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Hickoree's 20% off through 11/23 with code "BLAZINGFAST"
what is this promo??
I knew I'd regret not going for the last round of FF jackets. I'm hoping a new round starts up soon but I imagine that won't be until early Spring.
Somehow I ended up with two pairs of the exact same gloves. I must have ordered them last spring and forgotten all about it. Well I'd like to sell these and get a pair of the driving gloves. Anyway I received this pair from Epaulet a few weeks ago and they are new in the bag. These are the same brown calfskin gloves currently offered on their site. New in the Bag. Tried on for a minute. Still connected by the plastic thingy. Brown Calfskin Rust Cashmere Lining Size...
Tell us more about your work environment. What do most men wear?
Very nice. I just received a diamond weave in red and, at first, I didn't like. I wore it for a day ordered the whole swatch set. It ties very nicely, it is more interesting than a solid and, while it does have that iridescence, it does not look "cheap." Purple is probably the next one on my list.
Hello -- is this the medium?
Thanks for the heads up on the suede chukkas. I missed both of those somehow. But, I need something in a light suede, though.
Has anyone seen a round-toe suede chukka for sale? I've seem any on the Rain but that's it. There is the one at Skoaktiebaloget on the Detroit, But, I'm thinking Soller, etc.. something that can compete with Alden.
That'd be nice. I can't picture these wool rivets for some reason.
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