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How do they pack it?I would imagine that it's going to smell terribly after/during a 15 hour flight.I would hide under someone's seat, while everyone is sleeping or leave it in the lavatory, with a note saying something like " I feel like a fish out of water" "going up steam?"
These people really need something better to use their time on.
Idiots with more money than sense, that's why.
I think he's referring to human.
Stool samples get sent via mail everyday.
I have no idea what that is.I've wanted to figure out how to send shit, that will burst into flames upon arrival for years, when I figure that out you could just FedEx it to him instead of email.
No, I didn't say over.But if I read it right you are either wrong or joking.
We don't have doggy daycare here. I meet the same person everyday, who doesn't let her dog say hello to any other dogs.
Noooo...... I often see people walking their dog and then drag their dog away, when it tries to say hello to other dogs, it's not in the dogs best interest, as they need dog 2 dog contact, not to become aggressive, it's a bit like not letting it sniff grass, flowers etc. Dogs tend to be able to figure if it's a dog they should talk to or not themselves, so no need to control it.
New Posts  All Forums: