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At this point it's too late for this winter.
I'm almost certain that both Fritz and Carl Hansen use Sorensen Leather.http://www.sorensenleather.com
Yup, but that's nothing new.I still have no idea who he/she/it is, as I've never noticed his/hers/it's posts.
Who the fuck is snoopy, besides a cartoon dog.
It's the same size as the one plus one and the other 5.5" and they all seem enormous to me, but I currently have 3GS, which is tiny compared to phones nowadays.
Brutalism is awesome and underrated.
Dezeen has a brutalism theme at the moment.
eBay have it sent to your home or hotel
I find waffles too sweet for some reason, even though it's the same dough.
Works fine, as you buy the prepaid sim from the country you are going to and with 5gb data.
New Posts  All Forums: