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i knit it last night?
good cobbler shaves it down so its even. you take off the first layer of leather off the heel and shaves off part of the first layer on near the toe. problem solve. rinse and repeat...
I see a lot of aesthetic balances between yohji and forme... anyways. a dumb sizing question really. at a short 170cm (5'6) and true 46... am I just fucked for trying to get those cropped sarouel type pants to fit right? (with drawstring hem) I for the life of me can't find any size 1's...
im pretty sure a samurai champloo haircut would not have gone over much better either with people who don't like the fit anyways. I didn't really wear it to be dressy or weird... rather more like a loungey dressed down but of course something as dramatic is a kimono shirt jacket can easily turn people off anyways. thanks all for the comments. might work better with sandals or lighter boots as suggested by synth and chaut and perhaps some less slim pants
really love how you can custom order an incarnation for a little over 2k in the US... pretty worth it if you ask me. as long as you aren't picky about the nature of object dyeing and stuff.
long time no poast styleforum. [[SPOILER]]
ma-1's fit equally well ... the-arms camera work is better, and his bottoms dont look sloppy. no brainer for me ^_^
wait i think what you want are leather socks
p2p is 18.5" shoulders are raglan top to bottom is 26" need money, accepts offers. 9/10 condition THIS IS THE EXPENSIVE ONE MADE OUT OF LAMINATED DINTEX WATERPROOF MATERIAL
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