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Sounds about right. It really is and shitty tenants who act like it's a crackhouse can cost multiple years of rent in refurbishments. I have heard of cases where they passed 10 years in costs after one renter moved out and the renter had 0, so they couldn't sue.
How so? price, coverage etc. or ?
I don't know the US housing market, but you should be able to make money on this. I work with a couple funds who deal with in the lower 50% of the housing market and they are making bank like you wouldn't believe. They don't have any vacancies and it's fairly cheap to refurbish the units.The middle two are very common causes.Most older towns don't want high rises as it ruins the small town feel, also high rises tend to block sunlight for neighboring buildings, which is a...
Like I mentioned a couple pages back, we have that here and it works fine, it stops the city ending up like London, NY and Paris, where half the homes are dark at night, because they are 2nd 3rd or 4th homes and not leased to anyone.Social housing is very common in most northern european countries and in Scandinavia it's specially well designed. If you end up on the street for some reason and need somewhere to live, you can (could until the government marked the for...
Kids should presented a lot of options, so they get to know what is out there, I ended up in a field that I didn't know existed while at school, which is a problem, as it will result in a lack of certain professions. (Real Estate development, yes I am the devil). I did that exact thing with my 15 y.o. niece, who ended going from wanting to be a vet to wanting to work in politics, as it suits her skills and personality better.You hit the your head on the nail here, people...
Chicago of the north, as its called now. Remember your bulletproof vest, armored car and your Quran, if you go there.
At least around here most professional landlords work from a very simple calculation cost of owner ship a year + 3-10% = rent, with a yearly increase of 2%.Commercial units are 20-30% profit, so they cover potential vacancies.
The lease was made in 1965 and the rental agreement stated the it couldn't terminated from the landlords side.We went so far to look at evicting him for being a hoarder, which he is. Even that was impossible due to the tenant positive legislation. We have limits on price pr sq.ft. P.a. On older buildings etc., so if you don't know your stuff you can get screwed over by the tenant, which some of them speculate in.
40-60% and corporate tax is 20%
My business partner tried to buy an apartment recently with a tenant in it. The tenant wanted $250k to leave, the apartment was only worth 800k.
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