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had a pending buyer, guess he isn't interested anymore so bumping them up - price drop to $190 shipped
Imgur links provided in op, for some reason the forum attachment feature doesn't work on my android tablet so I'll have to attach them when I get to my laptop.
Hi all, I'm selling some boots that I no longer wear. These have been sitting in a dust bag in the closet for about 2 years, never wanted to let them go but we are moving soon so I guess it's time. These are from a Rick A/W season in the mid-2000s retailing at about $700. Im the second owner but pretty much all the wear came from the original owner. They have always had protected soles. They are size 12.5/13US... I'm 11.5 and needed insoles. I'm asking $200 shipped...
29" length? Is that from the top of the collar? What is bottom of collar (where it meets the shoulders) to the bottom of the jacket? It seems like it should be more ~ 26/27" ?
Please see forum rules, you can't put an interest check on an item without an asking price. Please price the julius necklace :-)
no asking price:
Quote: Originally Posted by turboman808 Finding all sorts of really great cases for the Iphone but nothing really for the HTC EVO 4G. Also having trouble finding someone to make something custom. For now I got a skinomi wood finish skin and a fortte thin cash in vegtable tanned leather. But I would like to get something that has a few slots for id and credit cards. I've given up on cases for my EVO. I love the large screen but when...
This is the most annoying thing about my 2003 3-series (happens with all models)... The electronic windows fail routinely. I go to a mechanic that specializes in euro-cars and he replaces 2-3 of these a week. The way he explained it, a component breaks and causes the glass to slip off the track. It costs about $200 for the part and anywhere from $50-100 for the labor depending on which window it is. I've replaced the front drivers side once, the front passenger side...
just FYI, the measurements would be approximately the same as the Dior 19cm.
That Julius jacket is badass and about 30% cheaper than it's current price at The Archive..... I wish I had the cash!
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