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As said. Worn a bunch no damage just normal wear. Paypal is Price is 350 shipped conus, inclusive of fees but if u wanna gift it be my guest.
you misinterpret. lolbut bout the fit everything is great except for the shoulders.. which is why rick is not a great tailor so i guess im not that surprised.
sz bash bash sz bash bash.
DEAR SF; LIFE AND DRESSING IS NOT ABOUT CONFORMITY; IT IS NOT ABOUT CONFORMING TO WHAT IMAGINARY JAMES BOND ESQUE CHARACTER IN YOUR HEAD EITHER. Leather pants don't look bad, jsut need to be beat up a bit. so the texture does't match the jacket in photographs as much.
ucsd. unfortunately. too much tory burch uggs n vs pink.
the jacket is incarnation by keita ogawa.
@ TAG individual sentiments assymetrical drop crotch :P @ MOO and the shoes are layer-0 cop them from sartorialoft LA david is great. @jet yes i was, its been a wild year. americana is spending a shit ton of money to look pretty damn average (in MOST not ALL cases)
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