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No kipping for me, the closest gym is just a CF gym and they have better equipment, so why not. CF Wods are great for cardio as well.
Aren't the new passports biometric, I thought that would take longer.
I'm not sold on the new fold away navis, the old build in ones, were better looking and most cars now have the navi in the cluster next to the speedo or in the head up, so there is no need for the move.
I'm glad I workout a CF box, they have the best equipment eleiko everything.+ 80 = 7.386
It is and I live right down the street from one of the best bakeries in town, but no more for a while, as I want to get reacquainted with my abs. So 10% bf here I come, from my 15ish now.
I usually try and avoid it, but I had a bit too much cake this winter.
I started cutting on the 2. and my gains already feel like shit covered shit.
BUT do they fit into the target audience and is the right trade show for their products. I have always seen Crocs as a later adopter product and not #menswear or early adopter like the rest of pitti, so they might do better at Munich fashion week etc., where buyers interested in their wears actually come.I have been to my share of trade shows in the furniture field and usually people are VERY selective about, where they go so they hit the right target audience etc. and two...
I think most europeans can relate to this, but I have game when I'm bored called spot the american turist 9 times out of 10, they are wearing fanny packs, black wraparound sunglasses and ill-fitting clothes 2 sizes to big, it's really quite funny.I actually had a discussion with a burger place in Milan, which used Piemonte beef for their patties (which was so so smooth) about food descriptions and the fact bacon is crisp, which it wasn't.I had to use two italian customers...
+ 100 = 6.668
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