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Around here the license has handicaptransport training, first aid, conflict resolution training and you need a clean record, you also need to be able to find your way without using a map or gps. The cars are also registred under different tax rules, have surveillance and governed under the law about driving hours etc., so they can only drive for x hours, without an x hour break and there's no smoking, they are also insured differently, which is a lot more expensive. I...
I had 1 1/2 food truck pulled pork burritos for lunch the other day and European pancakes for dinner. Only thing missing was some ice cube on the radio.
I haven't been clean shaven in the last decade.
Someone has been listening to Action Bronson
You need a special licens and your car needs to be registred as cab, for you to legally carry passengers for money, also most insurance companies will void your insurance if they find out, you have used your non cab car as a cab.If think it's the same in Germany and France, where they have outlawed it.
It sort of look like somewhere an eccentric millionaire would live.
S-line is a styling pack and has nothing to do with the engine, you can get a 1.0 A1 with an s-line bodykit.
@StephenHeroI'm looking forward to your comments.
Proper name
Was that before or after Ramuman joined in, with his posting while wanking over his BMW.
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