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Yeah, that's pretty fantastic. And I always hated TLC.
The Resident Evil movies have been reasonably successful. Not exactly superhero genre, but female carried and sci fi, so sorta close.
If that was the intent, it failed miserably, at least for me. [[SPOILER]]
Well... it is Disney, so that would be totally the kind of move I'd expect. Though to be fair, he could hardly be as awful as Hayden Christensen was.
Damn, he seems shorter. Maybe he's six feet like Allen Iverson was 6'1" and Charles Barkley was 6'9"...
Bomer seems too short to be Batman. I like Karl Urban for the role, but I doubt they'll go that way.
Wonder if they'll show the minister who needs new blades for his helicopter?
That was back in the dark ages of internet book selling, when Amazon, B&N, Borders and everyone else were climbing over each other's bodies to be the "first" to have each big title. So the truth may be that B&N put up pre-order info that had no relation to anything Martin or Bantam Spectra actually told them. Martin's website (again, back in the dark ages, when he had a sub page specifically to answer the "When is the next book going to be finished?" question)...
He watches, he follows casting, he talks with the producers, show runners, etc. And yes, he writes one episode per season, which requires him to coordinate (to some extent or another) with the other writers and the production crews to make sure that his episode fits in and flows with the rest of the season. All of that affects his thought process. How can it not? Once the show starts forging new ground, it will be even harder to write the books with a clear head.As for...
Yeah, I don't see him finishing in time for the show, either. He's enjoying all of the other stuff way more than he's enjoying writing ASOIAF. I think he doesn't want to do it any more, and hasn't had his heart in it for some time. He started these books 20 years ago and I suspect if the show didn't turn into a runaway train of fame and money, he wouldn't crank out the next book for a decade, if ever. I think what's going to disappoint me the most will be when the show...
New Posts  All Forums: