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The pleasure of living in a rural area, if you had lived somewhere more urban they would have been "Hey, you fucking junkie piss off" and then started throwing rocks in their Burberry gear.
Completely different cars. I have said this before, but I was grossly underwhelmed by the 360.
Try running barefoot, the only reason people land on their heels, is that we are usually protected by shoes.
No that's your mom after her morning dump. I prefer rowing, as its full body.
I think this is the most likely cause, I had a similar problem, forefoot running usually solves it.Running is horribly ineffective as cardio training though, but that's a completely different discussion.
Saw this and remembered your post.http://www.dezeen.com/2015/10/02/layer-benjamin-hubert-concept-wearable-worldbeing-wristband-tracks-personal-carbon-consumption/
@LA Guy It's a very nice blog you have, maybe you should move it to tumblr, I hear it's a popular platform.
You have to use a non instagram instragram site, like ink361.
You don't fuck with Bear, he will get mad.
Or he could do like this guy. http://m.huffpost.com/uk/entry/8205552
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