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because.... it..... is.....
Posted it earlier
Use a coin to create a gap in the keyring. So you save your nails.
I hope the local Volvo stealership get a V90 in soon, so I can make up my mind.
Hroi got the reference
But hey they are not Muslim
Seems like its not only California, who is on crack if you found transpotting forgettable. My first comment was in relation to heroin addict rarely looking half way decent later on in life and most have 0 teeth. Most are dead from OD'd, so the scenario of them all being alive is highly unlikely. My other comment was in relation to your comment about me being an addict.
How are the properties valued? Here they are valued by the taxman, who undervalues most properties compared to market value.Oh and 3% property tax.
Trainspotting 1 never hit Miami I gather. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trainspotting_(film) The only vice I have, which is likely to kill me is south american women
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