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You are a flat out joke.
You haven't made that point. And neither does that linked article.It's a big whine fest about how much he gets paid or what perks he's got. If he's such a bad leader of a university then why did 3 separate universities hire him? And why did OSU (which was the last uni to do so) step up and agree to his terms after they saw what he did at 2 previous universities?Are you kidding me? He's not playing solely with public money. Big corporations like Proctor & Gamble and...
It really doesn't mean a thing if he raises money that far exceed the investment put into his salary/benefits. It's like listening to ignorant people complain about the salary of the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Well, what do you think these people get paid? It isn't minimum wage.
nothing sucks more than these posts that do not contain basic information like size in the title.
I got this tie. Brand new off an Ebay guy. http://sdrv.ms/WQLCty Notice part of the area where it is sewn is a bit loose. Seems like it could deteriorate eventually. I waited too long to return it due to crazy work hours. Was wondering if anyone thought if I might ask a tailor or someone to "strengthen" it before it might unravel at some point. Any thoughts? thx
4 pairs of Incotex pants - new, unhemmed with tags/labels cut out (to prevent resale). These were bought from other members. Basically, I bought 10-15 pairs of Incotex pairs over the last year from other people and these are either duplicate colors or don't fit as perfectly as other pairs (my odd body measurements... lol). #1 - EU46 - SOLD Color: Green (sort of a subtle Tanish-Green. It's a pretty nice color, not an obnoxious bold green). Fabric: 75% cotton, 21%...
need more 32 waist benjamin trousers. navy pls.
width? also, btw you really should put it against a white background, not some brown table top.
sorry to pollute your thread but: i am looking for a 38S rlpl, oxxford suit for a wedding this summer. nice gen plaid or some kind of windowpane/herringbone pattern would be ideal. no weird colors pls (green on purple, etc.). any available msg me.
width on tom ford?
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