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All I can think when I see this is the scene from The Incredibles where Edna the costume designer screams, "No capes!"
And this being a Michael Bay production, you know that will happen. Probably in slow motion, with an Aerosmith song playing.
If the book isn't very good, wouldn't it be more of a feat to make the movie worse? After all, the truism is that bad books make good movies...
He did magnificent work.
You let Baz Luhrmann make a movie, you get what you deserve.
How many kids does he have? I thought it was just the son and daughter, but I'm too lazy to dig one of the books off the shelf and check the lineage table.
Looks like a cross between Real Steel and Battleship, and probably worse than both of them.
I kinda think my way is closer to the way GRRM intended them. He had too much to put in one book and he still wasn't finished, so he made the choice to split up the manuscript geographically. He said at the time that it was the best of a couple of bad options. Also, the foreword to DWD says, "Rather than being sequential, the two books are parallel ... divided geographically, rather than chronologically." However, DWD covers more time than FFC, so about 3/4 of the way...
I would recommend reading Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons simultaneously- two chapters from FFC, then one from DWD until you hit the point where DWD goes past FFC chronologically. That way FFC, which is the worst of the books, doesn't suck as much and all of the storylines mesh better, since they are supposed to be happening simultaneously. By the time you finish all 5, the wait for the next book should be down to only 6 years or so.
Jaime isn't as worthless as you might think. I consider him a classic example of what scurvyfreedman was saying. [[SPOILER]]
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