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a friend came through big time - got my tix!
The first trailer for Human Centipede is now available on YouTube
check your PMs man, I sent you something about this yesterday!
I have a large I might be willing to part with, but not as cheap as $90! PM me if interested.
payment sent, sold to me :-)
oops, you are correct. fixed!
I was one of the first people to buy this hoodie when it came out just over a year ago and I've loved it ever since. However I was apparently too dense to notice it sneak it's way into my dryer when I was drying towels on "high" and I shrunk it waaaay to small to fit me anymore. Make no mistake, I'm not selling this hoodie because I want to, I'm selling it because it's just too damn small for me now and if I can come across another L/XL, I'll buy it in a...
Quote: Originally Posted by chez_dre Does not fit slimmer than measured. Body length, not sure what that is. It hits right around under the belt line and I am 5'11". You measured from the top of collar to bottom, he's asking for the measurement from bottom of collar (from the back) to bottom of jacket. I'm ballparking somewhere around 25-26 inches? It's a great jacket at a great price, but I'm 6'3 so if it's hitting just below the belt for...
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa He should have Andy Richter sit over a dunk tank of beluga caviar. Fantastic!
Fuck i'm gonna miss Conan. http://videos.mediaite.com/video/Con...Most-Expensive
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