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I'm at...like... a 27" inseam so the pockets going to be at my ankle.Mike -- do they place the pocket relative to the inseam requested?
I think I'm getting either Butterscotch Check, Mocha Speckle or Grey Lavender Glen Plaid.... one, not three.
I always prefer the standard extended-tab button closure with zip fly. Edit: the one without the visible button
Carmina women's Johdpur boot Model 1119 Brown calf York sole Madison last Size 4.5uk New in the box. My wife tried them on once and I was way off on the size. She barely put her foot in. No creases, ready to roll. Price includes shipping in CONUS. No duties!!!
Actually, Carmina's website has a few. A suede and a shell model on Rain last.
There are derby boots with rubber sole at Skoak. I recently tried the "Office Boot." The only others I've seen were a GMTO that Gentlemen's Footwear did - Rain Last, pebble grain on Danite.
Will there be MTO Sportcoats for spring?
For sale, fresh from Skoaktiebaloget Carmina "Office Boot" Danite sole Black Calf Rain Last UK 6.5 Brand new, in the box, tried on for one minute on carpet. Absolute no creases. perfect. Good for a US 7.5D I love these boots but I've gotten some more wear on the rain last and it's not quite right for me Price includes shipping in CONUS. http://us.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/carmina/products/carmina-office-boots
Leather foot had them, I believe.
I saw inca suede boots somewhere. At the store in Toronto, I think. -- I forgot the name of it. I believe they were Chelsea's.
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