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So basically, Rolling Stone's review is saying that the cast and Christopher Nolan's input turn this into a movie that even Zack Snyder can't completely ruin (though he does his level best)?
True. Forgot about him. [[SPOILER]] Because so few characters qualify for either designation. We barely managed to come up with 3 names in the evil category; find me a single one for the purely good category, because I'm coming up blank on that score... [[SPOILER]]
Well, even the best of swords will rust if not properly maintained. Imagine if Robert had a group of advisers that actually wanted to do the right thing, rather than backstab and engage in petty crap. He might not have turned into a drunk who did all his thinking with his "warhammer."Joffrey is most definitely the monster portrayed on the show. He has no redeeming qualities, none. Name a single thing he did in the books that wasn't utterly despicable. Aside from...
I don't get the love for Stannis. Yeah, he may have the best claim, but he'd be a crap king and he's not much of a leader. The Night's Watch blacksmith, Donal Noye (sadly, not a TV character) assessed the Baratheon brothers best- Robert was the true steel; the alloy of strength and flexibility. The military and political chops in one. Renly was copper; shiny and pretty, but soft and of little use in the end (unless we're talking about Loras, in which case he was...
Granted, it's tough to beat early work like Usual Suspects and Apt Pupil, but this is only the third movie he's directed in the last decade. Jack the Giant Slayer and Valkyrie were ass, but it's still still a tad early to write him off, don't you think?
I understand the necessity of aging the characters and making the really fat folks thinner, but I think Sam's character has suffered the most from that alteration. Book Sam is like 14, morbidly obese and emotionally abused. So the fact that he's pathetic elicits some sympathy and as a reader, you're thinking, "with a little guidance and friendship, he could turn out to be someone worthwhile". Whereas, in the show he's like 20 and pudgy, so all you can think is, "get...
With some Magister Illyrio mixed in. Dude probably sweats Crisco. And to be fair, I'm not sure dying of cardiac amyloidosis was really something Robert Jordan could have avoided. Martin could put down the bacon double cheeseburgers and exercise occasionally...
I'm pretty sure that's why the producers had an extensive talk with him about where he's planning to go with the next two books. He's definitely not going to finish them in time for the show, and he's probably going to keel over from a massive coronary before he finishes them at all.
About time Joss Whedon returned to TV. Hopefully, this won't suck as hard as Dollhouse and last longer than Firefly.
It won't be long before the show has caught up to the books. And since the producers have discussed with GRRM how the stories are all supposed to play out, and have said that they won't wait for the books to be published, at some point, the show will be a spoiler for the books.
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