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This is the first time I've worn a tux in maybe 6 or 7 years. If I expected more events, I'd get one. But, at this point, I doubt I'll wear one for a few more years at the earliest. I'd just rather put that money into my next suit!
I meant pin dot.
Hello Guys, I could use some advice. I received the dreaded "black-tie optional" invite for a summer wedding. Before I spring for a new tux, I'm wondering if I can pass with a navy or charcoal suit as a faux tux accessorized in the "Epaulet style." Like....cuff links and a polka dot bow tie? Something along these lines... I wouldn't attempt this if it weren't "optional" but someone tell me if I'm being a knuckle head.
I'm hoping for something with a black field.
Matching snorkled pants with cuffs.
In for Philly.
Mike -- is it too soon for a fall preview? Just wondering what new designs are in the works!
Thanks for the measurement. Does anyone have a 46 short to measure?
I have both and agree with this description. The one thing I would add is inca is narrower in the heel. I like the inca because you get a comfy forfeit but snug heel.
How about an extra short body?
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