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I've heard so many stories that I do it as second nature now. I've also heard stories of rental company workers crashing recently returned high end cars and then blaming the renter.
Did you take a picture of the odo? A friend of mine taught me always to do this and always do it in front of an employee.Show up unannounced.
Hostage situation in northern france. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36892785
This is what happens, when you legalize weed. This should be a lesson to all, do it do it now. Your old bangers will be worth millions.2 1/2 pages later.
Heroin addicts with all their teeth living past 40. highly unrealistic.
Multiple bombs have gone of in the embassy / airport area in Mogadishu.
Here are the patrons. We all know the Japanese are batshit, so its most likely some 45 yo Japanese virgin, who has snapped.
Revenge for what? Not shipping his sorry ass back to Aleppo?
Kids in head to toe supreme will be lining up outside Undefeated with their Black amex's and LV holdalls full of cash. With Complex will be on site following it live minute for minute.20 minutes after release the first cars will be on Ebay with a 900% mark up.
The one at the religious demo?
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