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What is the thinking on the Doyle when one is between recommended chest size?... Size up or size down?
I would be in if they resurrected the burgundy shell Salinger inca double monk.
Yep, and next time, go with the extra long.
I just got one today for the navy-wool-cotton-cash.
Last hole seems to be for decoration, especially the strap by the toe.
Kyber Cloth Red = Washed Red? I'm ordering now...
Mike -- Ahhh great! Will the Southwick fabrics be jackets only or trousers as well?
Hi Mike -- I'm try to nail down my summer, hot weather office wardrobe. I'm thinking the wheat hopsack and tobacco lightweight wool trousers. These can be easily paired up with a navy sportcoat. Then, I need the opposite. Which warm weather sportcoat would work well with navy super 120's or gray hopsack trousers? Are there any Southwick MTO sportcoat options on the way? Or, should I select from the linen trouser fabrics? I'm a weird size in the Southwick jackets so...
Hey Mike -- Are there any MTO patterned wools coming to the trouser page? Thanks!
It had been said that the inca has a premium (comfortable) welt.
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