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[[SPOILER]] Sir, this is a really nice setup. Which jacket is that?
I use pecards leather lotion on my horsehide jacket. Very rarely though. I wouldn't use anything sticky.
Very nice! What is the fit like on the Oscar last? How does it normally size?
What do you guys think of the Carmina dark brown suede dub-monks? I'm tempted to add these to my closet as I like the Inca last and have absolutely zero suede at the moment. Snuff seems to be the more popular color....would I get much use out of the dark browns in both dress and casual modes?
I'd like to go for it but I'm looking in my closet and there are cardigans I wear only occasionally.I could see it as that sweater you throw own every single day after a day's work though.
Gentlemen -- don't overlook the taupe herringbone tweed. I have the grey version (which I believe was offer last year) and it is a heavy duty pant. The to my eye, the taupe looks even better.
BTW...if anyone missed out on the Carmina Austerity Brogues - Simpson UK7 dark brown salesmen samples that Mike was blowing out earlier this week... I could be talked out of them. Not the greatest fit on me. PM me. Sorry for the spam.
I can't beI can't believe I'm buying another pair of shoes....
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