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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Why does everyone think Bachman is crazy? I don't see her as the nom and I won't vote for her but crazy? Crazy in a clinical sense? Nah. She's all there upstairs but maybe "fringe" to be politically correct, slightly bonkers to be casual about it. She beats even Palin in the dumb quote department.... quickly approaching Joe Biden to possibly overtake him in the...
just FYI, the measurements would be approximately the same as the Dior 19cm.
That Julius jacket is badass and about 30% cheaper than it's current price at The Archive..... I wish I had the cash!
yowza! It's rare to see something so nice on SF That price is very fair!
I've completed an excellent transaction with larssss He was a very fair seller and shipping was extremely fast.
Very nice! You might want to consider moving this thread from the Streetwear & Denim section and place it in the Men's Clothing section, which caters to more formal attire. This will probably sell in 2 minutes!
Is the scuba color as green as the photo makes it appear?
Dude, $760 for this jacket is UNREAL! Someone needs to buy!!!
I handled this jacket at Atelier earlier this year (both the leather and waxed cotton versions) and it's beautiful. This price is a steal compared to retail.
Quote: Originally Posted by pronxs got the cloak from yjapan? No, from a fellow forum member at StyleZeitgeist. I noticed it seemed to be a bit snug in his WAYWT photo and asked if he would consider selling it to me :-)
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