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Same thing happened to me when shipping usps. It took forever. I would alert carmina so they are aware of the cause of the delay.
Mike suggested there is a possibility of a Group Buy for odd sized Doyles. We just have to keep nagging him.
YMy guess is a Sam Hober club tie. The repeated emblem will be little neckties.
Which last were these on?
Just received my Vass Cognac Scotchgrain Alt Wiens and am wearing them today. I must say -- they are great and thanks for carrying the smaller sizes (i.e. smaller than US Men's 8). Are there any particular care products I should use on these? Is typical treatment of shoe cream now 'n then and Renovateur once-in-a-while just fine?
Lookin' for walts in the navy cotton cash!!!
Mike -- Will odd-sized Doyles be available via MTO? I recall this was a possibility a while back. I'm hot for the Olive one but I am firmly between sizes on them.
New Posts  All Forums: