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It will only make it more difficult for you to find pants.
It's an unisolated concrete wall and I removed the wallpaper earlier, so only time will tell.
The C63 has to be compared to the RS4/5 and M3/4 and not the A6 and 5 series.
I know what mold looks like and there's no mold on the wall (yet), luckily it's a rental so the landlord is obliged by law to fix it immediately if it was.
They are in the trash now.Found out that the exterior wall in my building wardrobe was moist, so found the reason why and most likely the reason why I have been getting head aches, good thing I plan on moving soon.
I flagged all his posts yesterday, but apparently there's no mod around.
It's a pile of old used jeans, that are beat to shit and back, some have good fades, so no need to throw them away.I think I have bought 8 pairs of the last 6 years, 3 of them have never been used, black NS and 2 pairs of Albam, which were too expensive to send back and I haven't found anyone who wants to buy them, so it's not as bad as it sounds.This is though. [[SPOILER]] Yes, I know my bathroom tiles are awesome.
Exactly what I thought, oddly non of the other pairs in the pile had any.
Just found an old pair of raw denim in the back if closer, which were completely covered in MOULD.
For an entrylevel job straight out of school, its beyond good, the average person here earns like $50k, which just makes it even better.Around here you need a certain degree or better, for pretty much any job, even like shit ones, being good at what you do and having a good CV means shit nowadays.The right degree with shit grades ranks over having worked yourself up and having actual real life experience.
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