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Good thing they were only 5lbs each.
Today's piece of idiocy, the city councils want to void the legal required child certification, so migrants can get jobs in kindergartens etc. The child certification is to prove you are not a pedophile and everyone who works near children under 15, is required to have one. This includes janitors, gardeners etc.
It's only because GF is asian.
They are like Vuitton wallets a way to get people into the foley. The biggest scam is vw all road, you can get any vw with plastic fender flares and 2 wheel drive.
Was it full of we ho's
The q3 is based on the A3 platform, so it's the same size as a golf and X1
The x3 is just a lifted 3 series, so you have to compare it to that.
Likable assholes.
A list of assholes and I'm not on it, bullshit.
The 3 wagon is better looking than the new c class wagon.
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