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The european Nike outlets never have anything worth owning, so save your time.
+ 100 = 19,832
I had a bearded Collie growing up and when it got groom we would get a grocery bag of fur, which a lady then came and picked up, so she could make sweaters of it, as the fur is water repellent.People need to remember that mink is an invasive pest species, which gets killed like rats outside of captivity, so if people didn't breed them for their fur, they would be close to extinct.I honestly couldn't give a fuck about aligators, minks etc. get breed in captivity for the use...
They would look dope as mids.
It's just a matter of having the most desirable product like anything else, houses get sold even in a saturated market.Yeah okay, but it's also a fairly safe one compared to so many other things.
With France creating a millionaire tax and the desirable tax benefits the UK has for expats, I think it's considered a safe haven, but with that said I think it's closer than ever.
The spanish market is a bit of a special case, which you can't compare to everywhere else, southern Spain (Malaga), was grocery overly developed from the 90's until the rescission hit, due to greedy investors and fraud and bribery on a government level, which resulted in a very large amount of vacant homes, including entire towns, the abandoned airport doesn't help either.The spanish economy also crashed harder than most others, I heard that only one new production...
London is crazy, I've seen studios in new developments go for £800k and they get sold on day zero, most of the units get sold to foreign investors and stay empty for 364 days a year. The Battersea Powerstation development has sales offices in Kuala Lumpur and London, the £100.000.000 penthouse in 1 Hype Park has been sold 4 or 5 times now overtime to foreign investors. The Qatari sovereign wealth fund is one of the largest land owners in London, they among other things...
The designer then charges you what you saved in commission.
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