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All the mayor newspapers have had articles about foods, people store incorrectly within the last week. Apparently people store simple shit like bread and coffee incorrectly, who are these idiots who put coffee in the fridge.
I've had a bowl in yogurt for lunch and eggs, some veggies and meat for dinner (no breakfast) for the last week, oddly enough I haven't felt hungry at all. My pants have become looser already, so this cut is finally moving forward.
I don't think that's a problem Foo has.
Www.rivieras-shoes.com ?
He would be leaving in a bodybag, if it was my car. That clip reminds me of seeing a couple of idiots, running from car to car down a row of parked cars as a kid.
I haven't dealt with their stuff in person, but I like the design.My only gribe based on the picture is the seat, it seems sort of unfinished.It looks better with an upholstered seat.
That's why, I have them bookmarked.
Deets? It looks familiar
The Rising Power Of Social Media Influencers
New Posts  All Forums: