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lovely patterns
having trouble sending PM for some reason. my sleeve is 23" cant shorten this further. cancel bid. sry, i didnt read the post clearly.
nice jacket. tad too small for me though.
I can't believe after all this effort into a new system there isn't a sizing tag scheme. I know some people have probably put a lot of time and effort into this and I respect their work. But I find this missing feature to be remarkably stupid. I would have made it the first and most important feature to work on.
34.5" sleeves are some really long arms
are there are any tears in the fabric? is it warped in any place? Is it a used suit?
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe If we are lucky, we will not see such things in the future. lol. i just thought about wearing that tie and what the reaction would be of the recruiter i'm going to see for an interview next week. they are pretty wild looking.
looking for a nice charcoal gray interview suit - 38S. any offers welcome. no peak lapels or anything too flashy.
I have about $400-500 to spend on a new suit. I'm looking for a basic charcoal gray (for interviews). It seems like my money would go further w/ Indochino or Modern Tailor, rather than buying OTR. Just wondering if anyone has bought a suit from both places. I've read most of the reviews and feedback in the MT/Indochino threads. Kind of leaning towards MT. Any suggestions or experiences from people who ordered from both? Thx.
New Posts  All Forums: