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They did a couple videos just like that one for Once biennale last year I think it was. (the one with the cat is awesome). They also just one an award for best house at Leaf.
You could have bought a plot, had an architect draw a house and had it build in that time frame.
You can still get one, if you want.
The word kitchen for posters with less than 10 posts wouldn't be a bad idea.
http://www.norges-bank.no/Upload/Images/Sedler_mynter/nyseddelserie/konkurranse/Norges-Nye-Seddelserie-Havet.pdf I like the hand drawn ones and the bird 500.
Okay just noticed it the other day while referencing them.
Why is it you can't write karma loop either?
I'm smart like that
Which is why I quoted the ├╝ber troll l'inc
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