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You forgot Joffrey- pure shit. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.
I thought he might be a possibility, too. The Dornish certainly seem to consider him dangerous to an extreme [[SPOILER]]
Wasn't Robert more of a warhammer guy, rather than a swordsman? And in his prime, Ser Barristan might have been better, but he's pushing 70, isn't he? I doubt he could handle Jaime at that age. Can't think of anyone else, though.
He might not have been in the Greyjoy Rebellion- somebody in the Kingsguard had to stay back and protect the royal family, right? I'm sure he was just itching to "protect" Cersei while Robert was a few hundred leagues away.
It really wouldn't be Tormund without regular updates on his enormous dong.
So you're telling me he's adept at both politics and combat because his son rebelled and he went along for the ride, then when Renly died and Littlefinger arranged for him to not get executed for treason, he agreed to it?Sorry, not gonna agree with you on that one. Essentially, he picked the biggest army each time. He's lucky no one killed him for being a faithless snake.
Based on what evidence thus far?
I like how he's wearing the hardcore fanboy tee shirts- House Targaryen and House Greyjoy.
I suspect they'll have to change the Goat a lot. He seems like one of those characters that works well on paper, but less so on screen. I have a hard time seeing how anyone can get that mix of characteristics together without coming off as hokey and ridiculous.
Unless they're epically unlikeable. Then they'll stay forever. [[SPOILER]]
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