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According to the terms on the european one, you get a rental, hotel and they tow your car to the dealership and fix it, so I would assume its the same in the us.
Counterfeit weed, so what are they getting clay or some sort of grass.
Don't they have MobiloLife?Or Mbrace as it's apparently called in the us.http://www.mbusa.com/mercedes/mbrace
Why is it all stoners have the same idiotic laugh, it sounds like a retarded version of Beavis & Butthead.
They close at 3, but get there before noon, as they sell out of some of their stuff early.
A lot of manufactures do this and have been for years.
Yeah, Franz J is pretty much a one mand band, really nice guy. Karin Falcks K√łkken on Jagtvej has the best sandwich I've had in Copenhagen. You should probably be happy it was closed. http://politiken.dk/ibyen/vis/2481/restaurant-ida-davidsen
It could also be Svejts Either way you were miles away from the best sandwich shop in town.
+ 150 = 33,983
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