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Distorbiant, just cause the guy is selling his spot for more then he paid for it doesn't give you the right to shit in his Classifieds thread. Why would you think it is okay for you to that? People are either going to pay for it or not. Do you have a problem with the price I'm selling the jacket in my sig for? Would you perhaps like to warn people off of it?
Why would you call him a scumbag without any proof? He posted a classified, has a single positive review as a seller, and you shit in his thread. I'd be really pissed too, and would report your post. I'm just trying to be fair here.
Very nice. But yeah, kinda steep.
This is very confusing.
I asked Charly to let me know when to send in measurements. It's no use sending measurements in now, and then 40 weeks later retaking them.
Do they do price adjustments? Plus, some credit cards offer that protection, up to a certain limit per year.
Lol, of course you're going to keep it, because now it's a very finite resource. I guess you'll leave it in your sig till the right offer comes along.
Distorbiant, looks like you can start increasing the price of your spot.
My understanding is that shirring works ideally for people who have bigger biceps and arms but not such a big armhole, so they need the excess fabric past the armhole. If you are requesting shirring, isn't it to be expected that there will be excess fabric there? I mean, where is the excess fabric used to create the shirring supposed to go?
Living up to your name I see.
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