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Guys, this isn't that hard. This question gets asked here 10 times a year (including by me back in 2007 or something...) and usually ends up with a bunch of people screaming MTM but that is just bullshit. Believe me, I'm 6'3 with a 19" chest and 31" waist, I know. Rule number 1: If you are tall and skinny STOP SHOPPING AT THE MALL! Brands like BR, Gap, J Crew, etc... cater to mainstream America. Mainstream America is not skinny, they are average to fat so you your long...
Yesterday I was holding an HTC Incredible in one hand and my HTC Hero (rooted with Android 2.1) in the other to do a side-by-side comparison. The Incredible is faster with a better screen and camera for only about $99 more. Worth it!
I rooted my phone the day I bought it so I have wireless tethering without PDANet. That also allowed me to install the NES, Genesis and SNES emulators. I'm running a rom with Android 2.1 on an HTC Hero. Spring won't release the official 2.1 update for a few weeks I think. Apps: Pandora (widget) Last.FM (widget) Google Navigation/Maps Voice Command UrbanSpoon Trapster Talk/IM gString (guitar tuner) Advanced Task Manager Games: Sketch Online Real...
wish the inseam was longer - nice price
Quote: Originally Posted by splattered I'd grab this off you so fast if it weren't for the 30" sleeve length... What do these look like worn? I'm curious to see if the sleeves would actually be a non issue for me or not. The sleeves are meant to bunch a bit at the wrists and elbows so expect them to be a few inches longer than your normal jacket. It should look something like this:
Those designers are hard to come by here, but the jackets sell in abundance on StyleZeitgeist and SuperFuture.
a friend came through big time - got my tix!
The first trailer for Human Centipede is now available on YouTube
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