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WOW -- look at the hand straining to hold the weight of this jacket!Mike -- will there any Southwick Harris Tweed MTO options this season? I'd really like one for a casual piece of outerwear but I don't know if the oatmeal is quite right for me. I'm really feeling either a medium brown tone or perhaps a gray.
I think it looks about right on you. You must have much longer arms than I. In my experience, a Southwick 37XS runs 27" in length so you are probably best with the Short (I assume your's measure about 28.25 or 28.5"?).
Looks nice, sir. I'm not qualified to comment on the shoulder question but I was wondering how tall you are. I have been going 37XS on my last few jackets and I'm 5'4".
Mike -- do you mind giving us your favorite picks from the FF selection?
I was hoping for some harris tweed!
For sale is a pair of Jean Shop Rocker fit selvedge denim jeans MADE in USA. They have expanded the line of demin since these were made but I think these are equivalent to their current "Rocker Heavy Weight" and are probably the 15oz demin if I had to guess but I cannot guarantee that. http://www.jean-shop.com/mens-jeans/rocker-heavy Tagged size is 28. Button Fly RAW indigo Orange line Selvedge Hand dated "October 19 2010" I had another pair of these and am about a 30"...
Hi Mike -- How far off is the Southwick MTO program? I'm tempted to order some of the lightweight wool trousers for summer but had been holding out until I see the new program. Thanks!
@leftofthedial Matt - do you have any tips for hemming your pants with no break. Do have have different lengths depending on how you will wear them such as a suit vs sockless summer trousers? I am maybe a tad shorter than you and I love the look but don't want to look like a schoolboy lol! Thanks for any tips.
Being a 37 in Southwick and owning a 38 Doyle, I would say, yes, get a 37 Doyle if you can. Otherwise, 38 is probably best.
I have the same specs. 3" doesn't look skinny on me. 8cm is fine too. The occasional 3.25" works. All my hobers are 56" x 3".
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