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How does the bull's wool smell?
Any chance there is a short option?
So, my wife has the hardie in size 34 and wears it like a robe aroud the house. On me, it's a little long in sleeves and body because I'm not tall. In general it is "bulky." Do you guys find the heirloom to be less "bulky" than the hardie?
I deeply regret not getting the Klein Blue Hardie last year. I might have to go for the Dark Glacier now that there is a second chance.
He may have been hinting at the Scottish cardigans from last year. I don't know if they were reordered.
So, I know that MTO on the 1911s is out of the question. But, how about the Vitorio for odd sizes and/or shorts/longs? If not, is Samuelsohn and option for that?
I don't find them to be wide. They are not narrow, but not wide. The heel is close -- that is a major benefit in my opinion.In summary, I find them to be extremely neutral but you are talking to someone who finds the Barrie last to be sloppy, the Forest last to be short and tight and the rain last to be huge.I'm wearing a brand new pair of the inca double monks in suede and I'm thinking --- dang, these are much more snug that my other incas.
Yes, they should be reserved for Fridays.
The tan inca double monks definitely catch the most eyes of all my shoes, for sure. I don't have the dark brown but they would be more office appropraite.
I have the Baby Camel Hair as well and usually wear it with a textured pant or navy/denim.I was thinking about Olive Moleskin but I was worried that the camel hair and moleskin were too similar in texture....I might go for the Olive Herringbone instead.
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