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More than likely it is the MK I.
When you are out of the common size range, preorders are the best. Nearly my entire work wardrobe are Southwick and Hertling MTOs. I guess preorder and MTO are sometimes not the same thing. Bottom line, I get to order what I want in the size I want (XS body, XS sleeve, odd chest and waist size) and I don't know what I'd do without that option.
Mike, if you are confident we can get a good result by measuring one of my shirts, I'd give it a whirl. It's not that I'm so picky, it's that I'm short and have short arms -- like 5'4" with a 30.5" sleeve so any test shirt is going to be way off in every dimension.
I would dive head first into the Individualized program but would insist on being measured by *someone* as opposed to guessing or going on a shirt I like. Not being in NY but in Philly, that's a challenge. Family obligations make that train ride a challenge.
A long neglected combo today -- Baby Camel Hair and Air Force Blue
Yes the difference in style and quality is appreciable. At that price, I would buy all those LBMs if they were in my size.
Guys who are ordering Harris Tweed in the unconstructed shoulder -- what pocket setup are you getting and why?
I, too, have a flannel LuBiAm soft shouldered suit and it's awesome. The weight of the fabric is probably medium and it lays nicely.
It also helps to sell things. Doesn't matter what. Find a rarely used kitchen appliance in the basement and sell it on eBay. This reinforces the narrative that it's going out faster than it's coming in.
Ok, so who's getting what?
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