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Lol, Aston Martins and Ford's designline was designed by the same guy, when they were both part of the ford group.
On a moving related note, I finally found a place I liked, with only slight reno needed and the right size, I then checked the location on google maps and its place on a larger intersection with the drive way pretty much at the stop line.
+ 100 = 25,526
Don't like either.#1 I don't think, it will be comfortable to sit at the ends.#2 Looks like something you can buy at Ikea.
Having done Crossfit, I can't help associating the name Fran with sweat and displeasure.
The exception that confirms the rule
They are soccer players, they aren't known for their taste, just like basketball and football players.
Soccer players.
You are sitting in a freezer.
See my previous post.
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