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Things people say about blowjobs for 500, please.One hit wonder and heard him on the radio yesterday.
I like the SLS. I believe it's not the exhaust but engine that screams on Ferraris.
Yeah me too, but apparently I'm a bohemian klingon
Well, I'm that then. Hermes didn't want to make him a Breast wallet watch.
The new LW Oktopus Moon Carbon, is pretty damn sexy.
Black fridayMallshttp://www.fields.dk/media/383805/fields-ny-flyer-rigtig.pdfhttp://www.fisketorvet.dk/W/do/centre/blackfridayLarge electronic chain (left online, right in store)http://www.elgiganten.dk/cms/black-friday/blackfriday-i-elgigantenThankgivingGrocery storehttps://irma.dk/temaer/thanksgivingThe list could go on and on, the best thing is that some shops advertise with black friday weekend.
Yup, all the mayor grocery stores have had adds saying "remember to order your turkey for thanksgiving", a mayor news paper had article about making a traditional thanksgiving turkey and all tv adds for last week have been about Black Friday offers.
I think you are missing the point, brick and mortars like grocery stores are doing Black Friday and Thanksgiving big time, which I don't get. Online is a completely different beast.
Yeah, but I don't live in the US, so I don't see a need why would want to celebrate your holidays, besides maybe Spring Brake. If I wanted to live in the US, I would move to Seattle and buy CDW and make it into a less douchy version of CG.
Someone linked to an equestrian saddlery in London awhile ago, but can't find it, anyone know the name?
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