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Don't particularly want to get rid if this, so act quick and take advantage of my lapse in judgement. These are the actual measurements taken from the jacket. This was mtm so please don't ask me if it's a 48 etc as i really don't know. Just base it off the measurements. I am 5-11 and 180 since i know that will be asked. The jacket is quite slim fitting so it could easily fit someone with a smaller frame. It's been very gently worn and taken care of. There are no marks,...
From FW12. Can't recall what the name of this sweater is. 100% cotton. Measurements are as follows. P2p 22.5" Back length 27.25" Sleeve length 27" Price includes postage. Add 4% to cover fees. Please PM me with any questions.
From FW12. In excellent shape with no visible imperfections. 100% baby alpaca. Measurements are as follows. P2p 21" Front length 22" Back length 24.5" Sleeve length 26" Price includes postage. Add 4% to cover fees. Please PM me with any questions.
From FW12. 100% wool. Price includes shipping, just add 4% for fees. Please PM me with any questions. P2p 20.75 Front length (bottom of collar) 22 Sleeves 23.75 Shoulders 16.5 Back length 24.5
From f/w 2012. Price includes shipping. Add 4% for fees. Pm me with any questions. P2p 23.5 Back length 26.5 Shoulders 18.5 Sleevesl 23.75
Worn a few times and in like new condition. I ordered a size 50 with 48 lengths, but the measurements are below. Didn't specify which lining when i ordered so i'm not sure which it is. Please pm me with any questions. P2p 22.5 Front length 23.25 Sleeve 24 Back length 25.5
And it's got some scuffs from excessively drunken nights, but it is very resilient. The lamb doesn't need to be babied like some people worry.
Talk of broken in lamb got me to take another pic of my 2010 dr i've been wearing regularly since october 2011. This jacket defines toj for me.
I don't know where you live so i don't know what you get there, but the old weller 107 is a steal at $22 a bottle if you want bourbon/ can get it. Makes a hell of an old fashioned, too.
Because the toj black lamb is just... Incredible. Looks better 1.5 years later than the day i got it. Black lamb 2010 dr was my first purchase and i still feel like i'm cheating on it when i wear anything else.I probably wouldn't go sledriding in it, though.
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