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The Russian's and Chinese already have a strong presence in London, but their investments are spread out over single individuals/businesses and smaller portfolios and not as a single portfolio like the Qatari, who own the Olympic Village, The Shard and Harrods.
+ 128 = 117.658
I should make a video with my dog, it would go something like this, me throwing frisbee, dog stays put and looks up at me "dude you gonna get that".
Struggle youth is not fully grown.
You could put some toothpaste on it, so he could use it as floss.
The two are unrelated and I've fixed them so they make more sense.
Did you look for the bat signal on the roof? ---- I don't get why most guys I know are buying their wife's $1000< Christmas presents, that just seems like a dumb ass hole to dig yourself into, creating expectations for so expensive presents.
Something that small wont fix anything
There's no peace in me only rain and fireworks fueled rage.
I have a feeling you haven't read the articles that I linked to, as there's talk about 1 countries sovereign wealth fund (Qatar) buying up 3% of all London real estate totaling around $100 billion plus a couple of UAE investment funds investing in the city as well, so it doesn't really matter, which dialect they speak in Egypt. Let's have a talk about dialects because thats what's really intersting in the Architecture thread, the influence these investments will have on...
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