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He invented white chocolate, so that's something to be happy about.
Inverallan is in that ball park
Also comes in white and is usually placed in a room where everything else is white and ugly.
There's a forest outside of Copenhagen, where the Ranger have been given the all clear to shoot dogs of leash, due to one biting the head of a deer. I wish they handed out more tickets for not picking up after your dog, it's fucking disgusting and affects me negatively as a dog owner, as people assume all dog owners don't pick up.
I think he gets fur in his eyes, as he has a long coat.
It's not as much the material as it is the way its used, carved wood paneling isn't in favor now, but wood paneling is.
It's too bland.
They are very much of their time, I don't know anyone who would get them nowadays.
I have brown marble windowsills and those look dated. Marble and granit really needs to be done in a certain way to look timeless.
I don't get why or how my dogs eye infection has managed to jump from the right to left eye.
New Posts  All Forums: