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There was a designated thread
Haglöfs is often on sale at the local outdoor shops.
I have thought about doing that both as a dining table and desk.
I would to see what happens, if someone smears their shit into a Toj logo on the walls of libertines bathroom.
Saw a post on Instagram or facebook a while ago about a Pagani getting keyed in SF, luckily it had been clear bra'ed, so they just had to change it. Still who the hell keys a million dollar hypercar in exposed carbon.
Once upon a time in a place far far away called Seoul, was a man called Drew. Drew was no regular man, he took people's money in exchange for jawnz and the villagers danced a cheered. One day he stopped giving the villagers their jawnz and the villagers got angry and threatened Drew. If they didn't get their jawnz they would huff and puff until they received what was theirs. Drew didn't care he would much rather bath in the money and teach his dog to swim in it as...
Supercars etc. aren't really build for city driving and there's assholes all over, who love to key, ride their bicycles on nice cars, so why risk it.
It's not a subculture if the majority of society parttake in it.
If the eBay motors price is correct $280k
Is this correct http://www.ebay.com/itm/Porsche-911-GT3-RS-4-0-/271876285492
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