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Yes...if the east coast whether continues at this rate, I'll need a tweed jumpsuit by thanksgiving.
The Camel solid tweed trouser looks nice. Does anyone know if these non-donegals are the same weight as the Russet and Grey Herrigbone from last year?
I might be a player on some Forest boots or some Simpsons!
Ripstop Doyle like an M65 field jacket??
I haven't noticed any stretch and I hang mine. I order my standard length.I do find that the tips take a beating when working at a desk all day.
Do you guys find that the suppressed waist of the sportcoats take some getting used to? The waisted is nipped much more so than my boring work suits. It almost feels tight but I imagine that you get used to a slimmer jacket in time. Cure my paranoia?
I'm saying -- give me a dress shoe that I can wear in wet conditions and a sole that won't soak through. I'm not expecting to wear these in deep snow or crazy ice conditions. I live in the northeast, wear dress shoes five days a week and want at least one shoe without a leather sole so I'm not drying my socks under my desk when I get to work.
I usually get them hemmed close, but a little long because it is easier for the tailor and me to visualize the correct length and taper without all of that fabric in the way.I plan on tailoring -- I don't expect the length to be perfect.
Should everyone rank their choices?1. Dainite2. TomirDeal breakers - leather sole, storm welt.
Wait...when did a storm welt enter into this?
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