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On top of a naked woman
a full year.
Clearly the Americans are wrong as with Fahrenheit and imperial.
Whether thousand is a . Or , changes from language to language.
Welcome to the club. I did the same with a 356, they are +100k now.
Th most likely scenario is a combination of the two, but it's still big increase.
There was a discussion in another thread a while ago. It's a european thing we like long sentences and lots of commas. Telling someone they can't come who hasn't asked, is a bit like telling someone who has moved you don't want to play with them.
I keep forgetting americans use periods like, the rest of the world uses commas.
They have to buy buttons, fabrics etc. etc. else where, which makes them more expensive.
The prices of the 993 are only moving one way, so if you want one get one asap.
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