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I wasn't referring to Staff, but to OTB, as I thought MMM was owned by Kering and Diesel was apart of the same company. Staff is from what I can understand a sub company of OTB holding, so how it's structured isn't really that important, unless you want to get really nerdy.
Marni is according to their own website owned by Only the Brave.https://www.otb.net/companies-5/marni/
We all started like that, I do mine in sets of ten in-between other things.
I thought Viktor&Rolf, Margiela and Marni were owned buy gucci group aka Kering and not Only the Brave (Diesel), whom I've never heard of until now and I actually thought Diesel was owned buy them as well. Margiela has from what I've gathered nothing to do with MMM, so why would he show his face at runway show?
Everyone with an annual income over $67k pays that. I know corporate, vat/sales, import, property tax etc. etc., but they all essentially come from the same place.He must either have a shit income or can't park, parking downtown Copenhagen is $>8 an hour and a parking ticket is $100.The government can keep their healthcare and public schools, I want nothing to do with them.
I pay about 60% in income tax. I don't think it is, everyone who's employed in private sector, whether its at Burger King or black rock has an income payed by money their company generate, politicians, teachers, pensioners, welfare etc. are all payed from that pool of money created by those jobs and companies and they themself pay taxes of their wages, which then funds something else. I would guesstimate that maybe 50% of the tax payers in the us are private sector workers.
I always laugh at the pay taxes numbers, as they count government employee who essentially don't generated any cash flow, but pay taxes of an income payed out by tax money. Someone made a calculation here and it turns out in a country of 5.5 million, less than a million people generated the entire tax renevue, the rest are in some way payed by the government or children.
I would assume so, as they just want first name and email. Edit: Just checked it includes www.orlebarbrown.com/co.uk/.de/.fr/com.au
I remember Donald trump once said that it cost $250k to fill up his yacht, which was why he sold it.
Orlebar brown are doing a £50 of email your friend discount until the end of the week, if anyone is looking. Redeemable for purchases over £125, which is everything.
New Posts  All Forums: