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Birthdays at work.
You are thinking of Rio. I never felt unsafe there and I walked around drunk of my ass on more than one occasion.
Enjoy its a great city.
If you think that is bad. Skoda had a 9 month delivery delay on their Octavia because they "couldn't get" the chrome window trim last year.
If he was screaming "you'll never be as good as Elon" it was ramubrah
You can't blame the car for that and you clearly don't follow the watch thread.
My mother works at an administation company and they regularly have people calling about water damage, fire damage etc. They don't cover anything it's your own personal insurance that covers everything. They only cover they own property. Most muslim immigrants don't have insurance because its against their religion or some shit and they regularly end up loosing everything due to it.
My taxes aren't paying for their Marshall help "insert Nelson laugh".If that shit happened here they would be shit out of luck, if they didn't have insurance.
I was watching the news earlier and they showed a segment about the floods in the US. The couple the interviewed didn't have home owners insurance, which is kind of retarded, when you think of cost vs potential saving.
You can't afford not to have it.
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