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BTW...if anyone missed out on the Carmina Austerity Brogues - Simpson UK7 dark brown salesmen samples that Mike was blowing out earlier this week... I could be talked out of them. Not the greatest fit on me. PM me. Sorry for the spam.
I can't beI can't believe I'm buying another pair of shoes....
@EPAULET Mike -- is the navy Italian Flannel a true navy? I'm trying to choose a cold weather suit for the office and want something very straight forward. I recall a navy flannel from last year that had more of a marled effect with light blue yarn there which wasn't quite corporate enough for me. I was thinking about ordering the stock flannel walts and requesting an MTO sport jacket ASAP. I'm also curious to see the Vitale Barberis options....
Does the chamois smell like cigarette smoke? I briefly had a pair that didn't fit well and I assumed the original owner was a smoker!
Could be the SF trainer in horsehide?
Yes...if the east coast whether continues at this rate, I'll need a tweed jumpsuit by thanksgiving.
The Camel solid tweed trouser looks nice. Does anyone know if these non-donegals are the same weight as the Russet and Grey Herrigbone from last year?
I might be a player on some Forest boots or some Simpsons!
Ripstop Doyle like an M65 field jacket??
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