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Living up to your name I see.
What college kids? How many college kids do you know that can drop a grand on a jacket?
Except... it's no longer a cheap jacket, as has been pointed out.
I also didn't understand the comment, and was surprised to see it had so many likes. I couldn't tell if he was serious, or if he was being sarcastic or what. Plus this is after all a sales thread, where every other post is asking for a discount on CPs or GATs. Also, for a thread with sometimes 2-3 pages straight of bullshit sales codes, it seems mighty big of someone to be annoyed by harrington jacket talk.
I think it would probably help if, when people post their spots up for sale, they copy and pasted what I explained about the blacklisting. It would save a lot of work.
Yep, the actual Baracuta's got a huge price increase about 2 years ago maybe? Time to get harrington jackets from somewhere else.
Just FYI, maybe I'll save some emails here: the only way they do a refund is by blacklisting you so you can't order from them anymore, and even then apparently it'll take a few weeks for Drew to refund you your money.That means if you made an order, and want a refund, you either have to sell it or take a refund (eventually) and get blacklisted.If, like me, you ordered recently and want to take someone else's spot who ordered sometime in the past, the only way you can do...
Any opinions on this: https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/50offselectstyles/PRD~A0807/A0807.jsp? I always wanted a brown casual sportcoat.
Dont they do refunds?
This thread should be retitled the GAT and CP Thread lol.
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