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Easy. Back up everything important on an external hard drive. Remove fan, hit with hammer, replace fan. Work as usual until CPU melts. Call IT and complain that computer no longer functions properly.
"Darth Somethingjewish" Hits every requirement. Thank me later.
I want my body to look like Christian Bale's in The Machinist.#thinprivilege
Haywire was a good movie, but she's not a strong actor- the others did the heavy lifting, plotwise, in the movie. She's best with minimal dialog; I don't think she can carry a movie that requires more from her than kicking people's asses.
Every time I read something on Bleacher Report, I feel like my IQ has dropped a couple of points. CNN's decision to end its relationship with Sports Illustrated in favor of getting content from BR was short sighted. What's next, news from TMZ?Oh, wait...
Listening to Ricky Williams do in-game analysis is pretty funny, too. Still not worth watching LHN.
Really, it's better for you that you haven't. And even more so that you haven't had to actually watch the second rate LHN.
And Bran. And Rickon. They're not as multitudinous as the Freys, but the Starks really haven't lost that many, especially considering Eddard was going to out the royal heirs as bastards born of incest and that Robb decided to lead a rebellion (badly).
Nah, Tech and aTm will win more than 10 games (combined). 5 for UT isn't a terrible prediction.
I don't understand what this means: "Sources close to Christian Bale have reportedly begun expressing their suspicions that Bale now views the Batman films in the same light that Robert Downey, Jr. views the Iron Man films." He thinks that the studio should pay him a small truckload of the giant truckloads of money it will be making off a movie with him in it? Because if that's what the article means, then I think Bale's probably right.
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