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You can still get one, if you want.
The word kitchen for posters with less than 10 posts wouldn't be a bad idea.
http://www.norges-bank.no/Upload/Images/Sedler_mynter/nyseddelserie/konkurranse/Norges-Nye-Seddelserie-Havet.pdf I like the hand drawn ones and the bird 500.
Okay just noticed it the other day while referencing them.
Why is it you can't write karma loop either?
I'm smart like that
Which is why I quoted the ├╝ber troll l'inc
Nah, drinking and driving is not okay and I don't give a fuck who you are, if I see you driving while drunk, I will call the police.
Because of Yosemite Sam.I would have called the police.
It's the name that is bothering me, I don't get the need for tropical.What's next tropical pineapple, polar polarbear.
New Posts  All Forums: