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How about light weight denim?
Lauritz was in the media again today, for being a sales channel for fences.
Some threads/subforums have a lot of community feeling.
Any recs for a good restitution product?
That is just wrong, they just fill in on their tax forms that they have sold x amount out of EU, takes like 3 seconds.
Sort of looks like he borrowed his dads jacket.
Someone must have way to much time on their hands.
Damn, no wonder they went into administration the first time round.
This week went downhill fast, first idiot yesterday, which was something fairly important to my business, but apparently not important on the other end. And now a subcontractor told "oh, we are not going to be able to make the deadline for the tender", so now I'm 24 hours away from turning in a multi million dollar tender, with no plumbing quote (which is around half a million on its own). I hate people. Oh and my dog just threw up.
Schedule a conference call and you call at agreed upon time and the person is fucking on the phone, motherfucker we had a scheduled meeting.
New Posts  All Forums: