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Maybe a n00b-question, but won't this affect walking comfort as the heel of the shoe you normally fully utilise to walk on is reduced to a small piece of plastic?
Those are Magnanni 11005 double monks. I love how they look, the quality is less impressive. Then again, I picked them up in a sale for less than $150 so I can't really complain
Any pictures you'd like to share?
Lame. Seriously.
Thank you. Those are called 6313 (first one) and 6519 (second one). I also have a 7415 derby, as you can see below, the bottom row left (I added a picture of my current collection).
Mine are a different kind, not for every taste, but I love them.New/one year old. Loud patina, I know :-)Almost 5 years old (and in need of a good polish).I also have a derby-pair, but don't have pics at the moment.
For the record, Santoni does make GY-welted shoes. I feel there's a huge difference in quality and styling between the different lines Santoni is offering in the US and Europe. I've seen awesome pairs that can easily match C&J and better shoes, I've also seen mediocre pairs that didn't impress me in any way. So it's hard to tell whether it's a good deal or not. I am very happy with the pairs I own, quality wise I can't complain. Mine are blakes with the orange color...
LOL, I was wondering what the catch would be. Puts things in perspective.
Neither do I.I appearantly stepped on his toes by labelling those shoes as not bad but nothing to get all excited about.It resulted in some vague engrish rant from his side where it seems that he hasn't read anything I did post.It's hilarious how he calls my opinion bullshit while he's arguing the same point more or less.
Eh, you're kicking a dead horse here, the actual line of my post was 'they are exactly what you can expect for sub 200 euro shoes.' Unless you call the quality in that price-range the epitome of shoe craftsmanship, what exactly is your problem? I never got personal before you called my post 'a bullshit'. Why did you edit that later on anyway? If you're trying to debate this so vigorously you perhaps should stop calling my opinion 'marginal' or 'selective' or whatever the...
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