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Purchased BNWT, wore it twice and it just wasn't working out so it's back up for sale. It's a very cool piece, with a false-layer that makes it look like a black tank top underneath a wide-neck longsleeve. This is a size 4 and fits like a true US large. p2p is approx 20" Length can vary because the raw edges can curl, roughly 28" Sleeves are typical extra-long Julius sleeves but since they are raw edges you could always cut them shorter. $200 shipped in the USA....
I think this just came back up for sale on SuFu if anyone is interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Great price. I was hoping this was going to be the sleeveless trench they did a while back. So buy it and have the sleeves removed :-)
Quote: Originally Posted by cjl2g you know that the intarsia and the high collar are completely different jackets, just an f.y.i. I'm afraid this is incorrect. Intarsia is the cut of the jacket, available in both high collar and moto collar as well as several variations of leather and color.
whoops, shows how often I've been checking in lately... Mods, my apologies. Please move if you can.
If you've got a pair, please PM me. I might take a pair of MII but not for the same price of course.
Hi all, This probably could go in SW&D or MC but I figured that this group is bit more savvy when it comes to tailoring and alterations on things other than jeans so I'd like to ask for some advice... I'm interested in having a pair of tall leather boots altered. In particular, I'd like to add a side-zipper. These are not the boots I have, not the style but it just gives you a basic idea of what I had in...
I grabbed the same jacket, size large and love it. For those that missed the Gilt sale, this is a great deal! FYI - large fits me perfectly. I'm 6'3 with a size 40(US) chest
I recently abandoned my HTC Hero (running Froyo2.2 Cyanogen) for the EVO, which is also running a custom ROM 2.2 ROM built off of stock 2.2 rather than Cyanogen, which doesn't support 4G or HDMI out yet. The EVO is one of the greatest things I've ever owned and destroys my friends iPhone4 in everything except video-chat because there is nothing in the android world as nice as Face Time until Google releases mobile video Gchat (I'm in Baltimore where 4G is available) Just...
I'm actually surprised KBW hasn't replied by now, he is a very active member of the forum. Last Activity: August 17th, 2010 09:23 AM
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