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When are you guys planning on restocking the Navy Canvas Stantons?
Thanks for the tip..if I stuck to dry cleaning the linen, would I just order the length "true to size" then?
For the MTO solid Irish Linen trousers, will there be inseam shrinkage if washed in cold water and hang dried? Is it necessary to order the inseam length longer to compensate?
I was on the same MTO order and mine are doing the exact same thing. I'm hoping it will sort itself out as they break in, but I too am a little concerned (and disappointed). Maybe it is happening because it is a thinner leather and the last is so full that there is just too much empty space? I imagine adding a thin insole could help, but I don't think there is enough room in mine for that.
Item is SOLD.
I wanted to get in on the order as well. I am ok with orange tabs + lining. Please let me know what to do.
Can you comment on the weight of this makeup? Seeing that you are in L.A., over what months or what temps would you reasonably wear these? I have the grape herringbone flannel from a couple years back which may or may not be related, and while they are beautiful, I find that I hardly wear them because they are just a bit too warm for all but the coldest days of SoCal weather (which amounts to be maybe a month in a relatively cool year).Also how would you describe the...
OK. So what do I need to do to get in on the order for a size 8UK?
Thanks for the insights. To be clear, I have 4497 Stows in 8.5UK and they fit perfectly. I have a bunch of Aldens: My Barrie-last longwings are all 9D and fit well...however for Barrie-last boots, I have to go to 9.5D or 9E as they are narrower than the shoe versions I find. My best fitting Aldens are my Trubalance 9D's. I have wid-ish forefeet (bunions) and a pretty low instep due to fallen arches and Indy's and such tend to be a good fit for that (as is the 4497). ...
OK. I'll roll the dice on them. There's no way of knowing until I have them on my feet, but size 8UK sounds like the way to go. What's the next step then? (feel free to PM)
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