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CSI Asbestos
Well, you need to get going then.
Remember to glove up, no one wants soup on their raw meat.
Did you get it while sitting on your throne.
I'm under the impression you are talking out of your ass about the structure of VAG group. Volkswagen is partly a franchise company, which uses franchise takers and agents to handle their sales organisations, which has ZERO to do with the production of the...
Volkswagen aktie gescheft yes, Audi group no.
No such thing as the Audi group.
The A6 is smaller on the inside than an E class and is essentially smaller than the Passat. The Fusion/Mondeo competes year after year against the Passat for the award as best family car. How about S-Max, Sharan, Touran.
I believe the court was featured on dezeen a couple weeks back
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