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Lately, my two year old daughter has taken to running into whatever room I'm in and announcing, "Mommie is my favorite." I think she's trying to manipulate me into giving her stuff, because she's a scheming little bitch. It's not gonna work. I just answer, "Mommie is my favorite, too."
Hustle was excellent. Loved that show. I had high hopes for Leverage, which seemed to be similar in concept. Alas, it failed to hold my attention for more than a season. Love Die Hard. Just watched it again a couple of weeks ago on the big screen and enjoyed it more that any movie I've seen in the last 6 months. I'll have to check out AP:AP.
What heist movies would you recommend?
"The Barbie image, created by artist bakalia, won a 2011 contest called 'Feeding Time 9.'" More like, "Feeding, Times 9."
Is it possible that Marvel has decided to play this one for laughs?
The problem with letting kids run a fever is that sometimes their temperature spikes, which can occasionally induce febrile seizures. Once you've had a 4 year old with a Grand Mal in your lap, you'll never argue in favor of letting their temperature pass 100 again.
Watched the first 3 or so episodes and just wasn't feeling it. I wanted to like it, but there was something missing.
But the third Rocky was awesome. Clubber Lang was the best opponent ever.
This made me laugh, which made my morning not suck.The irony of assless chicks calling themselves "The Cheeky Girls" also brings the lulz.
A cystoscopy is even less enjoyable than it sounds.
New Posts  All Forums: