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+ 150 = 29.820
If you have shipped something without getting paid first, you are what the French call a Le idiot.
It was in march and it was aprox. 1500 cars, which is 10% of all new car sales that month.
SNS on danish tv. [[SPOILER]]
They had terrible timing, they should have started before Mr Porter, so they could have established a market share before the Richemont train rolled through.
A M5 is $500k with some options and a base A4 is around $90k here.Tesla's are exempt from all taxes, so especially in Norway they are a bargain, as you don't pay congestion charge, bridge tolls, parking etc. etc., it's estimated that the norwegian government looses 1.3 billion $ a year just on people buying Tesla instead of Audi's etc.It's only the Scandinavian countries, where the taxes are fucked and the car tax is only in Norway and Denmark (where I live), I have a...
"free" as in I pay 60% income tax, 180% car tax and 25% VAT.
Stop complaining, I can't remember the last time I left the grocery store without having spend $100+.
HR people are generally not that high paid (at least not here), I have heard some really astonishing things about them, especially in house HR seems like they just play roulette with applicants.Before I became self-employed I applied for a couple jobs and some of the replies I got were. :face palm:We have chosen someone who live closer (I lived within a km of the company), called them and asked if they wanted an atlas, as it was a terrible reason.We have chosen someone who...
Most HR people i've met were idiots, so it being lucrative is surprising.
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