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A laborer in Denmark gets $20-40 an hour depending on skill level and Made in Denmark is a brand, which means more $$$.
its in walnut and handmade in Denmark, so it should be at least double up.
Two 's in one thread, now the question is who will out
How much did she loose, not counting her mind?
It's been like that here since the 60's so nothing new here. Most private cleaning has been done under the table for eons here, as the taxation made it too expensive to get a bill for it. "Au pairs" are heavy regulated here and you basically need to have a kid below 18 for it to be allowed. I have a difficult time with the whole under table setup as I don't want some rando in my place, whom I can't trace back or keep their employer accountable, if anything happens.
Its illegal to fully de-badge cars here, as parking warden need to be able to tell what car it is.
Nah, the unions and minimum wage will kill that faster than you can spell to union.
Must be nice I looked into have someone clean my place and it was $100+ for cleaning only per visit.
If Sorensen leather on the Wegner isn't good enough. I don't know what is, poltrona or spinneybeck? Google says they have a couple FL dealers, so they have US dealers.
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