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I'm noticing that the size charts show the Driggs has a slightly wider thigh than the Walt, yet a much slimmer leg opening. Is this correct? Delete -- the website description says the thigh is the same or thereabouts! Just ordered some Driggs to try it out.
Deleted -- Found Answer
Could I ask for the lengths?
I think i'm going Kale and Khaki. I've been eyeing the Juniper flannel but the K&K seems much more wearable to work, like an olive.
How cold are we talkin' for that super duper heavy moleskin?
When did southwick offer a navy donegal? Did I miss that??
Anyone have LBM confessions? I ended up with the navy flannel suit. Last minute decision.
For sales is a brand new with tag pair of Epaulet New York Slim Walt trousers. Size 31 x 34" inseam New with Tag, unaltered Super 120's Color is Olive. In dim light, this passes for grey. In natural light, that olive comes out and BOOM. Just too similar to other trousers in my closet so these have to go. Includes USPS shipping in CONUS. From a smoke free home http://epauletnewyork.com/products/slim-walt-trouser-dark-olive-super-120s-wool
Ok now I'm thinking donegal. I have one of the FF southwick jackets (cashmere goldenrod check) which is probably the most similar to the LBM guncheck in terms of how and when it gets worn. However, I expect the LBM fit to bring it to another level.If I can't wear it to work, it doesn't get worn much. Of all these jackets, the guncheck is probably the least likely to go to the office, namely because I'll have to deal with a lot of "looks." 😞. This is why I'm thinking...
I'm leaning toward the navy wheat mocha check because I always wanted that oatmeal southwick check from a few years back.I'm still not sure, but this it is the most likely player.
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