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[[SPOILER]] Where do you live? And can you send us a scan of your driver's license?
[[SPOILER]] This is a pretty great fit, well done.
For sale is a wool/cashmere fisherman sweater from Epaulet, made by Ireland's Eye. It is a navy crewneck, with multicolored flecks peppered throughout for an amazingly dynamic visual effect. It is a size Small, and corresponds with traditional sizing of 36. This sweater has been worn just once so is just shy of being brand new. The picture attached is of a shawl collar, but this one is a crewneck. The attached picture does a better job capturing the complex nature of the...
I normally wear a size 35 jacket and size small in Gitman; what size should I get in the 1A?
Should get mine soon. Happy that it's returnable.
So I bought that MIU Tweed jacket, as it was still available this morning with the stacked discount. Came up to $296 shipped, but in the excitement I forgot to use Ebates which would've knocked another $17 off that.
I think that's a pretty smart way to go. I have one traditional suit that I wouldn't try wearing as separates, but I mostly wear sportcoats. Any future suit would definitely have patch pockets so I can wear the jacket on its own.
Okay, just pics of the jacket itself would do, to see the colour and how prominent the herringbone pattern is.
When you do get it, would you mind some fit pics?
Was it that tweed herringbone blazer? I was looking at it, but unfortunately I shouldn't right now. It was $750 and is now $499.
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