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I already have a dog and take it on long walks.I'm self employed and like my "job" to a degree, where I write work mails etc over the weekend (most people i work with do the same) and at some point during Sunday, I start to look forward to Monday morning, so I can get shit done.
I don't see myself retiring before time, even if I could financially, as I would get bored. Being able to choose when, where and what I work with would be a huge freedom though.
Dick pics aren't weird if you ask for them.
Unless they were hand made in alpaca with diamond hardware, you can't justify $1200 for a pair of jorts.
Then ad an aren't to my previous post.
"Why are you?"
Well a large part the European population did, remember the horse meat scandal from earlier in the year
What do you do, when you go on holiday, if not sleeping in your own bed is a problem.
So close
Just guessing, but I imagine it went along something like this. Talk Talk Talk Fart sound.... OH SHIT! What I'll be back (runs of holding his ass) Did he just shit himself Yup Laughter.
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