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Acne?Define cheap
If you have graduated from uni with an education in architecture, why would anyone argue that you are not an architect. Having a trade union is fine, but requiring members to pay, if the numbers you mention are correct, a ridiculous amount of money, to do their job, is flat out wrong.
How do they pack it?I would imagine that it's going to smell terribly after/during a 15 hour flight.I would hide under someone's seat, while everyone is sleeping or leave it in the lavatory, with a note saying something like " I feel like a fish out of water" "going up steam?"
These people really need something better to use their time on.
Idiots with more money than sense, that's why.
I think he's referring to human.
Stool samples get sent via mail everyday.
I have no idea what that is.I've wanted to figure out how to send shit, that will burst into flames upon arrival for years, when I figure that out you could just FedEx it to him instead of email.
No, I didn't say over.But if I read it right you are either wrong or joking.
New Posts  All Forums: