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You should have copped the loro piana collab instead, they sat on sale 50% off.
So nothing, but they aren't rare, they have been made non stop for 60ish years, which means you can pick them up at a swap meet in northern europe for a $100. The Artichoke is in pretty much every office I've ever been in Scandinavia.
Can't plus +1 this enough.
Clarkson, May, Hammond Chris Harris, Tiff Needell and Jason Plato Same cars. The guy who owns one of each.
Sexologists have courses. Oddly 99% of them are ugly nearly dead hippies. There's also tantric stuff.
Those two are about as rare as a hotdog at a ball game.
I know.
The Porsche is on German plates. There's a guy in the uk who has all 3 as well.
The people who used to host top gear posted online earlier that they are going to be racing the P1, 918 and The Ferrari.
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