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It's not a subculture if the majority of society parttake in it.
If the eBay motors price is correct $280k
Is this correct http://www.ebay.com/itm/Porsche-911-GT3-RS-4-0-/271876285492
Based on the 997, I think the timeline is a lot shorter, he has made money on a couple other cars as well within a short time.
He's not on SF and owns multiple construction firms and is his late 50's. He buys low volume cars for investment pourposes and doesn't drive them.
From what I've been told, he has already made money on his, which is why he bought it.
If the same number calls you x times with x minutes, it will start to ring as well.I don't have favorites on my phone, I hate everyone equally.
Hroi has been an avocado racist for years, so nothing new.
Really? Also they guy I know, who bought a GT3RS has to wait until December to spec it.
I know a guy who ordered one, one of ten in the country.People who wants the power, but not bulge and chrome, also they come with Akrapovic exhausts.They make a 5xxhp F11, which BMW doesn't. There's a guy at my gym who has a forest green one. Their showcars are always heinous, but you can get some nice single tone interiors.
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