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I dont Think i have seen a german petrol station without E85, but then again of of them have racing fuel on the pump.
Batman hates him, because Bain owns everything he uses.
Do it do it. I can make joaks about you behind your fold down thing then.
You are his shtick
Man you are turning in to GF first you are tiptoeing around golden showers with a camera and now you like biscotti's.
I was hoping you had been sitting on the sofa next to her, while you both are swiping on tinder on your phone. Completely unknown to each other. A little while into it you see her on tinder and... B: why are you in tinder! GF: what?!? B: I just swiped you! GF: are you on tinder? GF: I just swiped you to. You didn't match B: I think we should break up
This the best. 99% of the time they get even more pissed, while you sit there and smile
I'm talking about tinder, bumble
So you were already there or...?
Tiptoeing around a pissing contest asking for pictures sounds like a good way to make sure you get peed on.
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