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I went to school with a girl called Pi as in π.
I can't remember the conclusion of the mythbuster thing.
All club girls do, its how you identify them.
99% of the kids don't listen anyway, so why bothered, just give them a sucky job where they can text and listen to their iPod all day.
Myth busters tested if it was real a couple years ago.When I was a kid, I had to walk 20 miles to school in the snow barefooted.
Denmark has a list of legal names as well.Sæk is the Danish word for bitch and sack.
The wod is called Murph, FYI and you shouldn't do it in a tee and shorts in -2 c, I learned that the dumb way.
An R Class you don't see those every day. Who are the people in front of the car, should I know who they are?
plus one hundred = eight thousand eight hundred and sixteen.
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