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Hi Guys, Really need the money so selling this jacket. I've only worn it a handful of times... since it doesn't get very cold in Cali. Will consider offers/ Measurements are: 17" s2s 19" p2p 27" back of collar -> bottom of garment
^ no different than your "supposed" righteous condescension... hope they didnt rub you the wrong way, just im sure a polarizing presentation was chosen... for a reason.
long time no see styleforum
attachment season to season is all over the place in styling and cuts and colors. more something for everyone rather than everything for someone. kka is slightly more focused though. both are very much intended to be streetwear brands as opposed to runway brands but they are really damn good. i dont think theres ever a reason to worry about quality of construction with the brand in either line. their 3-d ish tailoring and construction is probably their forte.
i had a siamese, fits a 15" macbook on the bigger pocket. works great but I needed something i can sling over a shoulder (the new siameses have that option) i'm ordering the blood red black heart looking sling bag soon ill let you know when i get it.
no, just styling for shots..zb is a very "rough" looking aesthetic .not rough in idea, not rough in executionhe purposely chooses coarser looking fabrics, and more beefy wovens of cotton and linennobody's making you buy the stuff, but his work is what I end up reaching for day after day..
microclimate. 60 degrees with fog and wind chill isn't that nice. feels like 50-55
but you know what i mean... quality over quantitybut not counting basic t's and tank's and the light, i own 4 bottoms, 5 nonbasic tops, couple jackets
it wasn't 10k. if it were 10k i'd own some ccp. got the jacket on sale from a bit under 1k, boots were 700, tees and scarf from a trade, jeans 100 bucks. but if you own clothes i hope you wear them or else they're going to waste. i own like 10 things lol
incarnation jacket, scarf unknown (got it in a trade from arthur at archivesf), odyn vovk tee, zb siamese belt, attachment jeans, layer-0 boots (canvas over leather)
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