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fuck my hair
2. KKA J Jeans, Light Grey size 1 (44-46) 125$ Measurements Waist: 39 cm Hem: 17cm ~Inseam: 85cm+ These were tapered a bit and hemmed a bit. Condition is probably 7.5/10. Just some wear, no major flaws at all. Some pretty awesome stacks esp with high tops and some interesting darts. Just not working out with my wardrobe so well, color blocking me since I don't have as many lighter greys as I would like to. Maybe someday. any "discoloration" is just weird lighting...
who stocks down to to a size III?
which one, combat? chelsea?looking for the hiking ones in 41-42 or whatever fits 41-42
when was the most recent white 5zip? also what leathers was it released in... and should fit relatively tts right? fraid im a 44-46 tweener kind of.
Small RRL jacket. Coarse Wool weave, fully lined. 7/10 condition. No major flaws, just some very minor pilling & wear. Looking for a quicksale. 4% paypal is included but shipping is not. probably around 10 $ conus give or take. These are my pics: As shown in the sold out link by INK clothing... The waist is around 39-40cm so will fit a 44-46. Fit is loose on the thigh, tapering to around a 16cm hem. It is tagged a size 0- The fabric is of course GORGEOUS. it is a blend of wool cotton cashmere and angora I believe -- it feels like a woven that drapes beautifully kind of a cross between a tweed and a gabardine kind of but more...
one style to dress them all! lollllll
yeah blue jurius with grey jeans... or julius grey knit twist denimz. does anyone want to give me a 46 fencing plz? itll be years before i can afford one. 2012 = shoe purchase year = boring
figure there might be a little confusion? there is another version of a jacket that is similar/ identical? in cut. But however is a "faux" double layer. But the "inner" layer is also leather.In that jacket, the inner leather is non removable and doesn't extend further out than the armpit, and is only double layered on the torso. Archive carries that jacket.
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