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This has @LA Guy written all over it. http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/racecase.html
I'm 90% certain I've had a shirt like that 10ish years ago.I may still have them somewhere, hmm....
I know a couple people who follow outlaw, they like it, but its like 3 hours a day.
metcon Breds went quick, damn.
It would be more representative of the average buyer.
Frans Boone used to use a dude with a potbelly as their model. @LA Guy the mobile site post preview isn't working.
You can possibly get a 3 seater with a lounger for $7k.
I find most Hay stuff to be a bit meh.... @Piob if you are looking a fabric sofas, you have a lot of options at $7k, leather not so much.
That's nuts.
Viberg = any work boot manufacture.
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