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It's a bit like "only worn once" you know it's a lie.
Do like they do in the ghetto, put it under your mattress. Or put it on a hanger and turn on the hot water in your shower and let it steam.
Kith's business model pisses me off, their release numbers are laughable and make Nike htm seem like GR releases. You have to call in order and they don't ship outside the US, so you have to use a proxy.
Knifeinheart emoticon Get a combi oven at least.
I love visiting friends who live in apartments completely decorated in their girlfriends ikea shabby chic. It's the most emasculating thing ever.
They are german / austrian.
Like I have to explain people everyday at work. People have shit taste, which is why we decide how it should look.
O sol é para todos, a praia é para aqueles que o merecem.
I never knocked on nobody!
Msrp is based on the retailer wants xx% markup on top of the purchase price, and their purchase price is based on how many units they buy.
New Posts  All Forums: