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Super denim had a navy Everest last or the year before, they also had a camo.
I had a neighbor years ago, who had called the police threatening to kill herself, while drunk out of her mind, at 4am on a work day, so I got woken up at 4am buy 5 police officers banging on her door, with their flashlights. I almost opened the door, just to tell them to let her jump, so I could get some sleep.
Stockholm, Milan or London could be options as well.
There's always multiple 70's el primeiro television on chrono24.
They would be more useful as mid's.
I want to take a sledgehammer and completely gut the inside.
I have couple shirts I wear.I remember buying a pair of gats on sale for a $180 back in 07 or something, those were the days.
Should have started without them.
I think I have a pair of 05 Nudies laying around.
TMA-1's are nice, but for that kind of money I would get a pair of BeyerdynamicsSpeaking of designer headphones.http://www.aedle.net
New Posts  All Forums: