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Went to before mentioned art show today and one of the gallery chicks looked at me and liked her lips twice. Such a shame she wasn't good looking at all.
Palermo's series A team has a pink jersey.
You have to love Sweden The church has announced that its racist to wear crosses to show your solidarity with christians who are being chased around the world. 200'ish car fires over the last couple of month. All done by culture enrichment, who do it because the society is against them and they can't get job with no education, zero skills and poor attitude. It spread to Denmark and the police caught the primary guy within 48 hours.
You mean Asian with greasy hair and likes to say stuff dat zhp, baire, brah, vtec just kicked in etc.
Nah, he was just confused
I love arguing with people, who thinks its gay/feminine to wear pink. As I think it's retarded. One guy told me to dress my son (I don't have one) in pink for school, as it would change my mind. He looked at me like he had just got a stroke, when I said I wore pink to school, why wouldn't I dress my kid in it to?
Any experienced manual driver knows how to hold the break down juuuuuuuuust enough for it not to roll back while de clutching and give enough throttle to move forward. Or like Hroi use the handbreak to hold the car.
Unless you work for a car company you should NEVER wear any appeal from them.
I would normally agree with you, but this honestly sounded like full auto gunfire just much much louder in the middle of all the booms and crackles.It had that sharp metal meets metal sound.
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