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Mike -- is it too soon for a fall preview? Just wondering what new designs are in the works!
Thanks for the measurement. Does anyone have a 46 short to measure?
I have both and agree with this description. The one thing I would add is inca is narrower in the heel. I like the inca because you get a comfy forfeit but snug heel.
How about an extra short body?
This one yep.
Did anyone not get the purple tie that wanted one?
Maybe, but like gas already in the tanks, those shoes were already in inventory.
Those are all good ones!
Gents, Did anyone get the Black & Burgundy Herringbone Wool Tie #2 or the Camel/Black one in an unlined construction? I just received the Black/Burgundy in standard, lined (4-fold) and it is great. I'm thing of doing an unlined, hand rolled construction with the Camel/Black and am curious to see how it turned out for you. Thanks!
This will be something, for sure!I did a basic pique navy suit in a 3/2 roll, 3/8 lining and the medium brown buttons. I plan to wear this to work once or twice per week.
New Posts  All Forums: