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January for me as well.
Please add me to the list for this shoe as well. I prefer a January start date.
I wear an 11E on the Allen Edmonds 5 last, and I wear an 11UK in the Hiro last. Normally one might go down one full size, but I need the additional width at the ball of the foot. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the update. Much appreciated.
In for 2. (A13 and B10)
Seamless, would you happen to have the style number for this suit?
I caught the following on Dappered yesterday:http://dappered.com/2015/08/suitsupply-is-starting-to-do-separates/Hope this helps!
My vote would be for Matt Lauer...
Gentlemen, While placing an order at the Riverhead outlet yesterday, I inquired as to the availability of certain RL-branded shoes, namely the RL Singleton loafer. I was informed that there was no record of seconds in this shoe, in any size. The SA opined that AE may have sold them all off. Can anyone verify this information? The RL Singleton is a great shoe, even better when they can be had at seconds pricing.
Those look fantastic! Congrats!
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