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Yes, I would In-N-Out with her. And her company makes better burgers than 5 Guys. Don't like those burgers at all. Just to throw a little heresy into the debate, neither one of them makes very good fries.
I was in court once with a similar person. She was really freaked out by the dudes who had been brought in from the jail for their cases. They were seated in the jury box 30 feet away, cuffed together in a line and wearing leg shackles. There were also two fully armed (though supremely bored looking) sheriff's officers there as escort/guards. I guess she thought they were going to go Hulk, snap their chains, rip the officers limb from limb, hop the waist wall into the...
Jesus Fucking Christ, that sounds so bad that it can't possibly be real. Like that Hugh Jackman steaming shit pile, "Real Steel". I swear I was convinced it was some sort of elaborate prank until it showed up on DVD. Even now I'm not 100% sure that when you pop the disc into the player, all that appears is "Never Gonna Give You Up" on continuous loop.
Wow, the editors for The South Bend Tribune need to be shot. Those quotes are painfully bad. It's depressing enough that the writer turned in stories that sound like they came out of a 14 year old girl's diary, but then an editor read it and said, "yeah, let's print that" is just awful.
First three books are phenomenal. Fourth is mediocre, fifth rebounds a bit. Reading them will probably enhance your viewing experience, as they will flesh out characters, background info, etc.
If he's on the same pace as the last few, more like 2020.
Watched this a couple of weeks ago, despite my dislike of Jack Black. Surprisingly decent.
I'm fast asleep in my bed with the greatest Christmas present of all time, a Red Ryder range model bb rifle. My eye hurts a little and I need a new pair of glasses, though. (A Christmas Story)
Probably best to mount it on all fours. You don't want to startle it, after all, you just met.
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