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You are more than likely to profit from it then, especially if you like european products and shops.
Bearskin rug.
You can get google translate to pronounce it for you in any language you want, which is always fun.
You are going to pay indirectly via increased interest rates, increased taxes etc.The interest rate has already climbed 2% here, which is an increase of 200%.Who said they shouldn't loose money?, the issue isn't that they are going to loose. The issue is 1. Who's going to pay if they don't 2. If the EU let them default on their loans, what will happen, when the next country has to renegotiate their loans.
Portugal and Ireland "were worse" to begin with and they have both repaid their debt in full, so no one believe that they wouldn't be able to pay.When you lend money its sometimes a good idea to throw some more money at the problem, to see if helps them get over them hump.Greg is French, if I'm not wrong and I'm danish, not finish.
The issue is that, whos going to make up the deficit, someone has to pay when the lender looses money.The answer is: everyone else.
You can't knock the ability to make money, maybe Greece should hire her team.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_government-debt_crisisYou can't compare Iceland to Greece, as Iceland problems came from "all" of their large private companies defaulting on their debt, which brought their banks down. Greece problems are largely due to their faulty government and tax structures.
What, what?
You need to read up on fascism, also they are private banks, so it's more capitalism than anything.
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