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Yeah it was 20C today, so a vast improvement hopefully it lasts for a couple weeks.
Harmless yes, slightly annoying when she quotes herself repeatedly, yes.
Aren't we up to 5 now?
Is she purrrdy.
Good the weather has been exceptionally shit and its been 10-14c and rain for the last two plus weeks, which completely out of the normal.
Yeah I'm surprised they have gone build in, with what those B&W's cost.
Ipês HouseMK27 & Lair ReisSão Paulo, Brazil2014 [[SPOILER]] http://ultimasreportagens.comBe right back, moving to Brazil.
Anyone familiar with Commune De Paris? I like this one https://www.communedeparis.fr/en/c/pullovers/p/pullover-lagarde-02-colored
I'm single so my knowledge is lacking in that department. Try checking aok.dk, it also really depends on what she's looking for. Marant just opened a shop.
New Posts  All Forums: