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Flyknit Chukka Trainer FSB.
That sounds incredibly sad.
I know a couple AMG guys, who all love the P85(+) and the only negative thing I've heard them mention, is the interior quality.
The packs come like that from the factory.
He doesn't have to pay congestion charge, parking etc. in London and if I'm not mistaking he can use the bus lane as well. I'm surprised by how many chargers there are already. http://chargemap.com
+ 60 = 81.180
My dog doesn't like the sound of F1, so I either have to watch it on mute, not watch it or have my dog completely freaked out for an hour and a half.
They are launching an update with better seats etc., so that's worth keeping in mind, when test driving.
It depends on the car, build quality, interior quality and design. If I just wanted to get from a2b and didn't give shit about cars, I would get a Subaru or a Toyota.
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