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Sarcasm, I see you.
Burns? Do people seriously pay $19+ for a roll on, I use one from Nivea, which is like $3.
Except Über is illegal in a couple countries. (including Germany France, Korea etc.)Über drivers are going to get screwed, if they crash while carrying customer here.
+ 50 = 25.726
Not really no, it may be to you. "About a year before" a year before what? Production started in 13.
Did I hit a soft spot?You had absolutely no say in the development of that car, as it was already released and in production last year, so the only person you are conceding is yourself.The only thing you had a say in was possibly the marketing.I was until I saw you had a Tesla waiting to test drive a P85D, but I'm not sure I want one now.What do you want to know next, what I do for a living, how much I make or how many std's I've had?
Focus group
Next week Brand names the styleforumrobot should learn how to spell...
The brakes are optional, personally I find it a lot more homogenous looking.
It's already up on the German mb site and there are official press out with the GLE name, so doubtful.It's a hell of a lot better looking than the current ML.
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