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I get that you're talking about waiting for a pay-off, but it's still a pretty stupid comparison, not the least because we're giving these guys a 1-year, no-interest $1,000 loan. So yeah, your comparison just went to shit. If we booked an appointment of some kind and had to wait a year to get it and pay our money and receive the item at the same time, I think that would be different. When you're collecting cash a year in advance, I think that's different.Personally, I...
I love that bar (I got little samples that time you could give them an empty bottle and you'd get a sample back of stuff). But yeah, at $15 I really can't buy those bars and simultaneously indulge in these other vices that I've picked up on SF.The Ultimate Strength Hand Salve is also pretty great, as someone else mentioned.
Right, I forgot to mention the moisturizer with SPF15. Good stuff. Enjoy.
Thanks!What do you usually get from there? I use their face wash (the smell is great) and their scrub. The Creme de Corps body lotion is great but a little greasy, so I usually mix it with a regular cream, which helps stretch its use as it's a bit pricey.
Will your baby come first, or your newborn?
You're welcome. Good luck!
I think so. It might look awkward though. To me it's one of those interesting things you do because you can, and not necessarily something that makes a big difference.
You see the top button of the shirt? Notice how the collar points flow all the way up and join just above that top button? There's no space there. Shirts with space for a tie usually have a gap there. Edit: Just realized you quoted an image from almost a year ago. That was kinda odd!Notice the difference in this shirt:
It does help - I wanted to make sure the collar points stay under the collar without too much fuss. Thanks.
How does the NOBD collar look under sweaters? Anyone do this?
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