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nice jacket. tad too small for me though.
I can't believe after all this effort into a new system there isn't a sizing tag scheme. I know some people have probably put a lot of time and effort into this and I respect their work. But I find this missing feature to be remarkably stupid. I would have made it the first and most important feature to work on.
34.5" sleeves are some really long arms
are there are any tears in the fabric? is it warped in any place? Is it a used suit?
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 You can make the highest quality MTM for less than $100, make 3 shirts in 2 days, reply to emails within minutes,... But, you can't make a real fabric book. Come on. I know only a few people have requested them, but I promise you there are much more people out there who would like to PURCHASE a real fabric book. I have to agree with this poster. I just got the fabric book and my first (trial)...
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe If we are lucky, we will not see such things in the future. lol. i just thought about wearing that tie and what the reaction would be of the recruiter i'm going to see for an interview next week. they are pretty wild looking.
anyone with some recent suit buying experiences from MT? The 2 for 1 sale looks good, but I'm concerned about fabric quality. The fact that they don't advertise 110's, 120's, etc. makes me afraid the fabric will be of poor quality.
looking for a nice charcoal gray interview suit - 38S. any offers welcome. no peak lapels or anything too flashy.
does anyone know what the quality of the suit fabric is at MT? I'm trying to get an idea if the 2 for 1 suit offer is a good idea. I'm concerned about fabric quality. thanks
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