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That's not breakfast
See the little flag in the bottom left corner of everyones posts?Click that on the post you want to report and choose scam.
Sns have them
Facebook an why people keep talking to me about it like I give a shit.
No, my knits are 2 and I'm 5'9 200lbs with a 40 inch chest, of that helps.
0 XS 5 XL, they usually have a size chart for each item, 2 is in around 50/52.
There's one about interior design and one about peoples homes.The Albam knits I have are really nice and well made.I have their Stripe Fisherman's Crew for years ago and people seem to really like it.The front is wool cotton wool cotton and just below the chest it changes around and one of the cuffs plus the back hem is black wool, and the back is the same mix as the front only it changes mid back.
Who about SEH Kelly, Albam has some nice heritage knits from time to time made by small knitters like Stevenage, Andersen - Andersen, but that's more heritage than fashion.
The Reebok CF shoes have some ugly ass designs as well.
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