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Have we photos of the navy museum?
Are the upcoming pre-orders all Barrie last?
I have four of the dress belts. I wear them daily with suits and absolutely no concerns about quality to date. They are nothing like the cheap belts unused to buy that split at the most used hole after one year.
Hmm... I would suggest Rain Last in 7.5UK. I would avoid Simpson entirely. Forest, maybe in a wide, though those are hard to come by. You may want to try Inca in 7.5UK, as well.
Some Epaulet textures on a snowy day. We have the Navy Cotton Cash SC, Ironwood tweeds and a wool paisley tie from last year.
Have you guys seen the Alden scotch grain in person? If you haven't, you might want to before you buy... Personally, I don't like it. I wish I did, but I don't. Too plastic-y.
Sounds familiar!
@EpauletClass of '99. Mike -- what was the name of your band???
All you "reg" length guys got some great sportcoat deals this season! Anxiously awaiting the Southwick MTO program.
Folks, Do the italian driving gloves size differently than the rest of the gloves? Some of the driving gloves call 8 a medium and some gloves call 8.5 a medium. I have the dark brown italian glove (non-driving) in 8.5 and I'm looking for my driving glove size, if different. Thanks! Eric
New Posts  All Forums: