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Someone needs to familiarize himself with the meaning of SPAM. (I flagged it as spam). For reference this is the thread linked to in the pm. http://www.styleforum.net/t/216746/best-white-v-neck-tees
The 20% sales preview code works on them.
Pretty sure they don't.
Retailers don't give a fuck and sell it before its allowed and idiots can't read, so they assume they can go crazy from the get go.
Look a couple posts further up.
The new fireworks legislation says that you can buy fireworks from the 15/12 (aka the fifteenth of December) , but only use it from the 27th, which means people buy and uses from the 12th, my dog loves it.
Yeah and there's nothing like unsolicited advertisement in ones inbox.
Looks like 99% of other tech jackets.
Store credits are worse, I got an $800 one to a shop that sold 2 brands, I returned a product from one (due to it being faulty and shit) and didn't want anything from the other, so long story short it costed me $250 to own a G-Lab coat for 24 hours and oh yeah FUCK NAG Copenhagen, I hope your shop burns down and all the employees loose just enough of their arms, so they can't dry their ass.
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