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When I stopped eating dairy and grain my birch allergy disappeared, I even had it tested earlier this year and I'm not allergic anymore.
Of the base colors I would definitely go silver, but purple is pretty cool to. Someone got a black one delivered recently, which looks awesome. I would love to see one in Porsche mint green or some other skittle color.
It's called lava orange FYI. A guy I know has one on order in the same color, there's 10 allocated for Denmark and 6 have been specified orange. I'm currently trying to get him into a special order coloured instead.
Someone very very very wise.
Maybe you should change your screen name to "Wraith of Cane".
The local retailer has the big one in their showroom at 30k.
The current number of Uniqlo shops in Scandinavia is........... 0, so that is not going to sustain his proxy business. I don't understand why they haven't opened shops here yet, as their Heat Tech stuff would go like bread right out the oven.
The wide brim hats have reached critical mass and there should be sort of rule about. How many people in the same room can wear them at one time.
No, I did not and they do not, they buy for investment and let it sit unoccupied because it's a good investment and not because they want to raise prices or lessen supply.
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