.com/mercedes/future/model/model-All_New_Mercedes_Maybach_S600The problem with the Phaeton was the badge, the thought of a luxury VW seems odd to most people and in that segment buyers want badge prestige, so people can see they...
I assume you are referring to the LA one, then no.The tiling at the Ace Hotel is bigger, these are mosaics, so they are about a tenth the size of the tiles Ace use.The sink and stand are also different, but stylistically the same, which was the style he was looking for, just a more contemporary.The rendering is from a high-end development in Stockholm.
GF is that you http://instagram.com/mannykhoshbin
An undigested jalapeƱo just pasted through my body.
BS I know, but the Huayra is my favorite supercar, I wish I could afford one and that they weren't sold out, so I could get one. Saw some pictures of a bronze one from the UAE over the weekend, so beautiful.
Sounds like your hair needs a treatment/masque, so you get some vitamins/moisture into it.I've heard that coconut oil should be good and cheap, if you don't want to go out and buy one.
I'm sure the Brazilian house would become more homey, if it smelled like that.
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