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I think I found them. http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/flex-repel-training-shorts/pid-1569642/pgid-10248511
He looks like Flava Flav's cousin.
The shorts looks like a good fit and length, anyone know the name?
Random swedish wannabe rapper person, I don't know KOY posted the pic.
It's very office / doctor waiting room in the design.
Some of the mayor department stores had thongs for 7 year olds a couple years ago, they got dragged the entire way through the media machine and back again.Are those $865 Buscemi sneakers?
I'm thinking about buying two extra extra long duvets and sew them together to a duvet sleeping bag.
PersolThe sleeves are too short on all of them.Levis 511, if you search there's numerous discussions about this.
I can recap SOA for you. [[SPOILER]]
No1 is the pissing you of thread
New Posts  All Forums: