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Aka Drew'a private collection
Cupcakes and those cupcakes on stick things are worse than macaroons
I wish they made it in blue.
You can't use either of those to anything without a bf%.
I have a 33inch waist and bmi of 29, so depending on who you ask I'm either really fat or not fat at all.
They have a lot of pine and oak. I know multiple co2 neutral furniture firms and a couple even have their own foundations, where they plant 2 for each tree they use.
70%+ dark chocolate is the best. If I had to choose a candy bar it would be bounty, oddly enough I didn't like coconut as a child.
You just need to buy fsc certified products/wood.
Can somebody sell their spot to hirsh, this thread needs her. This post may contain irony.
Eat and look at shop windows thinking I need to stop eating, or what?
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