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^ inner layer is rather unstructured but a very nice textured jersey for those who wish to wear jersey by itself or under other things nice fit man looks fantastic.
probably. but they charge a lot more than toj and probably dont have as good of a business model so ... yeah& @ rfx i would stay away from s2a. they kind of suck.
^aero will let you mix and match and frankenstein parts of other jackets or if you can be exact about WHAT you want they will do custom.
drew you gonna start a us publication soon? sounds like you got the market on lock.eta of sample sale? :P
mmm sure the leather would look different that was just the shape for reference? what if the welt was dyed black or was black with black sticthing... i dont remember the goodyear welt on my grensons being super obtrusive although the shape was nothing like that shoe but as far as i know that wouldnt influence it?
I just want some rough and tumble kangaroo derbies. no square toe, no pointed toe. nice durable leather, fully lined, preferably a nice goodyear or other quality resolable welt. probably around a 1/2" heel. like this but not as dainty looking
seeing as carpe diem's are actually a little more styled than most people think they are and drew has expressed little interest in going into any sort of dark "artisanal" aesthetic, I don't see why there is any reason he would change his mind now.mind you sidezips and carpe sidezips can be pretty drastically different so i am critiquing people wanting anything "guidi" styled or carpe styled not that I wouldn't be a fan myself.maybe he has a different outlook on his shoes...
and if anyone finds older season knits fitting 46 do let me know... older is better
i love cdiem i love guidi but you realize drew has no intention of making a shoe like those? you're just adding poasts .
combats are forever
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