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I have no idea what that is.
He really seems like a charming fellow.
Darwin approves.
Of course they do how else would they know I'm vegan.
3 people in the world need to know about your personal finances your lawyer, your account and you
Nah the media is inherently left wing, so they would never lie and is always correct both morally and factually.I read at a 2nd grade level and clap all the large words, so I'm good.
I'm actually agreeing with you and Shah, which neither of you actually got. I said we should wait and see what the reasoning behind it is and keep all doors open. As anything can happen. The media around here has reported there was an ISIS connection in Nice and the German police is looking at a Breivik angel. So whether or not you agree or it's true....
You should insist "it's poorly trained idiots again". The German police is currently looking into a Brevik connection, so this is getting interesting.
I do see some young teens and down, who are in on it as well. Its always funny to see the blank expression in the parents faces while getting dragged round town looking for pokemons.
No I fully understand what you mean, but we still don't know if he is Sunni, Shia or Christian. Which a lot of European Iranians are. All I'm saying is lets wait and see nothing is certain yet. They also started out saying the guy in Nice had nothing to do with them.
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