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Sauerkraut is vegan
No that is what your dick is for.
I'm still not sold on the gull wings.
To answer your question yes there are plenty especially at food markets.
A little unbiased research from the rockwool foundation. http://www.rockwoolfonden.dk/publikationer/immigration-to-denmark-from-non-western-countries-will-still-result-in-a-net-transfer-from-the-public-purse-in-2050-if-immigration-and-integration-remain-unchanged/
Basel is in Switzerland
If anyone ever was in doubt about there being big money in real estate.
I don't think his style changed that much his new album is very reminiscent of his Layercake mixtape and first album and hell Skepta used to make party tracks like Rolex Sweep.
It happened in 2013 and the assailants ran back to morocco, as they were not detained by the police in Spain.
New Posts  All Forums: