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That'd be nice. I can't picture these wool rivets for some reason.
The right-most tie is the most pleasing to me but I often confuse it with a University of Pennsylvania tie. However, that might be because I live near that university.
That kind of length would bother me. Sir, how warm is that bull's wool, on a scale from 1 to 11?
Do you also have the small?
Congrats on your bravery. That is a very tricky thing!
So...the Ecru Bull's Wool.... do you guys baby this thing or do you beat the daylights out of it... work on the car, rake the leaves, shear the sheep, dig a ditch, etc.? I feel like there is no in between with a white sweater. I'll have veggie chili split down the front within a week.
Ok I'll probably get in on those navy FF tweeds. The russet is cool too. Decisions...decisions. FYI...I have the Abraham moon herringbone a from last year and, I just checked, I sized down 1". I recall this fabric made up extra big in the legs.
Charcoal-ish herringbone -- easy to find. Red fleck -- buy it when you see it.
For sale is a brand new in the box pair of Carmina Chukkas. TRADES for Carmina size 6.5UK considered. Last: Rain Size 6UK Light Brown Suede Danite Sole Ready to go for fall. Tried on once gently. Pristine. No creases. No nothing. Shoe bags included. Got these from Unipair and I messed up on the sizing. These are generally equivalent to a US 7. Price includes shipping in CONUS via USPS Priority
How does the bull's wool smell?
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