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Store credits are worse, I got an $800 one to a shop that sold 2 brands, I returned a product from one (due to it being faulty and shit) and didn't want anything from the other, so long story short it costed me $250 to own a G-Lab coat for 24 hours and oh yeah FUCK NAG Copenhagen, I hope your shop burns down and all the employees loose just enough of their arms, so they can't dry their ass.
Missed the or at first
I can't decide which is better In stitches' or Nehneun's
Cats are not pack animals, so they don't have to fear that they will be outcasted, loose their position in the pack etc., if they are sick. To make a bad thing worse, I somehow decided, while being half a sleep, that it was a good idea to touch it and then smell it, juuuuust to be sure what it was.
I assume so, if not he only threw up stomach acid, but based on the chunks of partly digested food left on my bedsheets, I'm guessing he ate what came up, so he could hide his "sickness", which is a basic dog instinct.
I think its one of those questions you don't want to know the answer to.
My dog decided to throw up in my bed last night, eat it and then throw up again and eat it, for some reason I didn't wake up like I usually do, when he makes a noise, so now I have a big ass puke stain on my sheet and mattress.
Not as pretty as the Bocci ones, but I like these. http://www.busch-jaeger.de/en/products/product-solutions/socket-outlets/schukor-usb-socket-outlet/
+24 = 116.176 Did 600 one arm swings and 120 push ups before the pull ups, so my arms are going to feel great.
Some ikea stuff sucks and some is fantastic for the price (kitchens). Quality furniture can last you a life time, so paying to 2-5 grand for a sofa might turn out to be a great deal in the end and like OTC said you can always sell it. I usually use my mother and aunt as a reference for why you should by quality over budget furniture, my other has had 3 sofas in my life time (I'm 30 now) my dad got the first one, when they got divorced, the second one survived me, my...
New Posts  All Forums: