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Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy BADASS !
I assume this has been posted. But I'll repost anyways: Good Info on jeans. Look through it. Personally, I wanna give the Rogue Territory Stantons a try.
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood SWISS *had to join*
Quote: Originally Posted by CEMack I will be traveling to NYC sometime between xmas and new years and am looking for reasonable quality shoes for approx $200. Any recommendations? Thanks so much. WTF??
Quote: Originally Posted by Southlondongent Zippo69 I take it you're relatively young right? IMHO you can't go wrong with this : I think you will find it quite difficult to find high waisted pants like these.
Quote: Originally Posted by zippo69 So what are some of the classic designs and proportions that can be used to avoid the fads? I dont think there are classic designs. I love men's suits from the 20's. But if you were to wear this today SF would laugh at you. Today's style if short jackets and skinny pants. I think you really need new suits every 5-7 yrs. Does someone out there have a suit they bought 15 years ago that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky I think the cut of his suit is just as bad as the rest. What saves his look is the following: 1. He's wearing a good dark color, vs. that greyish olive that everyone in the 90s seemed really into. 2. He doesn't have the rest of the "90s douchebag" look, such as hair style. 3. It's possible to see that guy and today's Andy Garcia as the same person. Look at Alec Baldwin or Tiger Woods, and you just want...
Andy Garcia, looks timeless to me. This gentleman has STYLE!
I have owned 4 pairs of J&M shoes. It seems that they were better made 5+ yrs ago. I remember buying 2 pair and them being made in Italy. Excellent quality and I still have them. I'm thinking of getting them refurbished. But I'm not sure its worth it. I would rather spend that money on a nice pair of dress shoes. Then I bought another 2 pair recently and they were made in India (??). Anyway 1 of the pairs ~$150 I returned twice (first time for exchange and second time...
All your shoes seem to informal. No 1. are probably the closest to wearing with a suit. But they are more of a sport's coat with Slack kinda shoe. Or jeans. I never wear my AE Strands with a suit because they mess up my suit.
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