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I know it might differ from country to country, but around here you get 20% walking in the door, most times without asking. I have never used the architect thing or used my business card to get a deal.I've bought things on sale and received further discount without asking.
You mean Sofía Vergara or Salma Hayek
I'm dead serious, all korean cows are dead and milk now goes for $400 a gallon and has to be freighted in from north korea.
I've heard the delays are due to mad cow disease, so they had to put down all of the cows and breed new ones, before the jackets can be made.
And curls are for the girls or what?
You can't use the msrp on on furniture for shit.
Stylepark and architonic
If you book ahead and check hotels own site, you can get a good deal from time to time. I saved £60 on a £120 room a couple years back, booking on the hotels own site 2 months before. I've been lucky on Agoda.com and londontown.com as well.
How do you like your bed, all of the ones I have encountered have been marshmallow like.
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