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ummmmm i dont think its thinner than .6mm. prolly just a hair under 1mm imo. damn you know your incarnation item # stuff
mine is baby calf with some oiled/wax treatment? -- wish my camera had batteries could have better pics. its fairly thin, but supple n juicy. sizing is VERY inconsistent with incarnation due to post-construction dyeing etc. got it from shit is 30% off right now -- the black is still available. If you wait, or if you want, it will be 50% off soon so pm for details. at 50% off it should be just around 1k usd. my item code 321-4151-NK-06 321 being...
bb = baby bb gurl = baby gurl snowman you stylin nowadays funny cuz i was thinking about growing enough hair for a topknot and im now sold.
snaps > zippers for those imo
well your fit is pretty dope. has my vote and i like coke binging sex fiend toj looks mostly. damn makes me want to learn to ride n learn to build shit n .. fuck
just me or does kobe look not that hurt outside of that wrist. i know they were talkin bout his knees n ankles and how its all better and hes moving in a way that makes me wanna believe them.... plus 1st game of the season w/e 4th quarter calls were not very good but hey it averages all out right
nice bike. how much to cop something like that? lol
the latter. beware boxy fit on vintage or repro stuff tho
cool ive heard too many worries (slit on sleeves, boxy fit)ill just get the ss11 iteration. thanks joe@bwahahaha^ who's stocking the knit right now layers... who else?
yeah shit is pretty dope, 1st n 3rd pics are from 07 so im crossing fingerds on finding them this year sighhhh
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