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en fuego. i'm off to go bind my feet.
I went and pulled up J Crew's site in the Way Back machine and it says barrie. The waist of the sole definitely looks like it's tapered in a bit more, but I'm still pretty sure it's on the barrie. Besides the indy boots and tankers, all of the makeups for J Crew are on the barrie. I think it's just easier for them to not have to deal w/ the subtleties of different lasts.
Pretty sure they're Barrie from 2012.
@chewbocka @Kahuna75 Are you a runner? It's fairly common to hear about guys having their feet become wider and flatter due to running.
Beautiful chukkas
Another subtle distinction is the rear seam is covered. Alden's standard wingtip boot has the exposed vertical seam running the length of the back.
Looks like 7. I don't think I had ever noticed that before. I guess it's just not as tall as Alden's standard offerings?
The shipping kills it for me
Jumpers are on the trubalance and have a perf. They're the closest to the J Crew makeup. TSM is on grant, no perf, double leather. DC has the same boots on grant w/ commando. That picture above is a seconds of the PCT boot for J Crew which is on the Barrie. Edit: And jumpers and J crew have 270 welt. Grant lasted captoes have 360
Did you pull TSM pic from a seconds list? Because if so, I think they're one and the same. If not, I didn't know TSM offered a PCT boot.
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