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It has 90% corrected it self and I would be surprised if it doesn't fully correct it self by days end.
My dog is sick and we are having a thunderstorm, which he is afraid of, so its 4 am and I haven't slept a wink. Good times. Now he wants to go out, but he is afraid to.
Can't remember having made another comment on this subject since last year.
I've been wanting to go here for a while.http://www.arnoldandhenderson.com/4-rochelle_canteen.html
That pretty much sounds like Social-Liberal Parties party program or the swedish government. Who is essentially running around with blinkers on refusing to acknowledge the actual issues in society as they are not PC.
Cliff: Saudi Arabia is going broke after having blown 100 billion dollars a year on coke and hookers for the last ten years and now they have to start thinking about their finances as oil prices dwindle.
I need to either go to where you get your pets or psychopharmaca, as I want a talking dog.
I would imagine laying still (like at a hospital) for 2 weeks straight would decrease your muscle mass a good bit. If you at the same time live of Oreos and chocolate milk why not.
The answer is called socialism. Socialist politicians have a serious white man complex.
At least you are no surrounded by lawyers and bankers.
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