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Dat employee lifestyle.
You against them picking tiles and wood for their doghouses, racist.
At least they are somewhat less annoying than the other two. Which doesn't say a lot.
If you disregard 2 then you have to accept that 99% of all online recipes are made by stay at home mother. Who decided they were good enough to share their work on their blog. Which often isn't the case.I rarely use recipes and if I use them its as inspiration.
So much better no annoying Chinese and American tourists.
I only give thumbs to posts @HRoi has thumbed.
Yes, rats, owls and children you don't like can also be left alone for longer.
do want.
Most private sector companies have english as their coperate language and most offer language lessons etc., when workers arrive.I was this " close to making that joke while writing the post. No, they are people you would actually want, who work and come via their EU passport or green cards and not the free loaders in the immigrant thread."Free" healthcare, "free" schools from grade 0 until uni, 6 weeks paid vacation each year, at least 32 weeks of paid maternity leave...
There was an article in the newspaper yesterday about well educated expats moving to Scandinavia in large numbers for that work/life balance.
New Posts  All Forums: