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its just a normal drip coffee machine, just super elegant.
i dont want to meet synth or fuuma because my intellectual ego would get fucking smashed. plus we all know synth is an angsty vampire -- hard to predict that shit
fuck you guys all these bomb leather fits makes me angry i didn't buy a 700$ milk stooges off ebay... vashin & synth & aether channeling feel the best imo
Razele I have never been fond of carpe side zips to be honest -- HOWEVER any comparison with any other brand is moot. the construction is amazing bar NONE and you probably won't see too many again. i say do it and see if the color can work out for you. the dyeing -- they make sure the stitching gets dyed too.
^ drew can get you this gorgeous coffee machine. its no marzocco nor is it a hario v60, but it doesn't get any more pretty minimalist than this.
whaaaaaaim 40 in GAT and 41 42 in cdiem boots...just saw this.this makes me want to snatch up those grey painted margielas on sufu argh
i'd say do it if you have the money to spend -- that jacket is the only leather I lust after apart from the fencing anymore... plus that bison with scarring will still be beautiful -- nonstretched cow sounds amazing just a pain to break in and probably heavy as balls
Hi All, Trading these boots ideally for either for Guidi 988's in Donkey or Kangaroo in Black fitting size 41-42 in good condition or various derbies fitting that size. Also am looking for Carpe 7holes in black and am willing to add cash for those. The pics above are a mixture of mine and the person who I bought them from (who has a good camera)-- the original color is black but the linen does show shades of green and grey in direct light. Cash offers also...
you're right. theres not much taper on mine (but maybe on others?) but the leather now drapes nicely for a body hugging fit..
annd x zamb x ccp x japan all without owning any ann d cuz it dont fit me fuck i hope its not a shitstorm
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