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i used to ride synthese dick. then realized it just wasnt working fo me nah that was an awesome writeup synth... ur now making me debate between aero and drew when i get another leather. probably something like a cafe racer
needs stronger vision and not be wishy washy about what he wants to do with each collection. imo older seasons were better executed. do love mij ethics though. bows u ever think about mixing geller and ann? would make for pretty awesome streetwear
nonnative is great -- i dont know if i can justify the pricing but hey, i also haven't felt the stuff either. nonnative + soloist + nicelynice would look pretty freaking awsome.
yo you should start a japan-only webstore/instore tumblr dump along with promotions. would help alot of people realize the potential in what you're offering. just sayin
yeah thats true i suppose. but if retail in australia comes out to 1700-1800 makes me wonder? That's where my estimation comes from and the yjp! auctions from retailers usually list at around 90k yen so thats why i assume.... sorry thats what i assumed wholesale prices were. oops. brain fart. i believe he ONLY uses guidi leather since he works out of florence
drew i think they retail around 1200 give or take depending on the model. idk drew i really like the calf leather treatment i dont know which model you picked up... im sure it depends. i agree the seamwork and lining is nothing special.
parable can do custom orders and they are great. would not recommend any other. was not hit with any custom costs or anything got my double layer for 1kish too
sorry drew i know u no like americana but these are pretty nice knits from mindtrive who WILL be having a sale.
the mixed feelings is that ogawa doesn't do anything groundbreaking with the leather tbh it really is just the satisfaction of wearing guidi on your torso tbh... which for me is more than enough
plusminus0 japan. Once i pay off my cc bill ima get me one of those drew
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