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two items arrived yesterday... First needs little introduction - I've been searching for the elbow-strap blazer for a long time. This very well might be the last Large being sold for a long time. Second - a pair of Carol Christian Poell side-zip boots from "Safe" (2007). The are a little more green/little less black than expected so I'm considering having them dyed black but the scarring and leather work in incredible so I'm hesitant.
Geez, I rarely post in SW&D anymore but holy fuck this is a stupid thread.... OP, here is why you are being ridiculed, especially with that $4,000 bag, $1000 wallet analogy from page 2. It's one thing to want something expensive because of what it is... someone who appreciates fine leather work will drop $3-4k on a MA+ bag, or $2500 on Guidi boots or upwards of $8k on a CCP leather jacket because they appreciate the beauty and quality of the product. They acknowledge and...
PRICE DROPS! Also open to trades/offers!
how can the stooges not be sold yet???
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter in the long run, the main enemy that our kids and grandkids will face will be the previous generations of their fellow countrymen/women who've made ridiculous choices along party lines for most of their youth.. fixed
All prices include shipping within the states, international buyers pay for the extra shipping costs. I will split paypal fees 50/50 with buyers, I'm also open to trades :-) Dior (Hedi-era) "Endless" t-shirt Made In Italy, size XL but fits more like a medium tag included, worn a few times, softest DH tshirt I've owned condition 8/10 asking $125 --> NOW $115 pic1 pic2 pic3 Julius "shredded" longsleeve aw08, size3 (fits like a large with really long...
I've heard rumor that Bergdorf Goodwill is back, selling under a new username and probably IP address. He scammed a bunch of people back in 2007/2008 so be careful guys.
Forum rules: you must post asking prices.
At that price point you are either going to get factory fashion (H&M, AA, UA, etc...) that will fall apart after 1 season, or your better bet is to find something nicer on sale used on the buy/sell threads or eBay. For example, I've seen jackets from the following go for $150-$200: Rick Owens (the DRKSHDW denim jackets usually but occasionally a cotton jacket) Ann D (some of the older bombers/jackets are going for $200) W&H TOJ Black Scissors Nice...
Quote: Originally Posted by IIIrd Icon imo, no need for drastic nuke-soak cuz Pima denim will eventually stretch out, anyay. initial 1-hr warm soak will suffice... also, periodic warm-soaking to temper/stabilize the fabric & thread will consequently add to jeans life span. thanks for the feedback, I was a little nervous about an immediate hot-soak because while the waist is not too tight, the thighs are pretty tight. When I was in...
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