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I do 28kg one arm swings for 40 minutes sometimes, it completely ruins your upper body. I hit 400 last time. I have been doing standing strict presses instead of pull ups the last couple of months, just to mix it up.
I wouldn't just take it to the landfill, it needs to be dealt with correctly, which I assume is the green part or not so green.MagO's are well on their way to becoming the asbestos of the 2100st century, so It would be an idea to add that in.
Or as Greenfrog call it, Ubering.
Are you dating my 600lb cousin, because you just described my aunt and uncle.
Or..... Most families suck.
Asthmatic MagO & Asbestos removal –– Making you breath a little easier.
CSI Asbestos
Well, you need to get going then.
Remember to glove up, no one wants soup on their raw meat.
Did you get it while sitting on your throne.
New Posts  All Forums: