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In the uk SUVs are called Chelsea tractors.
I often get calls from energy companies, who want to sell me green electricity. As soon as they start talking about wind power, I start talking about how nuclear is better.I made one girl change her mind about the green credentials of wind power.
And it's your job to drag it and its diva attitude down from there.
rotten dot com was very popular at my school and it was basically page upon page of that shit. With people looking at it saying "oh, I bet it's fake".
Putting pussy on a pedestal are we.
The GF experience goes to Iceland and a volcano erupts and threatens to close down the entire country.
I didn't know you know Steve Karel
Expensive brands have expensive branding and they need to cover more expenses, if a product goes wrong.Generally cheaper furniture brands are better businesses and make more money for their owners, basically just like Zara, Ikea etc. The expensive brands have a slower turnaround and sell less units.Market power and ability to price discriminate isn't really a factor in pricing unless you have something truly unique or your own consumer sale setup. The manufactures...
If it costs them 2.5k to manufacture, then they will x2 to cover marketing, returns, shipping, agents fee, taxes etc. the retailer will then x2 that amount to cover all their expenses and there you have the retail price.It's the same with clothing etc etc
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