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That stooges jacket is awesome but too small for me. I believe that if you look in the inside zipper pockets you'll find the wash tag with the season/year. Good luck on the sale!
Please see forum rules - You need to post an asking price or just "trades only"
Insane price on that rick leather.... it's tempting to gain 50lbs just so it would fit!
Someone needs to grab those 5EPxSF, they are one of the best pairs of jeans (if the THE best) that I ever owned.
I bought the same scarf and although it is just an accessory, it's my favorite Autumn/Winter piece this year. I'm going to buy yours just so I have a backup! :-)
had an issue buying from Kunk, we are currently working on resolving it.
Quote: Originally Posted by rellison Hey. I hate to be a dick, but your description says "never worn," and there's a picture of you wearing it, so...just sayin. Not a dick, just a foot-in-mouth kinda guy who didn't read the OP very well. "Picture borrowed from lmaozedong showing same jacket"
If you can get the l/s tee in large I would be interested in a proxy.
I had a great exchange with altemp His price was fair and included shipping from Canada. He shipped right away and the item arrived very quickly!
Quote: Originally Posted by chomeo i have the funds and would snap this up in a heartbeat if it was a medium. baller jacket!!! http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=201525
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