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Lorde is a mix between Daria and Kat Dennings.
How else would one get ones absurdly named ikea piece home
Do a Schwarte Piet and call him racist
Could be her.
Lorde looks like a child actor from a 90's tv show, who's name I can't remember.
Celine doesn't make mens shoes, as far as I remember.Wouldn't say I recommended it I just fell over it and as before mentioned Celine doesn't make mens, it could be an option and you could say that about a lot of brands Svensson has a CP Achilles and a GAT, also every high street chain in the world does the exact same thing, I believe Diemme made a pony sneaker as well.They are all on the same Margom sole, so I suspect the only thing that is lower, is the mark up.Last but...
No penis jokes for you.
But in muff
Kunk I thought you lived in Brooklyn or something like that.
I grew up playing with Legos, but then again my mother didn't own a car.
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