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Mike, Before I start spendin' all my money on pants, is it too soon for a preview of the fall sportcots and/or suiting?
Is it too soon to be talking about fall suits and sportcoats?
There's something in there for me. I just don't know what it is yet....
Did anyone receive and start wearing their new Southwick MTO suits? I received my Navy Pique but haven't had a chance to have it altered yet. Post pics!
Brand New, in the box, only removed them to look at them and for the photos. Offers considered. Price includes shipping in CONUS Carmina Cognac Horween Shell Cordovan (similar to Alden Ravello / Cigar) Size 6.5UK (US 7.5D) I ordered these from Carmina in Spain about two months ago, paid shipping and import duties . Too many shoes, too few feet. I already have four pairs on the Inca last (my favorite) and I hate to sell these. But, there is no room in the closet so...
This is the first time I've worn a tux in maybe 6 or 7 years. If I expected more events, I'd get one. But, at this point, I doubt I'll wear one for a few more years at the earliest. I'd just rather put that money into my next suit!
I meant pin dot.
Hello Guys, I could use some advice. I received the dreaded "black-tie optional" invite for a summer wedding. Before I spring for a new tux, I'm wondering if I can pass with a navy or charcoal suit as a faux tux accessorized in the "Epaulet style." Like....cuff links and a polka dot bow tie? Something along these lines... I wouldn't attempt this if it weren't "optional" but someone tell me if I'm being a knuckle head.
I'm hoping for something with a black field.
Matching snorkled pants with cuffs.
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