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Leather Soul has carried a Choco suede Indy and Tanker boot both with commando soles, but I have no idea if they're expecting a restock on them any time soon. Have you looked at the Chamois Indy boot? While not suede, they may meet your needs if you're looking for a rough, casual leather. Also, I believe the stock chamois is on a commando. As for the barrie part, you may be out of luck as far as Indy's go. They do exist, but are pretty rare.
Every foot is different. The wildcard is usually instep. Some people size down, some don't. I personally have various barrie lasted pairs in two sizes. Sometimes there's even variation from one pair to the next of the same size. If they fit, they fit. As far as the age thing, you might be surprised. I think the forum, and this thread in particular, runs the gamut. And welcome.
Obviously Alden does whatever it wants, but I've been surprised that the recent shell shortage hasn't caused them to pivot toward an increase in suede makeups. (maybe they have; they're just more boots?)
At first, I thought you were advocating abstaining from alcohol as another way to save money for the shoe fund. You can imagine my relief when I realized that I misread your comment.
Yeah, definitely the short wings. I like the alpine ptb on commando, but the welt option is too much for me. Maybe if they had the standard welt and darker edge from the AWW.
This is actually the first time it's worked for me, and they came to my gmail address... so who knows.
NST are gone. I called Joe about an hour ago. The Cigar full strap pair was still available though.
I'm pretty sure Namor might literally kill for these.
They're slightly different from the Cooney boot. That Shoemart version had an extra row of perfs through the middle of the vamp. I know, subtleties...
I'm curious if someone could look at the numbers above the model number. What's the first digit? I'm not even convinced they're from this year.
New Posts  All Forums: