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I'm retarded so I'm allowed to make retard jokes. It's not to add anything to the discussion, but there is a point being made. So many people getting blocked in this thread for not agreeing.
let him
Lol for being blocked for being a sleep at 1am.Tesla Europe was forced to downgrade their HP figures on the P85D to 539hp in Ludicrous, as the 700hp figure was incorrect and I have heard talk about class action from people I know who owns them.(They don't show the HP figure anymore)If you have a degree in electric power you should be able to calculate the output of the aprox. 2600 sq.ft. sollar power roof area on Supercharges (5m x 50m). My friend who works with sollar...
There are hydrogen filling option in California where you live and I'm pretty sure it's made on site at regular gas stations. The solution is called a heat sensors, it's the same way fire alarms work nowadays. You should have a chat with someone who knows about solar panels the deliver nowhere near enough power to support a super charger, unless tesla has some unknown 85th gen solar panels. "800" tesla was force to downgrade the number to 5xx due to complaints. Before...
You seriously think the biggest automanufactures in the world are going to sit idle by watching their business vanish? VW AG made €213 billion in 2015. Most of them are already doing hybrid or full electrics and VW just launched their I.D. concept and is projecting to sell 1,000,000 fully autonomous EV's a year in 2025.Electriccars are a layover until we get a hydrogen infrastructure, which Honda is working on and has been for some time. Hydrogen is 100% the future as it's...
Its based on the Q7, so they should be the sameish size.
Aka a croque MonsieurI went to a burger place in Milano a couple years ago, where every table had their own iPad, which slid under the table and a watch the chef cook cam in the app.Oddly they didn't know the difference between ham and bacon and I ended up debating the difference with 3 Italians and the only one not agreeing was the waitress. Pretty funny actually.
It could be as simple as poorly fixed water damaged. Either from a broken pibe, fire or some sort of overflow.
Industrial buildings often have offset floors, as they have machines etc. which need to "buried" into to the floor for the work height to work.Foo be glad you are not in real estate, I have dealt with that shit on 70,000 sq.ft. projects.
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