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I can hear the penis jokes cumming.
+50 = 63,625
They look like gummi bears with the head cut of.
Back in 30 minutes signs. They never say from when, from now or from when you put the sign up, which was when?
It's a fairly common style of chair, a lot of firms have a rendition of that chair.
Get some dirty street food and you can do it over a weekend.
I don't own a suit nor a blazer. Most people I deal with don't give a rats ass about what I look like, as long as I know my shit.If you work with design I feel like its your duty not to wear a black suit and tie.With that said I wear a button up almost everyday (no tie).
Edinas parents friends think Edina has the gay and his parents aren't completely sure.
Shitty criminals drive cars that will get police attention and dress in the same manor, skilled criminals blend in. Rapper x Drugdealer
New Posts  All Forums: