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No, I didn't say over.But if I read it right you are either wrong or joking.
We don't have doggy daycare here. I meet the same person everyday, who doesn't let her dog say hello to any other dogs.
Noooo...... I often see people walking their dog and then drag their dog away, when it tries to say hello to other dogs, it's not in the dogs best interest, as they need dog 2 dog contact, not to become aggressive, it's a bit like not letting it sniff grass, flowers etc. Dogs tend to be able to figure if it's a dog they should talk to or not themselves, so no need to control it.
I'm surprised it took Nike this long.
There was a discussion about this a couple week ago (if not last week) and the concept behind CF is basically what elite sport and military training have been doing for years and years. I think a lot of the cultish aspect people attribute crossfit comes from people with no knowledge of it and people who need it to get of their ass, I have never experienced it.I don't think most of the games athletes actually do CF, Froning "disclosed" his program a while ago and to me it...
Been annoying me for years
A friend of my mother threw a papa bear in the trash, as it need reupholstering.They are high in purchase cost, but you will get your money back as it will only go up.It would be more likely to find a salto vase, than an eames chair in a garage sale.
Talk to people on the train, read books/newspapers, rob each other, look timidly out the window, listen to music on their Walkman, vandalism
Everyone else can buy from around the globe and so can you you.
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