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Shoe trees are not included, shipping from Toronto with cost based on buyer's location. From the AE website: The Neumok is a six-eyelet balmoral with classic Allen Edmonds brogueing from heel to toe, all achieved on an unlined upper in your choice of four distinctive distressed leathers. Whichever leather you choose, each is extremely malleable, promising to give you a personal fit and that sought-after lived-in look from the first day you lace up the Neumok. A perfect...
You're flipping this polyester peacoat for 3 times the price you bought it for?
Used pair of Oak Street Bootmakers Natural Beefroll Penny Loafer. From the OSB website: Natural Horween® Chromexcel® leather. Hand-stitched moccasin construction. Leather sole. Stacked leather heel. Form-fitting inner. Waxed stitching. Handcrafted in the USA. SIZING If you plan on wearing thin or no socks, sizing-down one full size from your usual dress shoe size will result in the best fit. For normal or thick socks, size-down one half size. We recommend a snug fit, as...
Too bad Bill's doesn't ship to Canada, would have probably tried one of their Shetland sweaters.
So 2 years was just one person, and in the interest of having a good discussion, I shouldn't have focused on that. There are, however, many many posts of person saying they just can't walk far with these shoes, they are getting blisters just wearing them, and the heels and toes are extremely unforgiving. From what I've read, the LM line is probably the better buy, and it's the Classic line that has these issues. I'm trying to figure out why so many people are putting up...
I'm finding it pretty incredible that people are continuing to buy shoes that are talking so long to break in. Aren't you doing serious damage to your feet by wearing these uncomfortable shoes? Wouldn't it really be better to spend more and get something that wouldn't take 2 years to break in?
Shoes look great, I hope it does well and we can see a few, more formal shoe shapes from you guys. With AE fast approaching $350 and up at retail, and Meermin a risk with shipping and returns, it's getting hard to find shoes for work. I'm also happy to see it for another reason. Recently I've felt less drawn to the brand, as it appeared to me that it was moving into a much more premium market than it started out, and I was starting to feel I wasn't the main Epaulet...
I actually did think you posted it all by hand, Razl. And I hope no one else quotes that entire long post.
I got everything in my Unionmade order, which was pretty great. Got 4 Gitman shirts for $80CAD all in each, and a few scarves. It was nice to get a few summer colours/fabrics, as I've been wearing the same plain blue/white/stripes for a few years now. Their shirts are great. The Archive sale is twice per year right? When would the next one be?
For sale is a pair of Allen Edmond Daltons in Walnut. These are seconds that were bought from AE and worn about 4 or 5 times. I've never noticed any flaws in them. Shipping is extra and will be based on location. Ships from Toronto.
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