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Steve, # 3. 80176 Chukka / Dark Brown Suede / Soller / Dainite - Pre order How many eyelets on this chukka? Is it five like the Simpson lasted version you have in stock now?
Length is 27"?? From the base of the back collar?
Whoever is not grabbing the Vass shoes at this price is crazy!
Everyone could donate their uneaten single shoes to a sizing library.
Mike -- do you have an ETA on the new Southwick MTO program? I'm anxious to order a suit or two for fall!
Mike , Will the epaulet sportcoats be possible in short lengths? And...can we nag you for odd size Doyle's on the standard fabrics?
[[SPOILER]] Other than the loose stitch it looks like some polish is caked in the holes. No big deal.
[[SPOILER]] I really should figure out my Rain last size. 973 is nice in scotchgrain.
I might be able to get down with a Jodhpur MTO in CXL or something. I like the Forest last version but I think I would need a EE width on that.
Same thing happened to me when shipping usps. It took forever. I would alert carmina so they are aware of the cause of the delay.
New Posts  All Forums: