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Is it a Southwick EFF or MTO that's coming up?
Speaking of, we should all dig through our closets and swap those future use items we're never going to wear.
The silk is more important than the pattern. The pin dots are my favorite as they are a bit stiffer than the maclesfield.
What do you guys think of the Carmina soller derby boot in black with a suit on a rainy day? Bad idea? I attempted this with the Rain last "office boot" but they were too narrow in the toes. I like the idea of boots with a navy suit, but can't commit to a proper bal boot at this time. Plus I don't think any of the bal lasts would work for me.
Gents, Rain vs. Soller: more room in Soller toe box? For some reason, I find Rain to be a bit narrow in the toe as compared to my favorite Inca, which is odd.
Bring on the Harris Tweed.
The pin dots are my favorite every day ties. I just wish they would restock some of the colors.
That's nice. Is it me, or are the measurements of this one very short in the length department?
Fit pic of the Inis boat builder anyone? Very curious to get a sense of the neck over and the overall length. (Last time I'll ask -- promise).
Mike, Dartmouth vs Napoli?
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