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Aaaaaaand......... now Merc has joined the scandal.
Or both.
/Emo teenager
I know a guy with 180D on his tuned E63
340? Isn't the biggest 335? The 318 is a 2.0 and the 50d is 3.0 tri turbo
Do you have mud on the mean streets of MiA.I have a credit card case with 6 slots, I never carry cash, so need for anything else.
It was a joak and I was referring to the world as a whole.
I read that story, that was pretty funny.She claimed he had gotten her pregnant, so if she has it must have been on herself.
A 30yo. british teacher got convicted last week for having had sex with her pupil 50 times, which he claimed was traumatizing in court, right.
15-17 yo boys who cry over getting "raped" by their hit female teachers. If that is rape I wouldn't have minded getting raped repeatedly when I was that age.
New Posts  All Forums: