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If you don't wear nice wool pants very often then get the tweed for sure. Solid flannel is more dressy, tweed is more fun.
Mine weren't that shiny. They buff down after a bit of wear as well. My burgundy one was completely matte.
How did the cavalry twill suit tue out? How does it feel?
Still waiting to see that Toasty Herringbone make-up from the last EFF Suiting event.....
With plain suiting fabrics, especially the lighter colors, I'd prefer flap pockets but contrasting buttons. Patch pockets don't break up the body of the jacket...not even a little. For these medium greys, medium brown horn is killer.
I can't decide if this is really what I want to do with the navy fresco. I mean, do patch pockets really make it "legal" for separate wear? Do I really care it someone looks down on my flapped pocket sportcoat? Aren't patch pockets on a navy suit kind of a no-no?The debate rages on! I think I'm going to get flaps
Their jackets are wildly short -- and that's coming from a short guy.
Thanks, Mike,Is the Midnight obviously navy or is it really close to black?
Gents, I've never had Fresco (sounds like a refreshing soft drink). Will the midnight and or charcoal frescos satisfy me as day in day out work suits? From the pictures, they really don't look very distinct and that's fine with me.
Is that a Teba jacket?
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