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Fire hydrants in art galleries. I have to see that.
There are often issues internally in the immigrant community. There are plenty of stories about extortion etc. so lets see if its actually racism or... Also chavs big surprise.
Istanbul airport has just been attacked and the attack is apparently ongoing.
@Fuuma @itsstillmatt
Oh where have I heard of this concept before......
No one wants an actual lefty, hasn't Venezuela taught anyone anything? He didn't perform well under the election and the party believes he was actually in the opposing side. So they want him out and someone new and more charismatic in.
The only time I have two hands on the wheel is when speeding through a roundabout or on a curvy on the on ramp. The rest of the time one hand is resting on the knob and the other on the gearshift.
Evans is painfully rubbish and has always been, so the sooner the better.If they don't release that, they will have shot themselves in the foot even harder, than MB has with no E coupe/cab AMG.I think most europeans will agree with me on this. Americans are way over complicating driving a manual. Hand position, seat position etc. etc. doesn't matter, I know people who learned themselves to drive manuals before they hit double digits.
Like I said in the other thread, they essentially can't do anything if the UK chooses to rejoin the EFTA, as the 2 have nothing directly to do with each other. Island actually voted to join the EU right before the banking crisis, but chose not to / wasn't able to afterwards, so there is some precedence.
The muslims started.....
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