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People who insist on arguing about things, they clearly have no knowledge about.
Euphemisms galore
USM Haller. There's a lot of for sale secondhand, so if you can find enough in the same color, you can get it at a good price. It's rare to seem them in a home environment
Stunning car, is it just a facelift FF or what?
Directly from them and via Carl Hansen, who acquired them a couple years ago.http://www.rudrasmussen.comTheir pricing isn't cheap, but they have been in same location since I don't know when, so their running cost has been very low. I actually tried buying the building last year, but someone else got it, so they are going to move to something more up to date.Most if not all use FSC certified wood, from danish forests, which adds to the cost. I don't know if it's the best,...
Wegner etc. designed a lot of stuff for a danish coop convince store chain (FDB now known as Coop) and they were manufactured and sold as pretty much IKEA of the day. They have recently relaunched the brand, with the old designs, which havn't been sold to other brands like Gubi.
There's no shame in using cnc, some of the legs etc are almost impossible to get 100% round without milling. The oldest is Rud Rasmussen and the last remaining manufacture in the black triangle. Fritz Hansen is owned by capital fund, which also owns Scandinavian tobacco.
No such thing as a housewife here or if you are you get 0 and migrants aren't allowed to be housewives as it hurts integration. I would say maybe 1/3 is pensioners and kids.
Out of the 21.000 asylums seekers that came last year 31 got employed or 0.67%.
I blame you and only you for EVERYTHING.
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