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For someone who follows this thread so closely you should know it better, Drew stated during his last round out posts that its not an option any longer nor will it ever be.
BMW make the their own wheels? All Audi wheels are made by BBS and Borbet etc. I think the low profile thing is due to people not knowing that, the rubber protects the rim and when you hit profile 35/30/25, you need to avoid potholes, as the wheel will break if you hit one at high speed. I don't think you can compare an OEM wheel to something like HRE, CCW, BBS, Work etc.
I personally wouldn't pay for the brand at this point, the patterns and access to the workshops are what's worth paying for, I would only pay for the assets and take over any debt though. Finding workshops who are able to do quality products, is a hassle like no other, especially when dealing with smaller quantities. The end of roll idea actually isn't a bad, as it could be interesting to do different linings on all jackets and it would cheap. I deal with private equity...
Fok ever thought about going into venture capital, it seems like you are already involved/interested in buy-outs etc.
Your are buying the name/brand and production pipeline, BUT Drew has said Toj is not for sale nor will it ever be. I highly doubt 6xx for full leather even as rtw will be profitable, as its been said before Toj is basucally a non profit.
I think everyone is talking about alloys and not steel wheels, even though the 4x4 wheels are steel. Steel wheels are very common in the winter months up here in the cold north.
The guy in the right looks like he could be, but most likely they are both some sort of middle eastern.The picture and "video" is from Kolding, which is a bit like New Jersey next to the leaking nuclear powerplant.
So many red flags beauty school, littered with tattoos and married before 25, she's going look used at 35 with 5 kids from different dads, living iow income housing. I bet I can describe her without seeing her, as she most likely looks like all other cwg.
Regarding cheap wheels they are cast wheels mostly made in China and are 99 times out of a 100 shit quality, if you follow cars forums, you can see stories upon stories about cheap replica wheels breaking. Expensive wheels are billet and 2/3 piece, which is much more expensive to make and in a much higher quality, as they are made from a solid piece of aluminum, although at some point you pass the limit of reasonability and go from paying for quality to branding. I...
No wonder with the diet they are on.
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