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My business partner tried to buy an apartment recently with a tenant in it. The tenant wanted $250k to leave, the apartment was only worth 800k.
Sound like my mother in my old A3.
I read an article a couple years back and about a security consultant in Brazil, who got chauffeured in a Corolla.
Or a fried toast or a Croque Madam.
Tell him to send his address and when he does write him back "thanks I will send my Somalian relatives."
He should try Blackfoot Ham, much much better.
If you pay over $3, you have been ripped of.
I love how everyone who is not a lefty on here, is a fascist.Running jobs out of the country via over taxation and lowering the ability to compete, is only going to decrease the amount of jobs, which in the end means no jobs for anyone and no one to pay for the well fare system, they love.
I love that the UK has an award for shittiest new build of the year and they don't pull any punches. http://www.dezeen.com/2015/09/02/walkie-talkie-20-fenchurch-street-rafael-vinoly-wins-2015-carbuncle-cup-worst-uk-building/#disqus_thread
New Posts  All Forums: