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Wait, what kind of car am I driving?
I would get in on that.
Just ordered up a Salt and Pepper suit! Who else is in?
Something is definitely afoot.
Might be a player in black shell, but I'm probably going to go with the Alden's in this case.
Hello, may I ask for the length of this one? Calabrese BNWT. 3.2" (8 cm). Silk. Made in Italy. $60 [Retail $115] Thanks
[[SPOILER]] Thank you, sir. Those are quite nice, too.
Has anyone ordered or seen the Oxford Grey Flannel with Burgundy Windowpane? What's the scale of the pattern? I can't get t00 crazy at work but these would be really cool but subtle under a navy or camel sportcoat.
Mike,Is the Southwick salt and pepper the same tone as the UK Salt and Pepper?http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/bottoms/products/slim-walt-trouser-uk-donegal-tweed-salt-pepper
When you guys hem your Wilshires, other than the very washed and distressed ones, do you keep the original hem? Or let them fold and sew? Keeping the original hem seems kind of cheesy. Also, I'm 5'4". I want to look like this dude. Do I dare do the highwater look? If not, how long should I go?
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