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The new Statik Selektah album sounds promising.
Saw a 918 and a LaFerrari today, before today I would have said the 918 was the better looking one, but having seen the Ferrari in the flesh, I have to say the Ferrari is stunning.
Some cunt got angry at me earlier for knocking on her car with one finger, as she was about to roll backwards into my dog and I, while she was parked across the side walking trying to exit a side street. She decided to shut her face, when I told she was about to hit the dog and I.
I pay $200 a month as it is for tv/internet, so I'm not keen on adding an extra xx a month for multiple streaming services.
We don't get 90% of the good amazon stuff.
For some reason I can't help thinking Skepta wrote Drakes disses, trust me daddy.Kraftwerk made some of the first beats used in hip hop.
I don't think I know anyone with an amazon subscription, everyone has Netflix though.
Disappointed with the choice of amazon.
You can't say cat + roomba, without.
click on your profile and scroll to the bottom of the page, beneath your photos.
New Posts  All Forums: