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Two grenadine Garza Fina ties from Chipp2/Winston Tailors. Very pleased. Navy and Sage colors respectively. Hope to get plenty of mileage out of both!
Looks like Meermin has delivered on their promise on the lace tie loafers. This is a screenshot of a photo they posted on Instagram this morning. Can't wait to see the snuff suede model!
Yesterday was my first day wearing my new Hiro black cap-toe oxfords. Hoping the break-in period will loosen them up a bit! Immediately I can tell they are smaller across the toes than the Olfe. I sized the same as my Olfe cap-toes (10.5UK). My feet were crying by the end of the work day, train ride, and walk home! Worst case scenario, me and Hiro will have a love-hate relationship.
Yes, I would suggest the same size. Not sure if the Singleton is offered in E width. May be worth a call to one of the outlets to confirm.
Personally, I go 11.5D on the Singleton. I have both the dark chocolate suede and brown calf. Each pair was a bit snug in the instep at first but broke in nicely over time. I also wear 11.5D on the 5-65. I have a relatively small lacing gap on my 5 last Strands. The 5 last is very similar in width to the 9-79 throughout, but a bit longer in the same size. YMMV. Hope this is helpful.
On the other hand, if we can agree to get the braid a bit smaller than in the picture above, I would be 100% for that. Here is an example from a Tod's driving shoe I could get with...
Since you're open to the will of the body, , I'd personally prefer no braided lace at all. I really do think the shoe will be great as pictured (but of course not identical because we're talking different makers, last, etc).However, the braid is not a deal-breaker for me; I just place my vote for no tassels.
To clarify, are you talking just a braided lace, or a braided lace with tassels (as shown)?
Would the price be 270 euros VAT incl. on these?
@Jokanevad I would also be interested in this makeup. Please keep me in the loop! Olive suede sounds sweet! Are you thinking of a lace-tie like on the Carmina? That's personally what I would prefer.
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