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yes. mto colorways would make me a very happy camper. will perf leather and waterproof/resistant leather be available options? what about soles?
Quote: Originally Posted by JackTheRipper Measurements on EP seersucker shirt? same question here !
S2s measurements plz?
check pms :]
interested in cardigan. rough measurements?
ll bean vintage are belong to me
^ this guy also turned me on to your flannels and shirting. just waiting for the next flannel restock. hopefully will have some spare cash to throw around at your beautiful designs!
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ 20 bracelets sold, thanks. And there's going to be some new stuff coming up in a few days... guess ill have to wait before placing an order
wondering if you can give rough measurements of the tim hamilton thermal
can you take a few more pics of the parka plz? :]
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