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Quote: Originally Posted by xghostsniperx Yeah, I think I've been passed that stage for only about six years now... Anyways, if they don't help fade or wear then I guess there's no point in sleeping in them. EXACTLY!!!!!
Wheres some good places to get an argyle v-neck or crew(?) sweater? Trying to expand my style... Also, any good places to search for western style shirts? (for some reason, the one western shirt I have isn't straight on the bottom...I don't know what the term is, but in the front and the back its a little longer and on the sides it curves up a little) Too much stacking???
gahhh nothing to do if i cant dig through the trash.... i need it when i do my hw
Haha, I'm in the same boat ^^ I just realized a few months ago that super baggy jeans made me look retarded...and so did oversized shirts. I've been checking out H&M, and I wanna look into MJKrell and AA... I'm going to college in the fall though, so I have to do all this fast, otherwise ill be to poor to buy shit later hehe
zomg, a little cheep in training!
Its too short for you guys? On me, its a tad to long. (I'm trying to start slingin my jeans just a tad lower so the the belt shows and my shirt is right above it... hehe) They go a little past half way down my zipper. And the sleeves are a tad to long. This probably could have been fixed if I got a small instead of medium, but they didnt have any smalls at the store i went to . Btw, I'm like, 5'6 or 5'7. Anyone else have the same problem or no?
Wear your jeans more much harder and more bettah you will get the fades mine sucks...
You can't really tell unless someone stares at the bottom part of your shirt where the seams its not that big of a problem on my 'breaker' western, theres a small eagle, which kinda blends in to the pattern
You seem to be in the same boat as me, except im mostly a T-shirt n jeans guy haha
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