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You guys are missing one very important thing, perceived value. I have worked with high end kitchens, so I'm sort of imune to ridiculous numbers and can easily justify to myself, why a 100k kitchen or a 10k sofa makes sense, because it seems like a "good deal" and I feel like I get what I'm paying for. Which is blatant lie, but forget that. I don't feel like the perceived value of that table is 30k, but much much less. It's a good looking table, but not a 30k table....
Said the skinny Asian.
Ex employee, he doesn't work for drew any longer.
Walking on hot sand, can be a hassle and having it in orifices is even worse.@hopkins_student condolences with your mom.
In the snow it might.
It was a Maxalto table, so its not going to be collectable like a Wegner chair and is going to depreciate to a larger extent. If it had been a design / designer, which holds it value better, their would have been something to what Foo is saying, but I find it doubtful, with most italian brands.
It's a matter of balance, try placing your hand on your arm.
I'm used to hearing insane numbers, when it comes to furniture pricing, but that took the price. Who pays that much for diningtable, you can eat at a reataurant everyday for years and still have money left.
The last time I saw her was in the 4th grade, which was in the early 90's, so I hope not.
If I looked like my avatar, I would be dead.
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