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APC's still cost the same as the did in 2005 or they have gone up $20, either way jeans doesn't really seem to change price as much as everything around.Real estate has skyrocketed due to foreign buyers, who buy as investments and leave them empty for 360 days a year, which has resulted in said buyers, can't afford to live in those area anymore.For me at least it's caused by the retailers need to have a sale every other week, so the retailers themselves have played a large...
My problem is a bit like Jets, I find a lot of stuff grossly overpriced and knowing most stuff will sit and end up getting marked down, I can't get myself to pay full retail, without feeling like a complete idiot. If i'm looking at something I often ask myself "do I like that $xxx?", if not I pass and when I see it on sale I ask myself the same thing.
Tell her it's a popular color amongst the 70+ crowd
+ 50 = 107,777
I was about to ask, if anyone actually buys stuff from porter at retail.
I do 28kg one arm swings for 40 minutes sometimes, it completely ruins your upper body. I hit 400 last time. I have been doing standing strict presses instead of pull ups the last couple of months, just to mix it up.
I wouldn't just take it to the landfill, it needs to be dealt with correctly, which I assume is the green part or not so green.MagO's are well on their way to becoming the asbestos of the 2100st century, so It would be an idea to add that in.
Or as Greenfrog call it, Ubering.
Are you dating my 600lb cousin, because you just described my aunt and uncle.
Or..... Most families suck.
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