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You are handling a lot better/nicer than I ever would, I would have called them by now and if they had ignored me there as well, I would have removed all mentioning of them on here.
You forgot the, when they die part, so it hasn't been donated yet.
Weight will always add something to the equation, its simple physics, the more mass you need to move the more power you need and the V12 weighs substantially more than the V8, but they way it's tuned definitely has something to say as well.One of the reason why you would go V12 over V8 is the way a V12 runs, as they are a lot more cultured and calm the way they pull which leads to a more comfortable ride, besides that there's branding and prestige in owning a 65.It's the...
Weight that's why Sound
Did you read the L4P link I posted about one of those.
Cheap hotel for sale in central London in about 12 months time, no bacon and no alcohol, in Britain good luck with that. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/11/15/hotel-sharia-bermondsey-square-alcohol-muslim_n_6164290.html
The E63 is great, but I have fallen in love with the RS7 recently, after seeing pictures of Nardo grey ones.Have you thought about the M6 GC? It should be geared and tuned differently from the M5.
I got a my little pony add on youtube yesterday.
+ 100 = 106.867
SS must have a lot of friends then
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