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Cleaning out the closet and saving some money for new boots. Sorry for the bad camera phone pics but it's all I have at the moment, I think most of these pieces are well known enough where you've seen them before but let me know if you really want some detailed pics and I'll see what I can do. I'm open to offers and trades, in particular, I'm looking for: Julius scarves Rick/Drkshdw poplin pants (size 32/33, aircuts in particular) other interesting stuff... PLEASE NOTE:...
fuck, I'm giving you a free bump before my self control caves in and I buy that jacket... someone please buy this thing and save me from myself.
Man, I hope you posted this on other forums too. Not too popular here but that is a rare size and it should sell like hotcakes on sufu or SZ!
Forum rules: no bumps for price drops less than 5% allowed.
PM sent!
Quote: Originally Posted by stevery HI, Looking like a interesting thread going on. Its good that people are actually willing to share their views on this topic. yeah, way to contribute
@ MaSoB: Read the rules asswhipe, no shitting in sellers threads. I've flagged both of your posts. Also, your comments + a quick search of your post history reveal you have no idea what you are talking about so just do us all a favor and be quiet. Free bump to point out MaSoB's ignorance and because $100 for a Dior buttondown in a larger size a steal.
Don't focus on the runway pieces and you can find plenty of standard tops from most of those designers. And don't forget about W&H and AA either. My bigger point is that unless you live in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago or LA you are going to have a hard time finding anything in person and will almost surely have to resort to online shopping for OTR clothes or MTM.
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