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do want.
Most private sector companies have english as their coperate language and most offer language lessons etc., when workers arrive.I was this " close to making that joke while writing the post. No, they are people you would actually want, who work and come via their EU passport or green cards and not the free loaders in the immigrant thread."Free" healthcare, "free" schools from grade 0 until uni, 6 weeks paid vacation each year, at least 32 weeks of paid maternity leave...
There was an article in the newspaper yesterday about well educated expats moving to Scandinavia in large numbers for that work/life balance.
listing ≠ selling
You can also google art and then print it out.
The swedish miljøparti is at it again. Now a city council member has taken a "thinking break" after he and some other invited Salman al-Ouda aka Bin Laden's mentor to speak at a local park. http://www.thelocal.se/20160428/green-party-politician-invited-bin-ladens-mentor-to-malm
It's a wind instrument pun.
I know. how much you. love it,
I have been thinking about buying it, as it actually seems like a cook book, that I would use.
On the subject of over doing cooking. http://modernistcuisine.com/books/modernist-cuisine-at-home/
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