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Dad jeans and new balances.
He quit his job at the bbc, which he was suspended from and the bbc owns the Top Gear franchise. He mentioned it in his newspaper column and James May confirmed it.
Jeremy Clarkson has quit Top Gear, so that was the end.
It's not a parking spots, they are loading docks, from the buildings former use.
In most countries, no.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but that's not bad, but it should have been build in.Having spent time in hotels in the developing part of the world, where wasn't available (yes, it was in this decade), I needed at least one besides power and I often charge my phone via my laptop, while on the go, so I need them.
The new MacBook has 1 port, so you have to choose between charging and doing shit, I'm guessing the adaptor cable will be somewhere north of $200.
I got attacked by a cock, when I was 5 does that count? It was a chicken, but it still acted like a cock.
New Posts  All Forums: