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I wanted to share a positive experience regarding Allen Edmonds. First a little background - I purchased a pair of AE Cliftons, size 11 E, on eBay about 3 years ago. They were already pretty well worn in when I got them, and I only paid about $65 for them at the time. Well, I wore them about once or twice a week for 3 years until the soles finally starting getting holes. By this time, the uppers were pretty well scuffed up, I had worn through the heel lining, and they...
Does the collar feel tight? If so then you might be right. Otherwise, you may need to starch that area when ironing, and then put it on a hangar with the top couple of buttons done up to let it set overnight. That will give it a little bit of structure to hold its shape and prevent what you are describing.
You dress well, but you may need to tone it down a bit to fit in better at work. Even then you will still be dressing better than your colleagues. I'd say lose the jacket and tie and you'll be good to go.
I've tried to do this - they always put up a fight, at least at the store I've been to. CT - 6 month guarantee no questioned asked, much less hassle. Plus better selection too.
Brooks Brothers Madison 1818 gabardine dress pants are CRAP. I've had a number of them over the last 3 years and they all come apart at the seems, wrinkle, etc. I think the colors are bland and the material feels kind of cheap and ugly as well. I recently started buying Charles Tyrwhitt dress pants (the slim fit version) and for $89, i find the quality, fit, luster, color, feel, and durability to be much better.
After years of wasting money on Brooks Brothers 1818 products, I gave the Charles Tyrwhitt suits a try and was surprised by how much I like them. Workmanship, details, and durability are all very good if you find something that fits you correctly. I'm 6'1 195 lbs and their 42R slim fit suit fits me perfectly, for reference.
Lol - all of those methods are less effective and more complicated than actually using an iron. Takes like 2-3 minutes to iron a shirt nicely, whats the big deal.
Hopefully that will put an end to the JAB vs MW posts on AAAC.
Did you seriously just bump my thread from 3 years ago? On a related note, the CT (non-iron) shirts I bought 3 years ago during my initial review looks exactly like the day I bought them. I never liked the TML shirts enough to keep them around.
$39 + $10 shipping. This is the 346 Navy "Stretch". Very nice, I just lost weight and don't have a need for it anymore. Worn 4 times.
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