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Do they allow you to stack the student discount with other discounts, like site-wide 25% off?
There were two, I don't remember the first, but the second was a flecked tweed I think.
I don't think they belong in the Sale section though. Looks like a new arrival.
It'd against the rules to remove the price after item is sold.
It's against the rules to take the price off after item is sold.
Post some pictures?
Jeez, I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Thanks though!
The Carmina in UK7 should be equivalent to US8? I wear 8 in AE shoes, do you think that would work?
So because your size might change in the future, you shouldn't bother making sure you get the right size now. Got that everyone?
Don't go near the ToJ thread...
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