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Excited about my first purchase from Skoak (and also Carlos Santos)! The Coimbra hue definitely fills a void in my shoe collection. Will report out on sizing and overall impressions when they arrive.
Nice! What last are these on? 962? They look rounder than the 915.
My items are en route as well. Amazing that I may receive my order less than 24 hours after ordering. I won't complain!
Many thanks for the heads up. Picked up a Washington suit and a money clip. Approximately $300.00 out-the-door. Great deal.
I just received word from Emil at Skolyx that my MTO Chelsea boots are ready to ship. Black grain, dainite sole, 915 last. Perfect for the onset of winter weather that will eventually reach the Northeast U.S. Very pleased with how they came out. Just as impressed with Skolyx's responsiveness and overall customer service. They have earned a new, repeat customer.
Just picked up my first H.N. White tie. http://www.hnwhite.co.uk/collections/silk-prints/products/navy-red-36oz-macclesfield-printed-silk Very excited for it to come in. Thanks to H.N. White for the great deal, as well as free shipping option. Much appreciated.
Prices on the site are in AUD.
January for me as well.
Please add me to the list for this shoe as well. I prefer a January start date.
I wear an 11E on the Allen Edmonds 5 last, and I wear an 11UK in the Hiro last. Normally one might go down one full size, but I need the additional width at the ball of the foot. Hope this helps.
New Posts  All Forums: