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General build quality. I've sat in a daubed in their showroom, where I almost fell through due to the saggy weave etc.
Their quality is underwhelming.
This has to be the dumbest fucking thing I've seen all year.
Who is calling Africa a country? We are living in the 2100 century and everyone has access to socialmedia and the internet, so its very much unlikely for popular fashion/culture not to spread. Especially with the growing amount of people in place like Nigeria with disposable income.Congo is a former Belgian colony, which explains the choice of language, but dandyism started and is still for more popular in Britain. If you want to call it afro-dandy or ... it doesn't change...
Outside giving my dog water while out on walks, I can't remember thinking I wish there was a drinking fountain near by.Paying $1-2 to use the public toilets is great, it keeps them clean and safe, which is rarely the case in the free ones.Fyi. most department stores have free toilets and you can drink the water from the tap, completely free.
So what you are saying is that style and culture in 2016 can't migrate from one country to another and especially not dandyism, which is quintessentially british.
Also the downpipe and freshwater pipes are two completely different systems.We have some odd watercodes/laws here. The faucet in the kitchen needs to live up to certain criteria, but the one in the bathroom doesn't. The reasoning is the best, because the one in the kitchen is drinking water and apparently the bathroom one isn't. As we all know no one ever drinks the water in the bathroom.
The whole sapeur sub culture is a pretty good example of that. Also Lagos has one of the fastest growing middle classes in the world and the city as a whole is growing like crazy.
Try V-power 100-102.
Dr Prince Fifteenletterlastname jr. III
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