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BUMP! nice price drops and updated list
BUMP - take $5 off all listed prices. Bigger discounts if you buy multiple items.
Dior 19cm "Made In Japan" are superior quality to APC. Does it justify the retail price being double what APCs are? That is up for debate. The cut/fit is your opinion to decide.
gorgeous boots, I hate your tiny feet.
I'll try tonight, but i'm a 31 waist and it fits fine.
another bump - take $5 off all listed prices. Bigger discounts available for multiple items.
Amazing shipping speed, package just arrived this morning. We're talking from Italy to Baltimore, ordered July 8th-arrived July 12th, and that includes a weekend. Outstanding service!
I just bought a Rick sweater for $160 that probably would have cost $700 at NY store.
bump pants trade is now official, cardi sold. Accepting offers on the rest.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum What size do you normally wear. I hear you have to be pretty ripped or at least skinny to wear rick like tanks. I want a few for the summer tho You really can't have an ounce of fat on you if you want to wear a rick tank, it is tight against your skin from top to bottom so those love handles or little beer bellys will stick out. Believe me, I know - I have a stack of rick tops I can't wear until I lose...
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