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Mike -- Would it be ridiculous for me to buy a sweatshirt and have it shortened by the neighborhood alternations shop? I'm rather short and I'd need to bring the hem up by about 1.5" maybe 2".
I would totally go for the 80189 burgundy split toe but I am so uncertain about the Simpson last. Is there any definitive sizing advice on this?
What is the thinking on the Doyle when one is between recommended chest size?... Size up or size down?
I would be in if they resurrected the burgundy shell Salinger inca double monk.
Yep, and next time, go with the extra long.
I just got one today for the navy-wool-cotton-cash.
Last hole seems to be for decoration, especially the strap by the toe.
Kyber Cloth Red = Washed Red? I'm ordering now...
Mike -- Ahhh great! Will the Southwick fabrics be jackets only or trousers as well?
Hi Mike -- I'm try to nail down my summer, hot weather office wardrobe. I'm thinking the wheat hopsack and tobacco lightweight wool trousers. These can be easily paired up with a navy sportcoat. Then, I need the opposite. Which warm weather sportcoat would work well with navy super 120's or gray hopsack trousers? Are there any Southwick MTO sportcoat options on the way? Or, should I select from the linen trouser fabrics? I'm a weird size in the Southwick jackets so...
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