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ummm lots of leather blazers look awesome... even with awkward pictures!
americans need to get on this u neck scoop neck shit.crew neck = dweebu neck = tail end of sex/coke binge and STILL got money
you should write a blog/book... you write some really good shit. good enough shit for me to be seriously concerned for my darktisan wear
know you dont like auctions but this ones going really cheap and ALL YOU SFERS LOOKING FOR BLISTERED LEATHER drew can hook that shit up
drew sell me something that i can wear and beat up and not worry about and drip of dirty greasy sex on the back of a restaurant kitchen floor. and goes with black... so it can be white.
kind of? leather looks insubstantial and has no form of its own, should look kind of like a nylon v-neck slim bomber type cut if that makes sense with the ribbing. could be worse. at least its not way overdone.@ls7 full grain leather takes more working with; know how; money; equipment imo. also you can't fool the masses as well with shoddy treatment and unfinished work...@filcol i like light leathers, want a milk stooges someday in blistered might like some...
leather looks reall really paper thin and not in a good way ^ the cut isn't bad, reminiscent of some rick pilots or somethign or other
no fucking clue in nudies but measure that waist -- the geller in 46 will measure around 15.5" unaligned...
why....park rangers do! if they're stylish, overpaid, and live in japan
yes. for the record i quite appreciate your fits although i wish better camera most of the time. its hard to be cool in the california wasteland.
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